Treat Your Brassy, Orange Hair With The Hottest Blue Shampoo

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If you have blonde hair you are plenty familiar with purple shampoos to neutralize brassy, yellow tones to revitalize and bring your blonde back to life. Blue shampoo, however, is another color enhancer that works similar to purple, as it deposits blue-toned pigments to neutralize brassy orange tones in brown, highlighted, and gray hair, leaving it brighter, cooler, and fresher.

Below are some of the best blue shampoo options available on Amazon. While these shampoos are ideal for color-treated and highlighted hair, most will work just as well on naturally brown or gray hair to boost and brighten.

These shampoos work instantly and are great as an interim treatment to get you through to your next hair coloring appointment. In addition, they can be used 2-3 times per week for maintenance depending on the intensity of color and brightness you desire and some even have matching conditioners that will bring in much-needed hydration.

Comparing the Finest Blue Shampoos of 2022

MATRIX Total Results Brass Off Blue Shampoo  —  Best Overall

The Total Results Brass Off by Matrix is a professional clarifying and toning shampoo that works to neutralize brassy hair while refreshing it with cooler, brighter tones. Ideal for brunettes who lighten their hair, this shampoo works by depositing blue-violet pigments that will balance out, reduce, and cancel out those brassy tones. Use this in place of your regular shampoo 1-2 times per week, leave on for 3-5 minutes, and follow with your regular or specialty Brass-Off conditioner.


  • This shampoo is suitable for both color-treated and natural hair


  • Depending on your hair color, it is advised to use sparingly when first starting out

Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner Set  —  Runner Up

Joico’s Blue Shampoo and Conditioner set work together to instantly neutralize unwanted orange tones by depositing tone-correcting pigments that attach to the hair fibers and stay attached through multiple washes. Ideal for highlighted or lightened brunette shades, this set will also help keep your color vibrant and brighter longer as each formula infuses hair with hydration and nutrients to make the hair color last. Alternate this formula with your regular shampoo 2-3 times per week and keep on for 1-3 minutes for the best results.


  • This formula also delivers complete root-to-tip repair, UV protection, frizz-fighters, and shine for healthier hair


  • This shampoo may make your shower dirty but will not stain

Fanola No Orange Shampoo  —  Honorable Mention

The No Orange Shampoo by Fanola is an anti-orange toning shampoo that has special blue-violet pigments and is ideal for brunette, dark blonde, grey, and platinum hair colors. The specialized blue pigments work to tone down and diminish any unwanted orange and brassy tones and neutralize undesired copper and red reflections. Use this up to twice per week, alternating with your regular shampoo and leave on for 1-5 minutes depending on brassiness.


  • This shampoo is also safe for use on extensions


  • This is not a sulfate-free shampoo

Aveda Blue Malva Color Shampoo  —  Contender

Aveda’s Blue Malva Shampoo will add silvery brightness to gray hair and will neutralize brassy tones in all other shades. This divine-smelling shampoo will also gently cleanse your hair and scalp and is fragranced with certified organic ylang-ylang, lemon, eucalyptus, and other pure flower and plant essences. This shampoo should be used every 2-3 shampoos for consistent, long-lasting color enhancement.


  • All Aveda products are developed under a rigorous set of environmental sustainability values


  • Use a smaller amount if your hair is already chemically treated

Innovation Blue Shimmer Argan Oil Shampoo  —  Also Consider

Innovation’s Blue Shimmer Shampoo is a professional formula made to enhance the shine of white, blonde, and silver hair. Fortified with silk proteins, vitamin b5, and collagen with added argan oil for shine, this shampoo will remove yellow and brassy tones while revitalizing your color and refreshing any highlights. In addition to color correction, you can expect enhanced shine and soft, lustrous feeling hair.


  • A Blue Shimmer conditioner is also available for even better results


  • This is not a paraben-free formula

Tressa WaterColors Intense Shampoo-Blue  —  Editor's Pick

If you are looking for a more intense color payoff or want to change up your color slightly, this Watercolors Intense Color Shampoo is a great option. This shampoo is made to refresh, maintain, and intensify hair that is already in the blue-hued family and will also enhance pre-lightened hair and naturally darker blondes or bright/light red tones as well. Effective on all hair types, this can also be used as an intense toner and will leave hair in great condition with its included natural and renewable conditioners.


  • This product contains no salt, no parabens, no sulfates, or peroxides


  • This is a very powerful color depositing shampoo, so read instructions carefully

Roffler Thick and Rich Shampoo Blue Formula  —  Another Option

Roffler’s Thick and Rich Shampoo has been one of the best-kept secrets in the men’s styling industry, yet works great for women as well. Their Thick & Rich Blue Shampoo is a highly concentrated, deep-cleansing formula that removes excess oil and styling aid build-up and the added blue tone will enhance dark brown and blue-grey hair tones. Ideal for oily hair types, this shampoo is gentle enough for daily use and will also control excess oil production.


  • The formulation of this shampoo opens the cuticle slightly for a thorough, deep cleansing action


  • This shampoo has a slightly higher price point than some other options

Buying Guide: Blue Shampoo

When it comes to having brunette hair, it's all about maintenance and keeping those brassy tones away. When buying the perfect blue shampoo for your hair, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

What Is Blue Shampoo?

Blue shampoo is a shampoo that has a blue dye or hue in it to tone brunette hair. It deposits blue residue on the hair strands of brunette hair to help neutralize any unwanted shades of orange or red.

Blue shampoo works as a toner and can save you multiple visits to the salon. It can be paired with a blue conditioner to get better results. Many people who have dyed their hair brunette opt for a blue shampoo especially if their original hair was brassy or black.

Who Should Use Blue Shampoo?

If you meet the following criteria you would be a good candidate for using blue shampoo:

  1. You recently dyed your hair brunette and want to maintain its ashy tones.
  2. You have lightened your hair from black or dark brown to a brunette.
  3. You have brassy or orange undertones in your hair.
  4. You are a natural brunette who is looking to keep their hair a cool shade.

Uses of Blue Shampoo

Blue shampoo has the following uses:

  1. Neutralizes brassy tones in hair that has been dyed brunette.
  2. Restores ash tones in brunette hair especially in the summer.
  3. Helps make brunette hair more maintainable over time.

Blue Shampoo According to Hair Types

Blue shampoo comes in different formulas for different types of hair. Usually it does not do any damage to or cause dryness in normal hair. But that isn’t the case with thin or curly hair. Here are the kinds of blue shampoo you should buy based on your hair type:

Normal hair

People with normal hair can use any time of blue shampoo without worrying about the formula or its properties. This is because the hair naturally restores its moisture after using the shampoo and is not affected too much.

Frizzy hair

People with frizzy hair will notice that their flyaways and frizz get worse when using regular blue shampoo. This is because the deposited particles can be easy to charge and cause magnetic repulsion. If you have frizzy hair, you should invest in a blue shampoo that is moisturizing and has rice water elements to reduce frizz.

Damaged hair

People with damaged hair know that any sort of hair styling can leave their hair looking dirty and dull. Especially because the damaged hair follicles do not repair themselves, leading to flat and disfigured hair. If you have damaged hair, invest in a blue shampoo that is hydrating and offers protein strengthening. You can even use a blue conditioner for added protection.

Curly hair

Curly hair tends to dry out fast and can become frizzy if it comes into contact with products that do not suit it. If you have curly hair, hydrating blue conditioners would help maintain the moisture of your hair whilst color correcting it. You can also opt for highly hydrating blue shampoos with protein enhancement formulas.

Blue Shampoo vs Purple Shampoo

Blue shampoo and purple shampoo work on the same principles. They both color-correct the hair and cross out unwanted hues. On the color wheel, yellow is on the opposite end of purple and orange is on the opposite end of blue.

This means that purple shampoo helps eliminate yellow and golden hues from the hair, making it look ashy or platinum. On the other hand, the blue shampoo helps remove brassy and copper tones from brunette hair. Both deposit balancing color pigment onto the hair to neutralize the unwanted hues.

Blue Shampoo vs Blue Conditioner

Blue shampoo and blue conditioner have the same basic function but the only difference is that you can leave in blue conditioner for longer and it has to be used less frequently. This makes it easy to use without the need for constant touch-ups. In some cases, people with lightened hair have to use blue shampoo every two to three days.

Blue Shampoo Durability

Another factor to take into consideration is how long the hair stays neutralized after using the shampoo. Good blue shampoos leave the hair toned for about four days minimum and natural brunettes can use it as less as once every two weeks. Regular shampoos last around two days, hence if you are someone who doesn’t have the time to wash their hair frequently, invest in a blue shampoo with a long-lasting effect.

Blue Shampoo Price

Blue shampoos are pricey but their cost increases with the added benefits provided with the shampoo. For example, a hydrating shampoo that offers a longer-lasting hydrating and color canceling effect will be more expensive than a regular blue shampoo.