Say Goodbye to Dandruff & Itchy Scalp With These Shampoos & Conditioners

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A thoroughly cleansed scalp is the key to manageable, shiny, and healthy-looking hair. Additionally, restoring optimal scalp balance will help hair grow faster, stay stronger, and look fuller and thicker.

Below are some great tea tree oil and mint shampoo options. If you ever feel like your scalp is itchy, dry, or irritated, these shampoos have been formulated to relieve those issues along with contributing to strengthened, fuller hair.

The tea tree and peppermint in these shampoos will deeply cleanse the hair while providing a burst of freshness for an all-over invigorated feel. These ingredients also work to remove residue without stripping the hair making it safe for all hair types (even color-treated) while providing a spa-like tingling sensation and scent that will envelop the senses.

Our Favorite Tea Tree Oil and Mint Shampoo of 2022

OGX Shampoo  —  Best Overall

If you feel like your hair needs a total reset, this refreshing deep cleansing shampoo may be the answer. It contains peppermint, tea tree oil, and witch hazel to deeply clean and removes residue without stripping the hair. This is a lightweight blend that delivers a long-lasting clean while leaving hair shiny, soft, and hydrated with a healthy look and feel, naturally.


  • This shampoo is sulfate and paraben-free


  • Avoid contact with eyes

Botanic Hearth Shampoo and Conditioner  —  Most Effective

Next up on our exclusive listing, we have the all-mighty Botanic Tea Tree Shampoo And Conditioner - 16 fluid ounces each. They are formulated from several quality ingredients, including tea tree oil, aloe vera, fruit extract, and lavender oil. Not only will this provide a nice, refreshing smell to your hair, but it will also strengthen your scalp. You will be able to use them for all kinds of hair types - but they are specifically intended for dry, itchy scalps. The shampoo and conditioners aren't tested on animals and are completely cruelty-free - something that most pet lovers want to hear. 


  • Perfectly suitable for sensitive skins
  • It won't weigh your hair down


  • A pretty low-quality packaging

Tea Tree Shampoo  —  Runner Up

This hydrating and soothing daily shampoo cleanses, soothes, and replenishes dry, unruly hair. It contains moisturize-rich conditioners and amino acids to improve strength, shine, and manageability while the calming and aromatherapeutic scent of lavender, mint, and tea tree gives you a spa-like experience. Ideal for coarse and dry hair types, this shampoo will also make you feel good when using it as it is paraben and gluten-free, vegan, and color-safe.


  •  The packaging contains some post-consumer recycled materials


  • This shampoo may not be ideal for all hair types

KICK Shampoo  —  Honorable Mention

Stronger, fuller, and thicker hair is attainable with this active shampoo. This shampoo is specially formulated with active peppermint and tea tree along with 11 powerful and pure botanical ingredients including eucalyptus, rosemary, and aloe vera. This shampoo will not only clean your hair but will restore optimal scalp balance to relieve any itch while supporting healthy-looking hair.


  • One of the ingredients, rosemary, has been shown to slow down the graying of hair


  •  If you prefer unscented shampoo another option might be better

First Botany Shampoo  —  Also Consider

This invigorating botanical shampoo and conditioner set is made with premium dandruff-fighting ingredients with an abundance of natural essential oils. The shampoo gently washes away impurities, while leaving hair feeling invigorated, clean, and full of shine while the conditioner provides a deep treatment with argan oil, keratin, amino acids, and collagen. Natural tea tree oil and peppermint work to soothe the scalp and leave the hair smelling fresh.


  • This set is great for both men and women


  • These may not be sold separately

Buying Guide: Tea Tree Oil And Mint Shampoos

Tea tree oil is utilized in a variety of products, notably tea tree shampoo which can aid in the treatment of dandruff, hair loss, and head lice. Shampoos with tea tree oil and mint are available in various fragrances, ranging from sheer tea tree oil to mint. The amount of tea tree oil in each item varies, and shampoos with a greater ratio are significantly stronger. Here’s a handy guide to picking the finest tea tree oil and mint shampoos in 2022.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil and Mint Shampoo?

You should select a tea tree oil and mint shampoo depending on your individual requirements, taking into consideration any skin issues or illnesses you may have. In general, tea tree oil and mint shampoos can help with:

Head lice

Tea tree oil has the ability to disrupt the chemicals that sustain head lice, leading them to starve. It could be used to cure current infestations as well as avoid future ones.

Hair thinning

Tea tree oil is claimed to prevent hair loss and boost new hair development by reinforcing the roots of your hair and cleaning away impurities that can delay hair growth.


This skin problem, sometimes known as flaking, is caused by a fungus that grows commonly on the scalp. Tea tree oil and mint have been shown to significantly decrease dandruff.


Some research shows that tea tree oil and mint shampoos have helped in relieving and alleviating psoriasis on the scalp for many consumers.

Although if you do not have a particular issue that requires medication, tea tree oil and mint shampoo is a great choice for keeping your hair clean, fresh, and hydrated. The oil covers your hair, providing a protective layer; an important advantage if you use chemical-laden hair care products.

What Are the Factors to Consider While Buying Tea Tree Oil and Mint Shampoo?

The ratio of tea tree oil

Although many firms do not indicate the precise tea tree oil amount, for the greatest benefits, opt for a shampoo that contains approximately 5% tea tree oil.

Furthermore, look for shampoos that include 100% pure tea tree oil. If an item does not state genuine tea tree oil, it is a warning sign that it is a lower-quality substance that will not provide the same advantages as pure tea tree oil and mint shampoo.

Your hair and scalp type

Tea tree oil and mint shampoos are available in the same variety as ordinary shampoo and are not confined to any particular hair or scalp type. If you have a greasy scalp, seek a shampoo with a composition that removes extra oil while also washing the dirt off. Avoid products that concentrate on hydration because tea tree oil already offers healthy hydration.

You must avoid volumizing shampoos if you have dry hair since they might drain moisture from your scalp. For fragile or fine hair, a strengthening shampoo, particularly one containing tea tree oil, is your top choice for preventing damage and strengthening your hair.

Moreover, a hydrating shampoo can significantly minimize frizziness and roughness in wavy or voluminous hair. If you have sticky or greasy hair, a balanced shampoo will help you achieve a healthier, hydrated look by bringing your hair to a happy medium between wavy and greasy.


Most tea tree oil and mint shampoos have a minty aroma, which is commonly linked with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil and mint shampoos may also contain lilac, spearmint, or rosemary as extra aromas. Examine the ingredients on the packaging to verify if these scents are organically or chemically added.

What Types of Bottles Are Available for Tea Tree Oil and Mint Shampoos?

Pump bottles

The design of the bottle may influence not just how you distribute your shampoo, and also how it seems on your scalp. Pump bottles enable easy distribution and you can use them single-handedly. They are, nevertheless, likely to leak and might be hard to transport when traveling. Certain pump bottles froth the shampoo, eliminating the need to foam it on your head.

Flip flop bottles

Flip flop bottles’ operation is simple, with the shampoo being dispensed by gravity or manual squeezing. These come in handy when it comes to traveling.

What Ingredients Should You Avoid While Buying Tea Tree Oil and Mint Shampoos?

Sulfur and sulfates

Simply because a shampoo has tea tree oil does not imply it is free of other potentially dangerous components that might disturb the pH of your scalp or induce hair breakage. Many shampoos contain sulfates to improve the bubbling quality of the shampoo. They do, unfortunately, dry out the scalp and potentially aggravate scalp-related issues such as eczema, dandruff, and dermatitis.


Parabens are stabilizers used in shampoos to prevent mildew and bacterial growth. Although the potential health consequences of parabens are unknown, many people prefer to avoid them just to be safe.

How Much Do Tea Tree Oil and Mint Shampoos Cost?


You can find tea tree oil and mint shampoos for $5 to $10, which are often all-purpose solutions that do not target certain hair textures or skin conditions. Sulfates and parabens may be present, and the tea tree oil may not be completely genuine.


Tea tree oil and mint shampoos that target specific hair types and skin conditions range in price from $10 to $20. This line includes some natural shampoos that either don’t contain sulfates at all or have a less amount that doesn’t damage your hair.


Tea tree oil and mint shampoos priced between $20 and $40 typically contain natural ingredients and nearly most often contain 100% pure tea tree oil. Moreover, some of them may also have other useful natural oils, like avocado oil or essential oil.