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Grow Thick, Luscious Hair With the Best Curly Hair Shampoo

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Curly hair forms a gorgeous mane on your head with its texture and volume. Some people are blessed with natural curls, while others might go through a perming process to get a set of semi-permanent curls on their heads. As gorgeous as curly hair looks, it is essential to take proper care of it. This hair tends to dry out faster than other types, which means you need a proper hair care routine to maintain curly hair. Any premium quality hair care session starts with washing your hair correctly. You must opt for high-end products to maintain luscious and gorgeous curls. We reviewed the best curly hair shampoos in 2024, so you can maintain them. 

Besides cleaning your hair properly, a good-quality shampoo ensures that your hair is left soft, fluffy, and in perfect shape. This is why it is imperative to invest your money in superior-quality products. 

The Top Curly Hair Shampoos Compared in Detail

SheaMoisture Curly Hair Shampoo  —  Best Overall

SheaMoisture curly hair shampoo is phthalate and paraben-free shampoo that cleanses your hair gently without causing any harmful side effects. It is a curl-enhancing shampoo that contains coconut oil, providing your hair with maximum moisture and shine. It is also a silicone-free product with hibiscus flower extracts so you can improve elasticity while reducing the breakage of thick curly hair. 

Moreover, it gently cleanses the scalp, forming a rich, creamy lather leaving your hair with frizz-free waves and locks. It also is designed with cruelty-free products, so there is no harmful impact on the environment. 


  • Forms lather to leave hair soft and shiny 
  • Does not contain any harmful products 
  • Contains cruelty-free ingredients 


  • Does not come with an expiration date 

L'Oreal Paris Curly Hair Shampoo  —  Runner Up

L’Oreal curly hair shampoo comes with sulfate-free ingredients, ensuring a gentle effect on the scalp. It is designed for curly hair, leaving your spirals lightweight and frizz-free, so you can nourish your curls without weighing them down. Moreover, it uses EverPure moisturizing techniques leaving your hair soft, manageable, and hydrated. 

It doesn’t contain any sulfates to break down oil, dirt, and build-up on the scalp without stripping away any color on treated hair. In addition, there is the option of buying this shampoo in a complete kit, so you get maximum curl definition and anti-frizz conditioning. 


  • Removes build-up without scalp damage 
  • Also comes in a complete kit 
  • Does not contain any chemical-based harmful ingredients 


  • The kit is sold separately 

Maui Moisture Curly Hair Shampoo  —  Honorable Mention

Designed for coarse hair, Maui Moisture curly hair shampoo is made with coconut oil and other curl-defining ingredients for maximum effect. It comes in a 13-fl oz bottle which provides more than one use depending on the thickness of your hair. Moreover, this shampoo is ideal for tight curls leaving your hair hydrated and shiny. 

For environmentally-friendly results, it comes with a unique blend of aloe vera and other vegan ingredients like coconut milk, papaya extract, and plumeria extract. It is a sulfate-free surfactant with no silicone, ensuring a gentle and nourishing formula. 


  • Gentle, nourishing formula 
  • Easy to use for all types of hair 
  • Contains vegan ingredients 


  • It is not as fragrant 

SoCozy Curly Hair Shampoo  —  Also Consider

SoCozy curly hair shampoo is designed to restore hair’s natural balance, reduce breakage and improve elasticity for ultimate conditioning and cleansing. It contains keratin, plum seed oil, and olive oil, providing maximum moisture and hydration to hair. Moreover, it is free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, ensuring a premium salon formula with no nasty ingredients. 

This shampoo is designed to protect the hair, leaving a barrier to reduce damage due to environmental factors. It also contains watermelon seed oil, nourishing with a natural shine to soothe the itchy scalp while reducing breakage.


  • Protects hair from environmental factors 
  • Reduces itching in the scalp 
  • Best for gentle cleansing with salon formula 


  • Not suitable for adult scalps

Buying Guide: Curly Hair Shampoos

To buy a suitable product, it is essential to have adequate knowledge. Our buying guide for curly hair shampoos will help you pick a worthwhile product that matches your hair type.

From Our Celebrity Expert, Olivia Elgart:

Having curly hair can be a real struggle, but it doesn't have to be! I've seen lots of love for celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin on Instagram, and it's clear she's a big fan of Ouidad's curly hair shampoo. Curly hair shampoo is excellent for getting beautiful defined, frizz-free curls without any need for harsh stuff like styling products.

Mindful Considerations of Purchase 

Mentioned below are the top considerations that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a curly hair shampoo.


Your scalp can be either normal, dry, or oily. Your scalp type determines the shampoo you choose, along with the ingredients. It is hard for the product to penetrate the scalp if you have curly hair. Go for ingredients with intense hydration if you have a dry scalp. However, for an oily scalp, go for volumizing ingredients rather than hydrating ones. People with curly hair and a normal scalp are considered lucky, as you don't need to do too much research to determine what shampoo suits you. 


The size of the bottle you choose depends on the length of your hair. Longer curly hair requires more product, so it's a good idea to stock up on your desired product rather than going to the store to buy it over and over again. 


There is a common misconception that curly hair requires all the hydration in the world. Besides being far from the truth, it can also damage your hair in the longer run. Applying excessive moisturizer to oily hair can wear them down. On the other hand, you need balancing ingredients for dry hair. 


Most people opt for shampoos that deliver a punching and fruity fragrance in the longer run. On the other hand, some individuals focus on the results of shampoos rather than their scents. Ingredients like coconut, hibiscus, and cocoa leave your hair smelling better than ever. 

Benefits of Curly Hair Shampoo 

Let’s discuss the benefits of explicitly using curly hair shampoos on your scalp. 


The first and foremost way that shampoos benefit your hair is cleansing. Curly hair may get dirty very quickly. They can retain a lot of dirt, grime, and pollution from the environment. Using the right shampoo for your scalp can help you cleanse your hair gently without damaging it. Most of these curly hair shampoos are designed to penetrate deep into the scalp leaving your follicles nourished and balanced. 

Maintaining structure 

Curly hair gets damaged very easily if you apply unwanted stress and pressure on them. It is essential to use the right shampoo that does not tangle your hair or damage the integrity of its structure. 

Fragrance and fluff 

Shampoos come with a fragrant finish that may make you keep touching them repeatedly. Other than this, the shampoo leaves a soft and fluffy finish that allows you to regain the lost softness. 

Curly Hair Shampoo for Different Scalps 

The curly hair shampoo you choose should also complement your scalp. 

Normal scalp shampoo 

The normal scalp has the right amount of oil from the sebaceous glands. If you have curly hair along with a normal scalp, consider yourself among the few lucky people. The normal scalp does not retain any dandruff or dryness. It also does not cause itching. Shampoo with normal scalp comes with balanced detergents and conditioning agents with sufficient moisturization so you can maintain the quality of your hair. Regular scalp shampoo can be applied on curly hair 1 to 3 times a week, ensuring maximum cleansing, ultimate bounce, and a luscious sheen.

Oily scalp shampoo 

Although gifted with curly hair, some people might have an oily scalp that wears their hair down. Such hair requires regular cleansing and frequent washes as the scalp is prone to build-up and grime. When picking a shampoo for an oily scalp, look for labels like volumizing, balancing, and strengthening. Moisturizing and hydrating shampoos might wear your hair down as your scalp does not need a lot of lubricants. After testing different brands, you must finalize a shampoo to find a perfect fit. Pick a clarifying formula that is moderate and does not cause itching or irritation. Oily scalp demands a complete hair care routine depending on your hair length, so you get better results. Most people with wavy hair have an oily scalp which can even look prominent on the strands. 

Dry scalp shampoo

A dry scalp causes extreme itching and can even be witnessed as colored flakes. Such people constantly have the urge to scratch their heads, resulting in more flaking and even nail or head-skin injuries. Women with intense curls (like 4B and 4C) have more chances of a dry scalp than others. Go for gentle formulas with anti-frizz properties and excessive moisturizing agents like shea butter and aloe vera to maintain the weight of your product. Some versions also contain volumizing labels, fortifying and strengthening ingredients to preserve their integrity. 

Type of Curly Hair Shampoos 

The type of curly hair shampoo you use depends on the current situation of your scalp and head and the amount of product that is needed according to your hair.

Normal curly hair shampoo 

Curly hair gets dry and tangled very easily. This is why it is essential to hydrate and moisturize them regularly. A normal shampoo for curly hair is designed to hydrate, cleanse and moisturize your hair for a couple of days. Normal shampoos come with smoothening agents to seal the curls and retain moisture. In simpler words, they are a very mild detergent that cleanses your scalp without any excessive pressure. Your hair will maintain fluffy curls once they have dried. 

Dry curly hair shampoo 

Longer curls or those treated with chemicals tend to dry out quickly. If you color or straighten your hair, it may become very sensitive and instantly react to pollution, photodamage, and heat. Dry shampoos are loaded with hydrants, soy extracts, and amino acids, preserving hair’s natural structure. 

Balancing curly hair shampoos 

Balancing shampoos are designed to maintain the moisture levels of your hair and scalp. They are designed to rinse off excess dirt, oil, and pollutants. Balancing curly hair shampoos are loaded with proteins, vitamins, and moisturizers like aloe vera to restore your hair. 

Anti-dandruff curly hair shampoo 

Curly hair is more prone to a flaky scalp and excessive damage. This condition increases during the winters. You must get an anti-dandruff curly hair shampoo to eliminate the flakiness in your hair. However, you may need to consult a dermatologist if the situation does not go away. 


Curly hair is a luscious and attractive part of your look. However, curls require a lot of maintenance and care to achieve a healthy structure. You need to look at your scalp, the type of curls you have, and the ingredients used in the shampoo. We reviewed the best curly hair shampoos in 2022 that can leave your hair looking thick, healthy, shiny, and strong. It is imperative to look at your scalp type and length before buying a suitable product.