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Get The Best Curly Hair Product To Keep Them Bouncing

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Curls are temperamental. They change with the weather and with every wash. Finding the best curly hair products to keep your locks under control can feel like an impossible feat. Proper hair care is important to tackle frizz, dryness, and tangles. In addition, you want to give your curls definition and structure without eliminating their natural pizazz.

We have gone the extra mile to find the top curly hair products in 2024 to tame your mane. Now you can achieve that extra shine and a controlled curly bounce yourself at home. Whether you have wavy hair, big curls, or fine spirals, we’ll help you uncover the products that best suit your style.

Comparing the Best Products for Curly Hair in 2024

Cantu Coconut Curling Cream  —  Best Overall

curly hair product reviews

Key Features

  • Cantu curling cream comes in a 12-ounce tub with a screw-on lid
  • Free from sulfates, parabens, silicones, and phthalates
  • Cantu is formulated without harsh ingredients and includes pure shea butter 
  • Award-winning formula

Cantu coconut curling cream strengthens, moisturizes, and beautifully defines curls. The award-winning curly hair products from Cantu contain pure shea butter and are formulated without the use of sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. To condition and add manageability to your curls, smooth the cream onto damp hair in sections. Begin at the root and work down towards the ends. The white color of the cream will disappear soon after applying. Do not rinse your hair. Cantu coconut curly hair products contain a host of natural vitamin-rich ingredients enhancing the appearance of soft, elongated curls. This includes avocado oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, grape seed oil, sage leaf extract, silk amino acids, and aloe vera leaf juice.

Denman Curly Hair Product  —  Most Versatile

curly hair product reviews

Key Features

  • Provides value for money
  • Enhances your naturally defined curls
  • Helps you detangle your hair swiftly
  • Very easy to clean and use

If you have curly hair, then you know it’s not easy to keep your hair tamed all the time. With Denman’s hair brush, available in five-row and seven-row options, you won’t have to worry about bad hair days anymore. Its sculpted round-ended nylon pins will be smooth on your scalp and give you those gorgeous, soft and defined curls that will help you achieve a natural look. Whether you want to use it in wet hair or dry hair, it will detangle your curly hair for you, making it easier for you to take care of your hair. 

SheaMoisture Hair Curl and Style  —  Best Value

curly hair product reviews

Key Features

  • SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk is available in an 8-ounce bottle
  • Cruelty-free – not tested on animals
  • Free from silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and petrolatum 
  • Helps to hydrate and reduce breakage

SheaMoisture Coconut & hibiscus curl and style milk are some of the optimal curl hair products for thick, curly hair. The leave-in hair treatment and moisturizer enhance definition, making curly hair soft and shiny. SheaMoisture curly hair products can be used daily as an anti-frizz cream to easily manage your curls. The unique formula is blended with coconut oil which hydrates the hair, reduces breakage, and provides frizz control. It is also blended with silk protein and neem oil to smooth messy curls and provide a silky-soft feel. SheaMoisture is passionate about sharing natural, sustainably-produced goodness and pioneering fair trade through community commerce.

Carol's Daughter Curly Hair Products  —  Best Definition Spray

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Key Features

  • Available in a 10-ounce bottle
  • Provides deep moisture and definition for curly hair without crunch or residue
  • Includes natural ingredients for ultimate nourishment and shine 
  • Can be used for all types of curls

Carol's Daughter refresher spray is specially formulated for curls, coils, and waves. It includes natural nourishing ingredients such as agave nectar, cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and wheat protein to give your hair a renewing boost. Carol’s Daughter’s curly hair products redefine your curls without weighing them down with their lightweight moisturizing mist. Simply spray evenly on styled dry hair to reactivate your curls. Use your fingers to scrunch lightly and reshape your style. This is one of few curly hair products which can be used on all types of curly hair. After using this refresher spray your hair will feel hydrated without being weighed down. You will also not feel any crunch or residue!

Marc Anthony Curly Hair Product  —  Best Professional

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Key Features

  • Available in an 8.3-ounce tube
  • Products are sulfate-free
  • The curly hair cream is enriched with Vitamin E and Vitamin B that binds to the hair strands to enhance curl definition
  • Hydrates curls to prevent tangling, frizz, and breakage

The Marc Anthony strictly curls curl cream eliminates frizz and beautifully defines coarse hair while adding moisture. This vitamin E enriched curl-enhancing lotion is one of many great curly hair products by Mark Anthony. It provides soft, natural, frizz-free curls with beautiful shine while moisturizing and detangling. To repel humidity and lock in shine gently scrunch the hair lotion into wet curls and let them dry naturally or lightly blow-dry using a diffuser. This styling lotion for curly hair uses an alcohol-free, non-sticky formula, that won’t weigh your hair down, leaving your curls bouncy, volumized, and soft. Marc Anthony also has a full range of curly hair products that come highly recommended!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Spray  —  Best Frizz Control

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Key Features

  • Available in a 6.7-ounce spray bottle
  • Magnesium-enriched formula revitalizes natural curls
  • John Frieda hair styling products are salon quality and specifically designed for curly hair types
  • Smooths frizz and helps manage flyaway hair

Add gloss without frizz with John Frieda frizz ease spray. The spray can be used on your curls daily to revitalize natural curls, smooth frizzy fly-aways, and tame unmanageable hair. John Frieda curly hair products also protect your hair from heat damage without adding weight or stiffness after application. This frizz control spray formula includes magnesium enhancements and glossing agents giving soft hair a light, flexible hold.

To use, shake well and spray liberally on damp hair to distribute evenly. Scrunch small sections of your hair to create a definition. Let your hair dry naturally or lightly blow dry with a diffuser.

Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream  —  All-In-One Curl Cream

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Key Features

  • Available in a 2.53-ounce tube
  • Delicately fragranced with Moroccanoil signature scent
  • Acts as a super conditioner leaving hair moisturized and nourished 
  • Made for all curl types

Moroccanoil curl defining cream defines, separates, and conditions your hair to bring out the best in natural curls. This curl cream is the all-in-one solution that will leave your curls perfectly smooth, frizz-free, and full of life. The cream is infused with argan oil for extra conditioned curls with extra shine and silkiness. The nourishing formula of Moroccanoil curly hair products provides a soft hold made for all curl types. In addition to enhancing curl bounce and movement, the nourishing argan oil-infused curly hair products formula provides a lasting defined curl pattern with a gentle, touchable hold. Apply one or two squirts to damp hair. Run your fingers through your hair to distribute the product evenly. Use a hairdryer with the diffuser attachment for a more defined look or leave it to air dry.

Marc Antony Shea Butter  —  Also Consider

curly hair product reviews

Key Features

  • Available in a 6.17-ounce tube
  • Color safe and sulfate-free salon quality product for dry, damaged, curly hair
  • Includes a hydrating blend of coconut oil, shea butter, and biotin
  • Helps with strengthening and conditioning of curls

This salon-quality curl-defining cream will return your curls to a place of moisture and shine. Marc Anthony’s hydrating curly hair products combine coconut oil and shea butter for perfect natural hair nourishment. The natural qualities of the ingredients keep hair supple and shining while strengthening and conditioning. The cream is a sulfate-free curl styler that eliminates frizz, detangles, and defines curls with perfect hold and humidity resistance. Infused with Biotin, it enhances moisture to dry, brittle curls and helps hair to nurture and protect from the inside out.

To use, apply the hair cream generously to damp or wet hair. Distribute evenly from the roots to the ends with your fingertips. Don’t comb your hair. Let it dry naturally or use a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer.

Buyer's Guide: Curly Hair Products

Finding the right product for curly hair can be challenging. Not all curls are the same, and even the same head of curls can display a different look with every wash. When it comes to hair types, everyone is different, so there are a few things you will want to consider when choosing a product that is right for you. In the below guide, we help you hone in on what your hair might require to look its best. You’ll need to consider your hair's texture, curl density, porosity, thickness, and curl pattern when choosing and applying the best curly hair products.

Things to Consider When Buying Curly Hair Products

Hair type

  • Fine Hair: Fine hair requires a simple and light routine. You don’t want to weigh your hair down by layering on too many curly hair products. Fine curls react well with gels and mousse since they are lightweight and help hold the curls together. Avoid thick and rich products that will flatten fine curls.
  • Medium to Thick Hair: Moderately thick hair does well with oils and creams which helps to add weight and decrease frizz. Lightly layering curly hair products help to define and weigh down the curls for more structure.
  • Coarse or Very Thick Hair: Coarse hair responds well to hair masks followed by creams that intensely moisturize. Coarse hair, regardless of the curl type, demands thicker curly hair products to match the hair density and work effectively. Look for thick, hydrating gels, rich-textured creams, and viscous oils.

Product type

  • Leave-In Conditioners, Masks, and Deep Conditioners: Deep conditioners and hair masks are curly hair products used in the shower after shampooing, just like other conditioners. Even though they are also rinsed out, they need to be left on your hair for a longer time, offering deeper hydration than regular conditioners. This makes them perfect for coarse and curly locks. Use deep conditioners and hair masks one to two times weekly for a hydration boost.
    • For most curl types a silicone-free leave-in conditioner is a great moisturizing strategy. Leave-in conditioners can be used on wet hair after a wash, or on styled hair to freshen up dry curls.
  • Curl Creams: Curl creams come in hydration and styling varieties; however, they are mostly used for frizz control. When choosing a curl cream, pick a product based on thickness. Thicker hair can manage thicker textures. Creams can be used on both wet and dry hair.
  • Gels and Mousse: Mousse is great for fine texture hair since it plumps up the hair strands and adds volume to curls and waves. Mousse can be scrunched into wet hair and left to dry. If the mousse dries a little crisp, you can scrunch it with your hands once completely dry to soften the harder pieces and fluff out the volume. Depending on the curly hair product texture, gels can be used for curls, waves, coils, thin, and coarse hair. In general, the thicker the hair, the thicker the gel. Only use gel on wet hair. Apply the gel when your curls are still sopping wet to ensure the best definition and least amount of frizz.
  • Oils, Serums, Frizz Fighters: With textured hair, natural oils from your scalp rarely get to the strands to moisturize them. To combat frizz, oil-based curly hair products are key. This can be in the form of a serum, cream-based frizz fighter, or hair oil depending on the thickness of your hair. Lighter oils are great for all hair textures. Avoid using a heavy type of oil on fine hair as it will weigh it down. Thicker oils are best only used on thicker curly hair. Serums and frizz fighters can be smoothed onto wet or dry hair to prevent frizz at any time.