Maintain Your Glamour With The Best Makeup Mirror

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Modern makeup mirrors ensure flawless, close-up grooming whether you are traveling, going to the office, or getting ready for a night out. Makeup mirrors also called vanity or shaving mirrors, are a great grooming tool for the bathroom, shower, or on a dresser. They vary in size, shape, color, and array of features including lighting, magnification, angle, and height. Choosing a mirror for perfect grooming can be a lot more complicated than simply finding something that displays your reflection. We’ve put together an easy and helpful guide to assist you in finding your new favorite makeup mirror in 2022. We list some incredible features, pros, and cons, that will ensure you get the best beauty value for your buck.

Comparing the Highest-Rated Makeup Mirrors in 2022

Conair Reflections Makeup Mirror  —  Double-Sided

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Key Features

  • Double-sided mirror with 360-degree rotation
  • 1x and 7x magnification
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 14.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Lit-up with a 20W incandescent bulb

Conair’s double-sided vanity makeup mirrors come in an elegant 6 x 8.5-inch oval shape with a polished chrome finish and soft lighting. The flexible mirror face adjusts to any angle and is set on a stand to keep it stable on a table-top or bathroom cabinet. These double-sided makeup mirrors feature two viewing magnifications and rotate 360 degrees. They have a 20W incandescent bulb producing lighting perfect for makeup application, tweezing, and grooming.


  • Full rotation and angle adjustment
  • Double-sided with a standard view and x7 magnification for precise grooming
  • Chrome finish matches any decor


  • Due to the stand, the mirror is not convenient to pack for traveling

Gospire Makeup Mirror  —  Best Features

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Key Features

  • Boasts three lighting modes with 54 built-in LED beads 
  • Double-sided mirror with 1x to 10x magnification 
  • Full 360° smooth rotation function 

The Gospire 8 Inch Lighted Makeup Mirror is a perfect addition to your vanity table. At a first glance it may appear ordinary, but behind the ordinary facade lie tons of features. The two-sided mirror boasts a built-in lighting system that can glow on three variable intensities. It supports a touchscreen function that lets you zoom onto certain areas of your face by up to 10 times. Plus, the lighted rechargeable mirror is mounted on a solid stand with 360° rotation support.


  • Cordless and rechargeable 
  • Lasts for up to 3 hours on a single recharge
  • Comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee 


  • Small in the focus area 

PuTwo Makeup Mirror  —  Best Design

Key Features

  • 360° rotation for better angle management 
  • Handmade mirror construction 
  • Measures 7.09 x 4.29 x 8.19 inches in dimensions 
  • Gold finish looks great on any decor

This champagne-gold makeup mirror features a traditional design that combines aesthetics and practicality together. It is a handmade mirror set into a cute vintage stand in the same finish. The mirror is one-sided but rotates full 360° for better angle adjustment. Despite being extremely elegant and delicate, the mirror does not boast any special features. It cannot magnify your image so you'll need something else for up close viewing. 


  • Detachable stand makes it portable for traveling purposes 
  • Doubles as a perfect vintage ornament 
  • Rotates 360° for flexible angle adjustment 


  • Single-sided mirror with no extra features like magnification or lighting modes 

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror  —  Best Lighting

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Key Features

  • Touch-control brightness from 100 lux to 800 lux
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 9.1 x 15.1 inches
  • 5x magnification
  • Recharges with a USB-C charging cord (included); can last up to 5 weeks

These brushed stainless steel makeup mirrors come with incredible hi-tech features for exceptional grooming. The mirror automatically lights up as your face comes close to it. Its tru-lux light system has dual light settings for full sunlight or candlelight brightness. The 8-inch round mirror face is set on a hands-free stand. The angle of these makeup mirrors can be adjusted for perfect makeup application. Made from quality glass backed by a high-purity aluminum coating, the mirror provides superior clarity and reflectivity.


  • Quality stainless steel finish and long-lasting LEDs
  • Adjustable mirror angle
  • Manual lighting control for better clarity


  • The mirror only has one side with 5x magnification; you may need a standard mirror alongside it if you want less magnification

GOODY Two-Sided Mirror  —  Best Value

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Key Features

  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.05 x 0.75 inches
  • Double-sided, foldable mirror
  • 1x magnification on one side and 3x magnification on the other
  • Travel friendly

These round makeup mirrors are set on a foldable stand allowing you to use them in different ways. The stand opens up completely to provide a handle for a hand-held mirror. It also folds backward to place on a bathroom counter or desk. It is easily foldable to pack into your handbag or travel bag. The mirror is double-sided with a standard magnification on one side, and a 3x magnification on the other. This is ideal for close-up viewing and grooming when the lighting is not great.


  • Great to fold up and pack for traveling
  • Low-cost makeup mirror
  • Adjustable angles


  • The foldable stand sits very low on a desk or bathroom cabinet surface

Brightown Light-Up Makeup Mirror

Key Features

  • 3 Lighting modes and dimmable brightness with touch screen
  • 90-degree rotation
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 8.2 x 11 inches
  • USB rechargeable mirror with 2 to 3 hours operation
  • Auto-off after 30 minutes
  • 1x standard mirror and one pocket mirror with 10x magnification

These rechargeable vanity makeup mirrors feature LED lighting with adjustable brightness settings. The touchscreen mirror has 3 lighting effects to change the color tone. This gives you a good indication of what your makeup will look like in various light settings and also allows the mirror to double as ambient lighting in a bedroom, hotel, salon, or spa. The standard magnification mirror is set on a detachable base tray for optimal height and hands-free support. A small pocket mirror with 10x magnification is also included. The pocket mirror has a suction cup for easy hanging or placement.


  • The detachable stand makes the mirror convenient to pack when traveling
  • 1-year quality guarantee
  • Adjustable lighting for applying makeup in poorly lit areas


  • The main mirror is only one-sided with no magnification; this means you will have to use the separate pocket mirror for close up views

Jordan & Judy Touchscreen Mirror

Key Features

  • Smart-touch dimmable LED lighting
  • Adjustable angles at 30° and 100°
  • Foldable, portable design
  • USB rechargeable with a laptop, in a car, or wall socket
  • Dimensions: 6.61 x 0.35 x 9.37 inches

The Jordan & Judy makeup mirrors have a compact folding design making it convenient to carry them in your handbag or luggage. The tripod structure sets the mirror steadily on a desk or bathroom cabinet and allows you to adjust your view at two different angles. Bright LED lights are adjustable allowing you to light up the mirror for use in poorly lit areas. The rechargeable mirror has a built-in 1200mAh lithium battery providing up to 250 minutes of light.


  • Easy to pack for traveling or keep in your handbag
  • Bright built-in lighting ensures clear visibility even in dark areas
  • Batteries and USB charging cables are included


  • Single-sided mirror with no magnification

Brookstone Cordless Makeup Mirror

top of the line makeup mirrors

Key Features

  • Dual-sided mirror with 10x and 1x magnification
  • Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 21 inches
  • LED lighting for clarity even in poorly lit areas
  • Optical quality offers a distortion-free view
  • Touch sensor controls the light level

The Brookstone makeup mirrors are set on a satin-finish stand, giving them stability and height on a table or bathroom counter. The double-sided makeup mirrors feature a standard mirror and increased magnification for close-up grooming. Mirror angles are adjustable for clear viewing and convenient positioning. The mirror lights up with touchscreen control to adjust the brightness.


  • Full rotation and angle adjustment
  • Double-sided with a standard view and 10x magnification for precise grooming
  • Satin finish matches any decor


  • Due to the stand, the mirror is not convenient to pack for traveling

Buyer's Guide to Finding a Makeup Mirror

The features of vanity makeup mirrors can determine their usefulness. If the lighting in your room is not good, you want to consider a mirror that lights up. For close-up grooming and shaving, a magnification mirror can be really helpful. If you need something you can carry with you, a portable design is a must. In the below makeup mirrors buying guide, we’ll help you choose the best vanity mirror for your needs.

How to Choose Your New Makeup Mirror

Carefully consider the below features when choosing a cosmetic mirror. Paying attention to some of the smaller features can make a big difference when you need it most.

Mirror style

Makeup mirrors can be oval, round, rectangular, or square. If the mirror is double-sided, consider a shape that flips easily. Metal-framed mirrors that are designed to stand on a table or vanity are generally heavier for increased stability. Polished chrome and satin finishes match with any décor making it easy to use the mirror in most rooms without worrying about mismatched items. Mirrors do however come in a variety of colors and material finishes including wood, oiled bronze, brushed nickel, and black matte. Plastic frames are less durable and scratch easily, although they are generally on the cheaper end.

Mirror design

Mirrors can be single-sided, double-sided, or have multiple panels. They will also come on a tall stand with a supportive base, foldable stand, or be suitable for hanging only. Double-and multi-panel mirrors feature different magnification on each side or panel. Double-sided makeup mirrors usually come on a pivot allowing you to flip the sides easily and adjust the viewing angle. Tri-fold mirrors allow you to see your complexion from the left, right, and front at the same time. Some brands offer panels with different magnification features. The mirrors may be foldable, or you will be able to adjust the viewing angle to a certain degree.

Consider the stand height when choosing the right design for your needs. Foldable stands generally don’t offer much height which means you will have to place the mirror on a higher cabinet for a level view. Many double-sided mirrors are based on a swivel stand which gives substantial height for comfortable positioning when applying your makeup.


Foldable mirror stands make these types of mirrors easy to pack up and keep in your travel bag. Some stands are detachable, which allows for easy packing as well. Stands with an attached base are best to leave in one place and are made for stability rather than portability.


Good lighting is key when applying makeup. The way your makeup looks in daylight is different than in subdued lighting. Lit-up makeup mirrors come with various light settings to give you a realistic idea of what your makeup will look like. The brightness can also be adjusted according to the type of grooming you are doing. For grooming tasks such as shaving, incandescent lighting tends to be warmer in tone, providing soft illumination. Using an LED or fluorescent mirror offers brighter lighting that is closer to daylight and ideal for makeup application. LED and fluorescent bulbs are 70% more energy-efficient and do not need to be replaced for around 3 years or 10,000 hours.

Power source

If you choose a mirror with lighting, it will need some kind of power source. Makeup mirrors often have touch screen controls to let you adjust the lighting type and brightness. Mirrors can be battery operated or offer a rechargeable battery that can be used with a USB cable. Check whether or not your mirror purchase includes batteries and a suitable power cable.


Many cosmetic mirrors are double-sided offering different levels of magnification. This allows you to see fine grooming details close-up. Mirrors generally come in either 3x, 5x, or 10x magnification options. Magnification greater than 10x can produce a distorted image.