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Keep Your Lashes Flawless All Day Long With The Best Waterproof Mascaras

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The makeup trends of Gen-Z largely focus on highlighting features of the eyes. Since mascara increases the length and volume of your eyelashes, it makes your eyes look bigger and more mesmerizing. Many makeup artists believe that mascara is an inevitable part of the makeup routine. So, even if you’re going for a no-makeup makeup look, skipping mascara is not allowed! However, most people complain of smudgy mascara that does not even last for six hours. If you are one of those people, we recommend using high-quality waterproof mascaras, such as one that we have recommended below. They do not clump, last for up to 14 to 16 hours even after coming in contact with water, and are safe for sensitive eyes. Besides, they are highly admired by the users and recommended by professionals to style a killer eye look.

Comparing the Top Waterproof Mascaras of 2024 in Detail

Maybelline Mascara  —  Best Overall

waterproof mascara reviews

Key Features

  • Gives full infinite length because of bamboo fibers and extracts
  • Enhances lash volume and makes your eyes look bigger
  • Safe to use on sensitive eyes and tested by an ophthalmologist
  • Each bottle includes 6ml of mascara

This top-notch waterproof mascara will give your eyelashes greater volume and make them look longer than their actual length. Because it is smudge-proof, you can wear it all day and take it off using any waterproof makeup remover. Besides, it has a flex tower application brush that elevates your lashes at an angular level, making them look curly and elegant. You can coat every lash from root to tip with this brush to achieve a healthy and long eyelash look.

Moreover, this mascara is infused with bamboo extracts and fibers, so it will give you a lightweight feel without any clumping. Bamboo extract is also good for your eyelashes, as it repairs the damage caused by a curler tool. What's more? This product is available in two shades, black and brown, so you can select one according to your hair color.

L'Oreal Paris Mascara  —  Runner Up

waterproof mascara reviews

Key Features

  • The specialized brush has more than 200 wavy bristles for smooth application
  • Makes your lashes voluptuous and defines your eyes
  • Lasts for up to 16 hours after a single use
  • 0.25 ounces of liquid-based mascara is provided in each pack

Make your eyes look bigger and bolder using this fantastic L'Oreal waterproof mascara. It gives your lashes an intense volume along with praise-worthy length. Plus, it does not flake or smudge like other low-quality mascaras, meaning you can wear it for 16 hours effortlessly. It also softens your lashes and makes them feathery soft due to its lightweight and specialized ingredients. The wavy and fibrous mascara applicator brush ensures every single lash of your eyes will be equally coated and appear thicker after a single stroke.

Essence Mascara  —  Honorable Mention

waterproof mascara reviews

Key Features

  • Single coat application delivers voluminous eyelashes
  • 12ml of liquid-based black mascara provided in the pack
  • Long-lasting, waterproof, and smooth on eyelashes
  • Conic shape brush makes the application of mascara effortless

This waterproof mascara will deliver full volume to your eyelashes, making them look healthy, intense, and iconic. It has a specialized conic shape brush that evenly applies mascara on every lash, providing them with a clump-free thickness. This means you can flaunt your natural eyelashes after using this mascara without wearing false lashes or extensions.

What’s more, it is durable and does not flake or make your eyelashes dry. Since it is sweat-resistant and tear-resistant, you can wear it all day without doing multiple touch-ups. You can also easily remove this mascara with micellar water or coconut oil at the end of the day. If that wasn’t good enough, it is also cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and safe to use on sensitive eyes.

Covergirl Mascara  —  Most Convenient

Key Features

  • Provides bold and voluminous eyelashes and makes your eyes look bigger
  • Smoothly glides on lashes without clumping or flaking
  • Cruelty-free and safe to use
  • Each pack contains 13.1ml of liquid mascara

Get glamorous and trendy eyelashes using this fabulous mascara. It adds 10x more volume to your eyelashes, making them look bigger and spectacular. You can observe the instant false-lash-like appearance in just a single coat of this product.

Furthermore, it does not clump or flake, smoothly glides over your lashes, and is cruelty-free. Since it is waterproof and smudge-proof, you can wear it all day effortlessly. It is also suitable for sensitive eyes and easy to remove using any waterproof makeup remover. Plus, this mascara is available in four different shades, allowing you to find the perfect one for you.

Honest Beauty Mascara  —  Also Consider

waterproof mascara reviews

Key Features

  • Jojoba esters will make your eyelashes soft and increase their growth
  • Each pack comes with 0.27 ounces of fluid product
  • Lash primer will make the mascara last longer, smudge-proof, and waterproof
  • Comes in a black shade

This waterproof mascara and lash primer are everything you’ll need to make your eyelashes look lengthy and healthy. Apply the lash primer for an even base and let it dry for thirty seconds. Then, apply the first coat of mascara and let it dry. If needed, apply a second coat to give even greater intensity and volume to your lashes. Thanks to the molded bristles of the mascara applicator, you can coat every single lash effortlessly without clumping the product.

We love that it is ophthalmologist tested, so you can use it on even the most sensitive of eyes. It also contains jojoba esters that nourish and repair the abrasion caused by the curler on eyelashes. Furthermore, it is cruelty-free and does not contain any type of harmful chemicals like paraben, synthetic fragrances, silicone, and more. This mascara is highly admired by beauticians and is awarded as the best clean mascara, so we 100% recommend this mascara.

Buyer's Guide to Finding a High-Quality Waterproof Mascara

Many brands manufacture a variety of cosmetic products. As such, selecting a high-quality waterproof mascara can be both challenging as well as overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve created this comprehensive buying guide, so you’ll have all the need-to-know information in order to find the right mascara for you.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Waterproof Mascara?

Unlike normal mascaras, waterproof mascaras do not smudge, clump, or flake. They also glide smoothly on your lashes and are easier to apply. Since they are waterproof and tearproof, you do not have to reapply them as frequently, meaning you’ll get long and voluminous lashes for 14 to 16 hours effortlessly. Additionally, you can find some paraben-free and ophthalmologist-tested waterproof mascaras that are suitable for sensitive eyes.

How to Find a High-Quality and Effective Waterproof Mascara

In order to select the top waterproof mascara, you need to consider a few factors that are mentioned below:


It is essential to check the materials or ingredients used in a waterproof mascara before buying it. It should be made from safe-to-use and vegan ingredients and not include any toxic chemicals like paraben, sulfate, silicone, and more. These chemicals can cause irritation and can lead to eye cancer if used for a prolonged period.

Furthermore, you can find some excellent waterproof mascaras that are infused with bamboo extracts, jojoba esters, and more natural ingredients. These products not only give your lashes an instant volume but also help them to grow naturally. Besides, they make your lashes softer and repair the damage caused by the curler tool.


The latest waterproof mascaras have a variety of unique properties that make them effective as well as eco-friendly. Some products are cruelty-free, meaning they are not tested on animals. Plus, you can find smudge-proof, tear-resistant, sweatproof, and clump-resistant mascaras that last for a whole day without spreading or flaking. If you apply makeup regularly, make sure to select a safe mascara, so that you do not end up ruining your natural lashes.

Applicator brush

Another essential factor to look for is the design of the applicator brush provided with the product. Some brushes have a wavy design that allows you to apply the mascara on your eyelashes conveniently. Some have a large number of bristles so that every single lash of your eyes is evenly coated. Furthermore, you can find a conic brush that glides smoothly on your lashes, giving them length as well as curled effect. 


If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, then make sure to purchase a hypoallergenic waterproof mascara. Besides, many products are tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists, which ensures their safety and makes them ideal for regular, often use. 

Lash primer

Lash primer is used before applying mascara to create an even base. It locks the mascara to your mascara, making it smudge-proof and long-lasting. Besides, if you wear makeup during rainy weather, professional makeup artists recommend using a lash primer before applying mascara. So, you should go for a product that comes with both primer and waterproof mascara so you don’t have to spend time searching for different products. 


The next aspect to check before purchasing any waterproof mascara is its quantity. Some products are effective but come in small amounts. If you apply makeup daily, we recommend selecting a mascara in the size range of 6ml to 13ml so you won’t have to buy more too often.


The latest eye makeup trends include vibrant colors of mascaras, such as blue. It is ideal to apply while doing a smokey eye effect for attending parties, weddings, or more such events. On the other hand, you can also pick a mascara shade that matches the color of your eyelashes, like black or brown, for daily makeup use.


Branded cosmetic products tend to deliver better results than unbranded ones, thus, it is important to purchase a waterproof mascara that is manufactured by a reputable company to avoid any problems down the road. Also, make sure that it is a sealed pack and has the exact logo of the brand to prevent spending money on fake products.

How to Apply Perfect Waterproof Mascara Without Smudging It on Your Eyes

  • Use a lash primer before applying a waterproof mascara, as it enhances the thickness of your lashes, making them look longer, voluminous, and attractive.
  • Make sure to use a mascara that is free from toxic chemicals like paraben, silicone, and more. You should also have a concave makeup mirror so that you can precisely create a clean mascara look.
  • Use a conic brush that has a large number of bristles to evenly apply mascara on every lash of your eyes and redefine your eyelashes.

How Much Should You Spend for a High-Quality Waterproof Mascara?

The cost of a high-quality waterproof mascara can range from $4 to $17, which is quite affordable. We recommend avoiding unbranded, low-priced mascaras that claim to be waterproof. Many customers complain about these poor-quality products that smudge after some time, ruining their overall makeup.