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Flaunt Show-Stopping Eyelashes with the Best Mascara

Last updated: 24 Mar 2022

It’s okay if you haven’t been blessed with naturally long, beautiful lashes. And no, we’re not trying to sell you some over-the-top looking falsies here. We are bringing you a beauty product that’s been the talk of the town and enjoyed a whole host of new launches this year – the mascara! But with so many options out there, getting your hands on the best and most suitable mascara can be a little overwhelming. What might suit one person may not be the best option for another. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula here and identifying your own unique needs is important. To take care of that mammoth task for you, we have wiggled our way through some of the most popular, highest-rated mascaras in 2022. Use this guide to up your lash game!

Mascara is a must-have, even in the most low-maintenance beauty boxes. This single product has proven to be a transformative beauty staple. Not only will it define, lengthen, and darken your eyelashes, but the right mascara will open up your eyes more, making them appear brighter and bigger.

Reviewing the Highest-Quality Mascaras of 2022 in Detail

L'Oreal Paris Mascara  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • Non-clumpy, smooth-glide formula
  • Creates a full lash-fringe effect
  • 200+ soft and wavy bristles
  • Outstanding lengthening and volumizing feathery effect

Giving many high-end mascaras a run for their money, the voluminous makeup lash paradise mascara by L’Oreal Paris is a popular choice for its whipped texture and long-lasting results. This mascara makes achieving long, feathery lashes an easy route without the heavy feel. This smudge-proof formula instantly inflates the lashes and does not create clumps.

Since this one doesn’t flake, feel free to add a few extra coats to enjoy spidery lashes. The volumizing effect is ideal for thin and short lashes and is generally found to be long-wearing. The jet black mascara inside a metallic pink tube is an excellent product if you’ve been struggling to achieve lush lashes without applying falsies.

Covergirl Mascara  —  Runner-Up

Key Features

  • Volume-boosting formula instantly adds length and fullness to your lashes
  • Certified cruelty-free brand
  • Leaves no dreaded clumps
  • Four different shades for more variety

For those looking for a budget-friendly, full-on volume mascara, you will love how effortlessly this one will give your lashes a bolder, bigger finish. Enjoy a thicker flutter without those nasty clumps – thanks to the oversized brush. Even after a few coats on, your lashes will look naturally feathery and thick, giving your eyes the added drama for an overall interesting look.

Covergirl, despite the competition from many well-known brands, is pretty ahead of its game with this mascara. A single stroke and you will be wowed by how lengthened and lifted your eyelashes would appear. Available in four different colors ranging from the blackest black to more subtle shades, you have more control over how bold you’d like your lashes to look.

Essence Mascara  —  Honorable Mention

Key Features

  • Certified cruelty-free brand
  • Ultimate false-lash look with dramatic volume
  • Comfortable to wear all day without fading or flaking
  • Cone-shaped fiber brush that captures every lash

This outstanding product by Essence is another budget-friendly mascara that would hold the lash curl all day by separating, lengthening, and coating them in the blackest black that you could only otherwise achieve with a fancy designer brand. The product does absolute justice to its name by offering you the ultimate false-lash effect at an ultra-affordable price.

The mascara features an interesting cone-shaped brush that would instantly lift your lashes and add the length for a falsie effect. The texture is another great feature, which does not fade or flake despite multiple coats. Instead, it would separate the lashes to give you a spidery look for a more dramatic effect.

Maybelline Mascara  —  Contender

Key Features

  • Does not clump or fade even with a full-fan effect
  • Suitable for straight, unruly, short, and sparse eyelashes
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Available in both waterproof and washable range of colors

Maybelline has always satisfied its customers with an impressive range of popular wands. It’s no surprise to find the brand on this list, especially for a mascara that has over 70,000 positive reviews on Amazon alone. The lash sensational washable mascara by Maybelline is a popular formula that outshines the rest and is one of our most favorite by the brand so far. The unique curved-fanning wand promises an instant lash-curling effect together with added volume, length, and definition, making it a top pick for people with straight, unruly eyelashes.

The clump-free texture and buildable formula allow multiple coatings as per your need. Flaunt a natural look with feathery lashes or a heavier texture without the nasty clumps – just the way you like it. The mascara will volumize and lengthen your lashes from root to tip like a breeze.  


Tarte Mascara  —  Also Consider

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Key Features

  • Fanned out effect with a 500 flexible bristle brush
  • Amazing eye-catching packaging
  • Intense pigment with triple-black formula
  • Natural ingredients including jojoba oil to help protect your lashes

Due to the enticing packaging, you just cannot miss the maneater magnetic volumptuous mascara by Tarte. It is known for excellent curling, volumizing, protecting, lifting, conditioning, and lengthening your eyelashes. Featuring a soft-flex brush and a lightweight triple-black formula, this mascara instantly gives you fuller and thicker lashes. The mascara lives up to its description by creating amped-up fluttery eyelashes using a 500 flexible bristle brush that coats each lash separately for a clump-free look.

The ingredients list feature carnauba wax and jojoba oil that powers up lash-strengthening and also helps protect your lashes from breaking. The flake-free formula can be generously applied from the root to the tip for a perfect look.

Buyer's Guide: Finding A Perfect Mascara

Who doesn’t like thicker, longer, and fuller lashes? Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the best and that’s where these beauty products can save the day. While you always have the option to put on your favorite falsies or even get eyelash extensions these days, the old-school mascaras are still a lot more convenient, quicker, and safer option to flaunt feathery lashes.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying the top mascaras in 2022.

Why Do You Need Mascara?

Mascaras are an effective way to add instant length and volume to your lashes. You can fake the curled-up, more gorgeous lash look without opting for those over-dramatic false eyelashes or the expensive procedure of getting an eyelash extension. A reliable wiggly wand is all you need to add more life to your eyes and some oomph to your overall look.

So it’s simple; mascara is a beauty must-have because it makes your eyelashes look better. But to opt for the most suitable formula, it is important to find out the basic concerns you have about your eyelashes.

Do you have short lashes? A lengthening mascara is what you need. If you have thin eyelashes that are barely visible, then a voluminous mascara will solve your problem. If your eyelashes are too straight, get a mascara that promises a lasting curling effect. Now ask yourself: Why do I need mascara? Addressing your specific eyelash problem will help you pick a more suitable mascara for your needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mascara

Every mascara applies, looks, and feels different on your eyes. But just like any other perfect makeup product, the best mascara for you would be the one that ticks all the boxes for you and helps you complete your eye-makeup flawlessly.

The following factors will help you determine the right mascara for your beauty routine.

Waterproof or not

As mentioned above, your personal preference is the key factor that will help you decide the best mascara for you. Moreover, your usage will also help you figure out if you need a water-soluble mascara type or a waterproof one.

If you live in hot, humid weather conditions, it’s naturally going to bring down a regular mascara. On the other hand, waterproof mascaras can be pretty tiring to take off for your daily usage. In any case, we still recommend keeping both types of mascaras in your collection to use according to your need.  

Look for the right wand

A mascara wand can make or break your overall application experience. The brush is what shapes up the lashes as per your needs. Most full-coverage mascaras feature a straight bristled brush so it can easily cover the lashes from root to tip. This gives out a very clean, separated, and sleek look.

On the other hand, a large, curved mascara brush will curl up and thicken your lashes more. Always compare the wands to see if it offers what you’re looking for.  


The color of your skin and eyes are important factors to determine the best mascara colors for you. Also, don’t forget to account for your eyebrow and hair color as well. The point of using mascara is to bring out your eyes while adding glam to your makeup. That’s what most black mascaras do. For a more subtle and natural look, brown-black or grey-black mascaras are more appropriate.

Besides these common shades, mascaras are also available in a gorgeous range of colors, including funky hues. These are more unconventional and bold choices and depend a lot on the wearer on how they plan to pull it off. However, having a handful of different types of mascaras to be more creative does no harm.

Making the Most Out of Your Mascara – Secrets No One Will Tell You

It is highly recommended to only use mascara while it is good in order to protect your eyes. On average, most mascaras have a shelf life that lasts between two and four months after opening. Here are some top tips to help you make the most out of your favorite mascara:

  • Regardless of the texture or formula, mascara will develop dry clumps on the brush if you do not clean it regularly. When you notice the product accumulating on the brush, submerge it in warm water for a few minutes and clean it thoroughly to avoid drying it out completely
  • Pumping your mascara tube is a bad idea. It will only add more air bubbles inside, causing the mascara to dry out even quicker
  • Similar to skin makeup, mascara does wonders if applied over a layer of primer. Not only will it add more drama to your lashes, but it is also a great way to keep your mascara working for longer
  • Do not dip the brush inside the tube unnecessarily. A good wand picks up enough product for the first coating. Only go back for multiple rounds if you wish to apply several coats to avoid drying out the mascara