Get Competitive With Your Partner With the Best Couples Games

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Couples games can bring you closer together. There is a lot of truth in the saying, “those who laugh together stay together.” There are many different types of couples games, including board games and computer games. For this article, we will mostly focus on card couples games. 

The included cards contain lots of questions and sometimes challenges that help you learn more about your partner. Many of the questions are questions you may not think to ask. They also create a light-hearted and safe environment for you to express your thoughts and feelings. 

Couples games come with a variety of types of questions, some are sexy, and others are more insightful. There are plenty more differences between couples' games, and we will discuss these later in the article.

Before you delve into some light research, why not save yourself some time and purchase one of the products in our list of the best couples games in 2023. Continue reading to see our fabulous selection.

Our Picks of the Hottest Couples Game

Love Lingual Couples Game  —  Best Overall

This card game has been inspired by psychologists. It is a great purchase if you feel that you and your partner have not been communicating as freely as you would like. It is a great way to understand each other better in a comfortable environment, where the questions you ask are not your responsibility, but you still find out the answer.

This pack contains 150 questions and is split into five categories, including family, past and future, individual, couple, and sex and intimacy. This product is made with durable laminated paper that can be used for years.


  • Contains 150 questions
  • Questions are categorized
  • It covers a wide array of topics


  • This is more of an information mining activity than a light-hearted game

ARTAGIA Couples Game  —  Runner Up

This card game is designed with couples in mind. The cards are split into three categories including talk, flirt, and dare. The talk cards include questions that can help you find out more about your partner's inner thoughts and aspirations.

The flirt cards encourage you to compliment your partner and express the things you like and love about them. The dare cards get you to act out fun scenarios. This card deck provides hours of fun and will help you become closer to your partner.

This set is a great mix of sexy, fun, and insightful. It makes an excellent valentines day or wedding gift. 


  • Three categories and plenty of questions
  • Fun for couples and parties
  • Durable cards come in three-card boxes


  • You will likely cover all the questions after two games

The Ultimate Game Couples Game  —  Honorable Mention

This game includes questions and activities that you can enjoy with your partner. This product has two different ways to play, including one that is suitable for playing with a partner and another intended to be played in groups of four to 10 players. 

These questions ask what your partner knows about you, making it more of a fun guessing game than a straightforward set of questions. The challenge cards suggest you do things like put lipstick on your partner or guess what something is through scent alone.

The game includes 200 cards, and each game should last between 40 and 60 minutes.


  • Fun guessing game with questions and challenges
  • Contains 200 cards
  • Games can last up to an hour


  • Some of the questions are too similar

TALKING POINT CARDS Couples Game  —  Also Conside

This product contains 200 cards. These cards are split into four categories; engaged or newly married, long time couples, get to know you, and fun and random. This product was made with help from psychologists, communication experts, and relationship counselors. Give your significant other a gift you can both enjoy and show them you are willing to listen.

Using these cards now and then is a great way to ensure your partner feels valued and will address any issues before they become too large in a fun and light-hearted way. These cards will help you find out more about your partner and share more about yourself in a comfortable environment. 


  • A large number of questions
  • Made with relationship experts
  • Durable construction and stylish design


  • Some of the cards have spelling mistakes

Buying Guide: Couples Games

There are several things you should consider before purchasing couples' games to ensure they will suit your humor and your relationship. Continue reading to see a few key points you should consider before making a purchase.

Is the Game Suitable for Your Relationship Level?

Some couples games are for couples who have just begun their relationship, while others are for couples who are married. Choose the right game for your level or you may purchase a selection of questions you already know the answer to. 

How Sexy Do You Want the Game to Be?

Some couples' games are overtly sexual. This may be exactly what you are looking for and will spice up a date night. Others prefer something that is as not as sexually orientated. The questions in non-sexual couples games are usually aimed more toward finding out about a person's hopes and aspirations, as well as hobbies.

Categories of Questions Within the Game

Some couples card games include many questions you can select at random, whereas other card games split their questions up into categories. This means that while the questions within a category are random, you can choose the type of question you want to be asked. 

Some categories include:

  • Stories from the past
  • How do you see your future
  • Hopes and aspirations
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Politics
  • What you want from a relationship
  • Kinks and sexual fantasies

Games for Couple or Groups

Couples games are available that are only suitable for one couple at a time. However, some couples' games can also be played in large groups. The games designed with larger groups will have fewer sexual orientated questions and more questions about other aspects of yourself.

How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Some questions ask things about yourself, while others test how much you know about your partner. You may prefer guessing fun facts about your partner to talking about yourself. This makes it more of a game than simply asking questions about each other.

Poorly Worded Questions Distract From the Game

Choose couples games with questions that are well written. They should be spelled correctly in the correct order. If they are written poorly, they may take your mind off the game at hand and ruin the momentum.

Card and Font Size

The card and font size should be large enough for you to read the questions easily. However, they should be small enough to hold in one hand and fit in your purse so you can take them to parties or a romantic weekend away.

Number of Questions

When choosing the best couples games, consider how many questions are in the pack. The more questions there are, the more playing time you can enjoy. Avoid couples games that repeat the same questions with different wording. This repetition can reduce a 200 question pack of cards to effectively half that amount.

Dare Cards Add an Exciting Element

Choosing dares mixed with questions will make the couples' games feel more like a game rather than just a bunch of questions. The dares may include something you would normally feel a little embarrassed to do but will never be something too far out of your comfort zone. If you are easily embarrassed, you may want to avoid this option from your game.

Activities Cards Are Also a Fun Addition To A Game

Mixing activities cards with question cards will also make the game feel like a game. Some activities may include posing for photographs or pretending you are an animal. There should be nothing that makes you too uncomfortable in this selection. It is unlikely action cards will be included in a sexy couples game.

More Types of Couples Games

Couples games do not only include card games but so much more. You may want to play a board game. There are plenty of two-player board games out there, and you can find some beautifully designed and artistic products. You can even purchase some naughty and romantic board games.

More physically interactive games are also an option—games like Twister, Pictionary, or charades. You may also want to build something together. This is a great bonding exercise and will make a good change if you are often playing competitively. For example, you could use building blocks, complete 2D or 3D jigsaws, or build models together.

There are plenty of two-player computer games. Many games have a two-player option. However, some games only let you play against people on a different computer. Look for games that allow you to play multiplayer games “locally” (from the same computer). Some computer games can only be played with two players and require you to work together to complete a lot of puzzles.

You Can Turn Regular Two-Player Games Into Something More Romantic or Sexy

You may have some two-player games at home that you haven’t played during date night because they are not sexy enough. Well, there are certain amendments to the rules of games you can make to make them a lot sexier. For example:


Whenever a piece is taken, the person losing must disclose a sexual fantasy or a rude story from their past or remove an item of clothing.


Play scrabble as normal, but you are only allowed to create rude words. This is harder than it sounds.


Remove all the 100 monopoly dollars in the set and replace them with dares or questions. When a player spends the money, they must answer the question or complete the dare. These can be as clean or as dirty as you want.