The Best Drinking Games for A Fun Night with Friends and Family!

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If you're like most people, you probably think drinking games are only for the strong-willed. But if you're not afraid of getting drunk and having a good time, then you should definitely try some of these fun drinking games. They're perfect for winding down after a long day, or just to have some fun with friends. These are sure to get you noticed and remembered, especially if you're the first to ever invent a game.

Find a game that’s easy for you to understand and play. If you’re not used to playing drinking games, start with something simple like Dominoes or Coin Toss. These games are easy enough for even the youngest players to understand and enjoy. Follow the rules exactly. If there are any rule changes or variations involved in the game, make sure you follow them exactly. This will help keep your game interesting and prevent you from getting frustrated. Have fun! Playing drinking games is one of the best ways to have fun and get into some good spirits with the top drinking games of 2024.

Comparing the Top Drinking Games of 2024

That's What She Said Drinking Game  —  Best Overall

Easy for teens and pre-teens because of their young minds. The goal of That's What She Said is to yell out “wow” or some other descriptive word in response to the person saying something dumb. For example, you might yell out the word “wonderful” if someone says something like, “My roommate has a lot of hair, isn't that strange?” You would then have to yell out your own response - “That's what she said! Your roommate's hair is wonderful!” 


  • You keep laughing
  • Works your imagination
  • Highly social game


  • Not a very active game

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game  —  Runner-Up

Remember the game "Never Have I Ever?" That game was structured around truth and girls that lie. In “Never Have I Ever Party,” a truth and dare structure is employed to place players in situations where a person may reveal information about themselves.

There are two decks of cards that correspond with the two situations which can either voice your truthful intent or make up some fictitious BS. Most likely the cards used would be somewhat derogatory, hilarious, or pertaining to an attack on drinking.


  • Highly competitive (depending on you are playing against)
  • You keep secrets
  • Easy to play


  • Could make some uncomfortable

You Laugh You Drink Game  —  Honorable Mention

When playing You Laugh, You Drink you must make your target laugh. If you don't, you have to drink. The fun starts by finding someone in the group who is difficult to laughter and having them laugh for a set amount of time. Once they've had their fill, it's your turn.


  • Non-stop laughter
  • The party can go on forever
  • Great for hangouts between friends


  • People could get offended

Do or Drink Game  —  Most Convenient

Have the craziest party of your life with 350 cards guaranteed to get your friends sloshed. Do or Drink is the best way to play games with your friends. It's a 2-6 player game. Gather your crew up and get ready for the party because it will start on... THIS!!! Moreover, have your friends leave their hands on the table and that's one person too many. Push it to the side or remove one of the cards until there's just one left. Whoever triumphs will win!


  • Smaller groups are better 
  • More of a party game than a drinking game
  • Make crazy memories


  • Sometimes people will post useless things 

These Cards Will Get You Drunk Game  —  Also Consider

This is a very fun drinking card game. You choose 3 categories and then swap out the cards whenever you feel like it. There are three different decks of cards and if you're prone to getting drunk you might want to consider getting all of your potential candidates in alphabetical order, because what's better than a girl per round or a guy in glasses?


  • Best card game based on card games
  • Great for small groups
  • A lot of fun


  • Consult or go see a psychiatrist and see if they can help you find the right dosage to work with

How To Find Drinking Games Buying Guide

It is imperative to spend time with family and friends for old-fashioned game sessions, whether it is simply on holiday or every late Saturday night. Gathering around a table, shouting out idiotic responses, and laughing till they cry is one of the most mentally fulfilling activities individuals can do together. To be productive, all you need is an acceptable drinking game. With dozens of new adult drinking games released each year, finding one that appeals to everyone might be tough. Nonetheless, there are a few traits that all of the best games have. Drinking games have long been a staple of every successful party or social gathering. You may create up a number of simple games, ranging from stuff lying around your house to more professional-style binges that you can get.

What Are the Factors To Consider When Buying Drinking Games?

Not all drinking games are created equal. How many of you have waited so long for their chance to come up that you do not value if you earn or not? But this is not us; it is a poorly designed game. There are some broader traits that exceed a game's fundamentals to make it fun to play, irrespective of the sort of game.

Clearly defined objective

The goal of the game should be simple enough to convey in a few words.

Time spent on games

Determine how long your group wishes to play a game. Smaller games that may be completed in thirty minutes or less are ideal for group play. A game lasting 30 minutes to an hour may be a lot of fun for a smaller party looking for a game to be the highlight of their evening.

Straightforward to comprehend

It should not take more than a round or two of a good game for everyone to understand how it works. Ridiculously complex rules benefit the player with the best talent.

A good combination of destiny and competence:

The game is not enjoyable for everyone if the quality player always wins or if there is a technique for gaining an unfair advantage over the other participants. Because the best games have a certain degree of good fortune, a novice has just as much of a chance of winning as a seasoned player.

Surprising twist of fate

When things start to go wrong for other players, a game in which the top player suffers a tragedy that drops him to last place (or at the very least puts him back a few steps) can help keep the winning attitude alive.

Little wait time

A game that consists of you merely sitting there waiting for the ball to roll again may rapidly get monotonous, especially if there are multiple participants.

Ability to replay

This might be a huge issue for conversation games. A superb game's factors make it fascinating to play repeatedly.


There must be a system built into the game that permits it to go till the finish. If you merely keep spinning through a deck of cards, it will not be long until you despise the game. A good game must have an ending.

What Are the Important Features To Consider When Purchasing a Drinking Game?

The above ins and outs are necessary to make a game entertaining for everyone; yet, the fun is typically found in the details. But here are some things to consider that will not have a significant impact on the game but will improve your own experience.

The number of people participating

If you simply want to play with another couple, 2 to 4 people should be enough. Choose a game that can accommodate the projected number of individuals.


A game with a unique theme appeals to a smaller set of players, but it appeals to them more powerfully. If you are a big fan of a particular series, games that incorporate those characters, facts, and catchphrases will almost surely be more fun to play than anything else.

Detail orientation

The brilliance of the game's layout may significantly improve the user's experience. Playing using thick, porous, punch-out cards that may break during enthusiastic play is significantly more entertaining than gaming with properly designed game components made of durable materials.

Hint for players

Little reminders are often appreciated, even if they are not necessary because they make the game go more smoothly.

What Is the Price Range of Drinking Games?


Card games that allow for quick play with few resources may be obtained for $10 to $25. You will also find the bulk of expansion packs here, which are cards that expand the range of games you already own.


As you move closer to the $25 to $50 level, the games receive more bits and bobs, and the game board becomes more important to the action.


Several of the games have souvenirs and cost $50 or more. At this time, you may even come across some innovation into the game.

Why Are Drinking Games Beneficial to Us?

Did you know that active gaming offers more benefits than just providing fun for family and friends?

  • Playing games may help you enhance your social skills.
  • They balance the blood pressure.
  • Playing games enhances your reflexes.
  • Drinking games help to increase cognitive capacities.
  • Playing games might help you enhance your attention span.
  • Playing drinking games may help you unwind.
  • Playing games can help you prevent mental diseases.
  • Playing games in a therapy program may be therapeutic.
  • Playing games helps to strengthen your defenses.