Relive Your Youth With These Ultra-Fun Pop Culture Trivia Games

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Family game night is more popular than ever and the key to an epic one is a great, interactive game. Whether it is with a board game or cards, the only thing that matters is the laughter, fun, and sometimes shock that ensues when you start playing.

Below we are featuring some great pop culture trivia games that will really test you, your family, and your friends’ knowledge. We have included a few generational games including a millennial-based one, a couple that will take you back to the 80s and 90s, and even a few classics.

We have also included games that can be played with and without a board and take less than five minutes to learn. These games all make for solid entertainment and can be pulled out at a moment’s notice for hours of fun.

Our Favorite Pop Culture Game in 2023

Trivillennial  —  Best Overall

This game features 1,000 trivia questions for millennials with answers on the backside of each card. This game also features 10 categories including trends, controversy, sports, technology, music, food, etc., and will test you and your family or friend’s knowledge of icons, moments, and controversies that have defined this generation.


  • This game is for two players or more


  • This game is better when played with a large group of people

Hella 90's  —  Runner Up

Another great decade-based pop culture trivia game is this 90s game where teams battle each other over who knows the era best. This game is played with over 400 pop culture questions including pictures, trivia, and various game challenges that will all test your knowledge and score points when answered correctly. The first team to score seven points is the winner.


  • There is a specially curated soundtrack to play during the game to help get you motivated


  • Playing until someone scores 7 points can make the game go pretty fast

Outset Media  —  Honorable Mention

This comprehensive trivia game will test your skill in both the 80s and 90s and all its pop-culture glory. This game comes with over 220 cards and over 1,200 fun questions and answers with categories that range from movies, TV, music, sports, and culture. It will also have you discussing pop culture icons, musicians, and more.


  • This game can be played with only two players


  • There is no game board included

Know It or Blow It  —  Editor's Pick

Specially made for teams, this trivia game tests your general knowledge about random fun facts that you either know or don’t know. Not knowing an answer is a key to the game and will not necessarily get you or your team kicked out – if you don’t know the answer you can simply stop playing rather than risk your team’s points. If you answer incorrectly, however, your team will lose points for the round.


  • This is a great game to play with family


  • It does require 4+ people to play

Trivial Pursuit  —  Excellent Quality

This version of the classic trivia game will test your knowledge in the 2000s and features 300 trivia cards with 1800 questions from six categories. This game comes with the usual game board and players will move around the board answering questions and collecting wedges corresponding to that category’s color. This edition is unique, however, since if you don’t know the answer to a question, you can try to stump everyone else and if they are wrong you can still get the wedge.


  • This game may be played with only two players


  • The questions can be kind of challenging

Spin Master Games  —  Best for Movie Buffs

For TV and movie buffs, this game will test your knowledge of hundreds of TV shows and movies from past decades to today. It requires players to identify logos and answer trivia questions about over 200 hit television shows and blockbuster movies and comes with 400 cards, a game board, and six playing pieces. This game is ideal for 2-6 players and will provide hours of entertainment with your friends and family.


  • This game allows you to use a mute card to silence an opposing player


  • This game may be too adult for kids younger than 10

The Awkward Family Photos  —  Also Consider

This unique and hilarious game provides 160 awkward family photos to be captioned with 330 memorable movie lines and everyone’s favorite caption wins. This game can be played as fast or slow as you like and one player, called ‘the critic,’ picks the photo card and places it on the table. All the other players use their dealt movie line cards to decide which one best captions the photo and the critic picks their favorite to win the round.


  • No movie knowledge is necessary to play


  • Some of the photos or movie lines may not be appropriate for very young players

Buying Guide: Pop Culture Games

Pop culture trivia games have been part of family traditions and routines for a while now. Whether you're into board games, puzzles, cards, or trivia, it's always fun betting against your siblings and watching your favorite cousins fumble to win a simple game.

These games keep the magic alive in every get-together, and there is no reason you shouldn't invest in more. However, with so many different kinds of games available, you might have to think a little too hard to land on the right one.

This is why we bring you this detailed guide on the top pop culture games that you can get your hands on to ensure quality family time for everyone in your house.

Why Should I Get Pop Culture Games?

Pop culture games aren't just a way to pass the time; they allow you to experience the joy of teamwork and problem solving with the people closest to you. They are also a great way to bring new people closer together, which is why it isn't unusual for work colleagues and classmates to bond over a traditional board game and build ties that will last them a long time.

If you’re a busy individual swamped with responsibilities and work, you will be surprised to notice how good of a stress reliever these games are. You can rewind after a long day over a simple trivia game with your mates. Or you can turn a boring family event into a beautiful, fun memory with the addition of a single exciting game.

If, by any chance, you happen to be in a place with limited internet connectivity, these pop culture games are the perfect replacement for movies and tv shows.

Can Trivia Games Be Used for Educational Purposes?

One of the greatest things about pop culture trivia games is multipurpose games. They usually come with perks for both informal and educational activities. Trivia games encourage brain activity, excessive thinking, and a rush of dopamine that is definitely great for your brain. These games might equip you with analytical skills and teach you things that you wouldn't normally learn in an educational environment. For this reason, trivia games are used widely for educational purposes and are made part of certain curriculums to ensure that children can have a healthy learning experience.

Depending on the level of education and the child’s age, you can get games of any kind for kids to interact with and learn from.

Why Are Pop Culture Games So Popular?

Pop culture trivia games usually take into account various events that have occurred during an era of music, art, history, politics, etc. and challenge the players to test their memory and knowledge of said pop culture periods. This means that a pop culture game lets you boast about your knowledge of a certain subject while finding out how much your friends and family know about it. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about things you may not have focused on. This makes pop culture games exciting for everyone to play, regardless of their age and preferences.

How to Choose the Top Pop Culture Games?

Finding the right game for your game nights isn't just important because you're investing your money in it but also because you will be investing many more nights and days into it if it's good enough. Therefore it is crucial to choose the right game for your friends and family. Here are some things you should think about before buying the perfect pop culture game for your game nights.


The theme of a trivia game is important to consider to make an informed choice about the game. Is the theme something your friends and family would be interested in? Is it family-friendly? Is it engaging enough for all your colleagues, or will it bore them in a couple of rounds? If the game is centered around a show or comic that all of your friends like, you may have more success in having a great time playing it.

Number of players

Each trivia game comes with a designated number of players who can participate. To ensure that you have a hassle-free game night with your peers, you need to make sure how many players you're going to have. Choose your game according to the number of players it allows. Are you looking for a game for 4 people or 15?


If a game has too many rules and restrictions, chances are it will become more of a task than a game. This is why you should always look for games with simple rules that are easy to follow and require constant reminders. Games with easy rules are also great for playing with new people as anyone can join in without a problem.

Price range

Most trivia games are board games with cards as accessories and are not very technical. They do not have any complicated components and are only good for around $20 to $40. If a game has additional components like chips, props, and cards, you may see an increment in price but make sure to never overspend on a simple trivia game.