Test Your Celebrity & Pop Culture Knowledge With These Fun Games

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Since there is a lot of game playing these days, its nice to shake things up a bit with both app-based and physical trivia-style board games.

Below are a great mix of celebrity and pop culture-based trivia games that will test your vast knowledge on all things celebrity and pop culture. The app-based games include an interactive world where you are the star, allowing you to build out your own Hollywood TV and movie dreams and two challenging puzzle games, one where you have to figure out the blurred out celebrity face.

We have also included some good old-fashioned trivia games including decade-based games from the ’80s and ’90s, and a millennial option that will give you hours of fun with your friends and family to show off all your pop culture knowledge.

Comparing the Top Celebrity Games of 2022

Who am I? Guess the Celebrity Quiz  —  Best Overall

This picture puzzle game is an easy and fun downloadable app that will test your ability to recognize celebrities without seeing their entire face. The goal of the game is to recognize as many as you can to become the ultimate celeb guru.


  • This game is packed with fun images and endless entertainment


  • If you need hints they may need to be purchased


This is another fun adventure app game where you are the star in a huge interactive adventure that features agents, self-centered celebrities, paparazzi, etc. The goal is to create your own actor or actress to star in hit TV shows and movies, while landing even more roles, earning reviews, and winning awards. You will also enjoy crashing parties and getting into the hottest clubs, all to land the best roles.


  • Your actor/actress is fully customizable and you can pick your own look from hundreds of style options


  • If you are away from the game for a long period of time you lose fans

FreshGames I Love Pop Culture  —  Honorable Mention

This imaginative pop culture app game will test your pop IQ of music, movies, TV, phrases, names, and brands. The goal for this word game is to challenge yourself to get as far as you can and if you are one of the few who possess both speed and a pop aptitude, you can earn a spot in the top 10% list. This game is also full of imaginative, funky illustrated art in every puzzle.


  • Earn free coins to unlock three different types of hints


  • Once you are out of free coins, you may need to buy more if you want hints

Drunk Stoned or Stupid Trivillennial  —  Funniest Game

This game features 1,000 trivia questions for millennials with answers on the backside of each card. This game also features 10 categories including trends, controversy, sports, technology, music, food, etc., and will test you and your family or friends' knowledge of icons, moments, and controversies that have defined this generation.


  • This game is for two players or more


  • This game is better when played with a large group of people

Buffalo Games Hella 90's  —  Best for Millennials

This is a great decade-based pop culture trivia game with a focus on the 90s where teams battle each other over who knows the era best. This game is played with over 400 pop culture questions including pictures, trivia, and various game challenges that will all test your knowledge and score points when answered correctly. The first team to score seven points is the winner.


  • There is a specially curated soundtrack to play during the game to help get you motivated


  • Playing until someone scores seven points can make the game go fast

Outset Media – 80's 90's Trivia  —  Editor's Pick

This comprehensive trivia game will test your skill in both the 80s and 90s and all its pop-culture glory. This game comes with over 220 cards and over 1,200 fun questions and answers with categories that range from movies, TV, music, sports, and culture. It will also have you discussing pop culture icons, musicians, and more.


  • This game can be played with only two players


  • There is no game board included

PlayMonster Know It or Blow It  —  Also Consider

Specially made for teams, this trivia game tests your general knowledge about random fun facts that you either know or don’t know. Not knowing an answer is a key to the game and will not necessarily get you or your team kicked out – if you don’t know the answer you can simply stop playing rather than risk your team’s points. If you answer incorrectly, however, your team will lose points for the round.


  • This is a great game to play with family


  • It does require 4+ people to play

Buying Guide: Celebrity Games


Why Play Celebrity Games?

Put simply, they are fun! What’s more, they help you discover a lot of information about your favorite celebrity. Another thing about celebrity games is that you get to interact with many like-minded people who are also just as huge a fan of the said celebrity as you. So you not only make new friends, but you also get to play with them without having to meet them in person.

Things You Must Know About Celebrity Games

If you have made up your mind about purchasing a celebrity game, then here are some things you must know about them before investing:


What kind of game do you enjoy? A trivia, a puzzle, a find objects game, or something more detailed like sims? Whichever thing you enjoy the most is what you should look for in celebrity games. Since there are many available, you can decide and pick the one best suited to your interests.


Are you a loner and believe in playing games on your own without having to interact with anyone? Or are you someone who likes gaming with others and making new friends online? Whichever it may be, pick a game that goes with your required gaming option.


Would you have to keep paying for the game over and over again in order to advance to the next level? If yes, then you will need to check out your budget. If money is not an issue, then great. If you are on a limited budget, you would want to try the free version to figure out if you even like the game before buying it.


If you don’t wish to remain all the time but would prefer to play the game even while offline, this is something you will want to know before making any purchase. Be sure to find out what the maker of the game has to say and read the fine print.


How secure is the game that you plan on downloading? Would it steal passwords, data, and pictures from your phone? If yes, then you need to stay away from it. Be sure to read the reviews of other players and all the information the game maker is giving out so that you don’t end up with a game that sends spam to your phone.

Investing in Celebrity Games – What’s the Point?

Games are for fun, but when it comes to celebrity games, there’s much more! Keep reading to find out.

Fun to play with a group of friends/family

This is one of the many reasons why people play online games to begin with; it gives them a chance to connect with family and friends in a virtual world. The great thing about celebrity games is that you won’t have to hide behind the screen. Even if you are sitting with your kids or friends, you can all play celebrity trivia on a single phone by taking turns and asking one another.

Test out your celeb knowledge

With celebrity games, you not only get to pass the time, you also find out a lot of stuff about the celeb you like the most. You discover who they truly are outside of movies, their likes and dislikes, what they like to do in their spare time, who their family is, what they wish to do in the future, and much more. You would know all about them and also be able to watch movies that you had no idea they had starred in. This way, your knowledge about the celebs would become even higher than that of your friends and family.

A chance to live like a celebrity, virtually

As mentioned above in the list of games, there are certain celebrity games that allow you to live the life of a celebrity. You are them and you get to live as they do, with the paparazzi, the social influence, the movie stardom, and more. It gives you a chance, albeit virtually, to experience what it feels like to be someone you are not. And this is reason enough to want to invest in a good celebrity game. Of course, you will have to try the game before figuring out whether you even enjoy such fame or not!