Enhance Any Living Space With These Celebrity Coffee Table Books

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One easy way to enhance any living space is with the addition of a coffee table book or two. These types of books are usually large in size, hard cover, and are ideal for display on your coffee table, end table, and even look great placed on their side in a prominent bookcase.

Below are some of our favorite celebrity coffee table books. We have included a variety of books on an array of famous celebrities, both living and past, including athletes, singers, actors, and actresses.

These stunning books are meant to show and tell the stories of these legends in their own right with stunning photographs, including rare, restored, and unpublished ones, and their inspirational stories are mostly written in their own hand for everyone to see. These books are beautiful and meant to be discussed, conversed about, and make a great holiday gift for the ultimate fan.

Our Favorite Celebrity Coffee Table Book of 2022

The Mamba Mentality  —  Best Overall

Accompanied by stunning photographs by the Lakers' official photographer, this book is Kobe Bryant’s perspective of his life and career on the basketball court. In this book, he shares his vast knowledge, insight, and career mentality along with detailed accounts as he breaks down specific plays and matchups to become one of the most intelligent and creative basketball players ever.


  • This book is large and has photos on every page
  • Includes insight into how Kobe Bryant overcame challenges


  • If you are looking for a more in-depth read, another option might be better

Whiskey in a Teacup  —  Runner Up

This all-encompassing coffee table-appropriate book and lifestyle guide bring together how Reese Witherspoon's southern heritage has informed her life. With a mix of colorful pictures and stories, this book features a ton of recipes, home decor, style tips, and entertaining advice all gathered together in a beautiful, hardback book that is worthy of displaying and giving as a gift.


  • This book includes a fun tutorial on Reese’s famous hot roller technique
  • She also shares some delicious recipes


  • This is a very quick read

The Legend and the Man  —  Honorable Mention

This photo book pays homage to the internationally beloved icon, John Wayne, and is filled with family pictures, classic film costumes, telegrams, and medals. Film stills, backstage photos, and snapshots ranging from all his epic movies are also included as is fan mail, art, and many other treasures gathered over the years from their immense archive.


  • This book is the first-ever exclusively authorized photographic record of his life
  • Includes some behind-the-scenes photos


  • If you are not a John Wayne fan, another option might be better

The Rihanna Book By Rihanna  —  Best Pop-Culture Celebrity Book

Another great hardcover coffee table book is this one simply titled “The Rihanna Book.” This is a stunning visual autobiography where RiRi chronicles everything from her childhood in Barbados to her worldwide tours, to fun fashion moments, and private time with friends and family. You will also enjoy intimate photographs of her life as an artist, performer, designer, and entrepreneur.


  • Many of the images in the book have never before been published
  • It comes with a removable poster


  • This book is huge

Me By Elton John  —  Most Honest Book

This is Elton’s first and only official autobiography in which he tells the story of his extraordinary life from childhood to becoming a living legend. This book details his early upbringing, his rise to fame including his work with his incredible song-writing partner. Additionally, you will get some insight into the work that went into setting up his popular AIDS foundation, his struggles with drug use, and how he ultimately got clean.


  • This book gives a rare glimpse into the life of someone who has always been very private
  • The cover is beautiful, perfect for display


  • This book has some slight profanity

Grateful American  —  Most Inspirational

This biography tells the never-before-told story of Gary Sinese’s life from his early years as a kid in Chicago, throughout his extensive movie career, and to his ultimate calling. The book goes on to talk about the second half of his life which involves tireless work on behalf of those in the military, his fundraising for veterans, and providing entertainment with his band.


  • This book is filled with pictures in addition to a moving story
  • It is very inspirational


  • This book is less a coffee table book and more a non-fiction book

Marilyn: In the Flash  —  Also Consider

This book is a stunning compilation of hundreds of rare and unseen photographs, in color and black and white, behind-the-scenes notes, and interviews chronicling the media’s lifelong love affair with Marilyn Monroe. This book is over 250 pages of unseen photographs printed on a quality, heavy stock paper from archives, photographers, and collectors that have been gathered throughout her career and beautifully edited in this collector’s book.


  • This book contains hundreds of rare photos that have been restored
  • It includes some hand-written notes


  • If you are not a fan of Marilyn Monroe, another option might be better

Buying Guide: Celebrity Coffee Table Books

Do you need some ideas for how to spruce up your coffee table? You have come to the right place! Set the tone for a stunning living space with coffee table books, a tried-and-true décor staple. The highest-rated celebrity coffee table books in 2022 are generally thought to be limited to big photographic times, but this is not the case. You can use any of your favorite books to decorate your home. If you can't curl up with the coffee table books and a treat of your choice, it doesn’t deserve to be on your coffee table. Read through our buying guide to uplift your living space.

Factors to Consider While Buying Celebrity Coffee Table Books

Exhibit what you are passionate about

Do you want a portion of your character to shine through in your books? You may wish to select a book entirely on the basis of its cover, but you should also consider selecting one that is on a subject that interests you.

Place a detailed biography of your chosen designer's work on your coffee table if you enjoy fashion. Pick a book with gorgeous views if you want to go on a holiday in a national forest or an exotic place. You may enjoy a mini-tour from the comfort of your home whenever you like. Decorate your coffee table with fascinating design books if painting your home is one of your life's great pleasures.

Pick classics

Are you considering purchasing pre-owned celebrity coffee table books? Make sure they are in good condition by inspecting them carefully or choose well-read novels for a rustic, antique aesthetic. Pick what appeals to you the most. If you are looking for old books, you might like to give them a whiff before you purchase them so you do not bring one home and discover it stinks.

Check color consistency

Will the colors of your chosen books go well with the ones you currently have in your lounge? If you have a distinct color scheme in your lounge, it is simple to match your celebrity coffee table books to it. You will have no problem choosing books to fit your living space because they come in every color of the rainbow. A pile of three books with turquoise covers mixes well if your living room is a symphony of shades of blue.

Make magical displays

Take a while to consider how you will present your celebrity coffee table books. They may serve as excellent platforms for displaying your favorite décor and creating ensembles of varying heights.

A grouping of blossom vases or a piece of coral are also excellent choices for a book foundation. Alternatively, instead of piling huge volumes on your coffee table, position them straight with a pair of beautiful bookends on either side. Get artistic with your books and display your favorite design, and you will have a brilliantly elegant coffee table.

Why Should You Get Celebrity Coffee Table Books?

Celebrity coffee table books provide a sensory experience that is often sought after in a digitally-driven world. They urge you to put down your phone and find another way to unwind. Moreover, guests will enjoy the unusual entertainment provided by coffee table literature because a well-picked selection encourages thinking and discussion.

Besides, coffee table books allow you to show your personality in a unique way. They enable you to associate yourself with a diverse range of hobbies, ideas, layouts, data, and art, and to quietly convey what you find intriguing with people around you.

Instead of focusing on a single item, a stack of books enables you to connect with an entire body of work. Looking at a collection provides a unique perspective on a genre, theme, or artist's work.

When you have a little wall area but yet want to display exciting artifacts, celebrity coffee table books are a great option. These books provide simple-to-understand and relevant information to let you have some “me” time. Coffee table books, especially those featuring art, are like grown-up storybooks that keep engaged. Words cannot stimulate feelings and ideas as images can. So, you must start thinking of showcasing your awe-inspiring collection of books.

How to Arrange Celebrity Coffee Table Books

  • Divide your items by stacking 2 to 3 books on the coffee table.
  • Assemble a collection of books with the same idea. For example, clothing, scenery, and home décor.
  • To add variety to your table, arrange them horizontally and vertically.
  • Stack books of different colors to get a blended look.

What Should You Look For in Celebrity Coffee Table Books?


Books will have a terrific atmosphere when it comes to setting up the coffee table. The family and all of the visitors will like the content if it is appropriate for all ages. Get books that are interesting to read for people with various interests.


When it comes to selecting a book, the cover must have a unified concept. It should complement the table arrangements and not take up too much room. Most people choose hardbound covers for their coffee tables over softbound sheets. It is also preferable to have a neutral color for the cover rather than a showy color.


You don’t have to have a massive thesaurus or a huge book collection on your coffee table. Likewise, the pocket-sized book will not be of assistance. You can use that size for post notes, however, your books will need to be of appropriate size. Keep the size of your coffee table in mind while purchasing your collection.


The books that you use to adorn your coffee table should be affordable. Keep the proper books on the table, with new content and a reasonable price. You would not want your coffee table to be adorned with a cheap, second-hand book that is worn out. You may buy whatever book you want as long as the price does not concern you. You also do not want the pricey book to be "unintentionally" damaged by kids.