Give Your Home a Significant Fragrance Boost With These Scented Oils

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Make no mistake, there is a difference between essential oils and fragrance oils as one is made of all-natural materials and the other is most likely is made in a lab. Either way, one of their sole purposes is to create a fragrant, aromatherapeutic environment that can be used in a variety of ways.

Below we have compiled a few different home fragrance oil options. We have included both sets and individual options that use both pure, therapeutic grade essential, and premium grade fragrance-based oils, and even a combination of both.

Choose from a wide variety of scents including woody and spicey or floral and the smell of freshly washed, crisp linens. There is also a decorative set of diffusers and an amazing luxe essential oil blend with the scent of santal that may be one of the best dupes for a popular designer perfume.

Comparing the Top Home Fragrance Oil

Esslux Pure Fragrance Oils  —  Best Overall

This is a therapeutic grade pure essential oil collection that comes with six pure oils with woody or earth-based scents including cypress, patchouli, cedarwood, frankincense, nutmeg, and sandalwood. Use these oils in a diffuser, to make perfume, scented candles, soaps, to relax in the bath or a massage and they can be used individually or in blends combined with other essential oils.


  • These oils have no additives or fillers
  • Come in beautiful packaging, making them perfect for gifting


  • These do not come with the standard dropper top

P&J Trading Woodshop Fragrance Oils  —  Runner Up

This is another great set of six essential oils encased in glass amber bottles that will keep them fresh for a long time. This set includes six premium and unique fragrances including cedar, leather, forest pine, teak wood, bamboo, and fresh-cut wood, all of which are highly concentrated enhanced formulations.


  • These enhanced formulations have been designed by a master perfumer
  • The scents are strong and long-lasting


  • If you prefer floral, lighter scents another option might be better

Nature's Oil Fragrance Oil  —  Honorable Mention

If a crisp, fresh and clean scent is more to your liking, this oil that smells of fresh linen is a great pick. This is a generous-sized bottle of fragrance oil that has a sunny scent reminiscent of sheets dried on the clothesline and is packaged beautifully in a glass amber bottle to protect the oils from light and ensure freshness and stability over time.


  • This bottle has an easy dispensing euro dropper and safety seal cap
  • Can be used for home fragrance, making candles or soaps, freshening carpets, and more


  • This may not be an all-natural product

Barnhouse Blue Fragrance Oils  —  Best Floral Scents

Another great set of premium-grade fragrance oils is this flower garden option. Included are scents of violet, rose, plumeria, gardenia, jasmine, lilac, and lilies that will truly make a statement no matter where in the house you use them.


  • The scents are rich, complex, and long-lasting
  • A few drops go a long way


  • These oils may contain some synthetic fragrance

NEVAEHEART Reed Diffuser Set  —  Best Reed Diffuser Oils

Another great way to get fragrance into your home is by using a reed diffuser. This set contains three different diffusers in gardenia, freesia and jasmine and mint, and oil diffuser sticks, all with a safe and natural formula. These diffusers should be used all around the house wherever you want to make a statement including bedroom, bathroom, entryways, and kitchen.


  • These diffusers come in a luxe-looking box that is ready for gift giving
  • You can control how potent the fragrance is


  • There are many uncontrollable factors in the home that may affect the life of the diffuser oil(s)

MitFlor Fragrance Oils  —  Best Scent Variety

For the most refreshing summer scents of your dreams, this set of fragrance oils cannot be beaten. Included are the scents of pineapple, pacific peppermint, watermelon, ocean, crisp cucumber, and midsummer night that have a ton of versatile uses. Use these oils in a diffuser, as perfume spray, carpet freshener, and in select DIY projects including soap making, homemade body butter, and candle making.


  • Dark green bottles keep oils fresh and protect against UV rays
  • They are cruelty-free, alcohol-free, and paraben-free


  • These oils do have a shelf life

Doratelier Santal Fragrance Oils  —  Also Consider

Our last pick is a very on-trend scent that is inspired by a very popular, designer-brand product for a fraction of the price. This santal scent has notes of papyrus, cardamom, orchid, vanilla, iris, spices, amber, musk, leather, and sandalwood that smells very luxe and can be used in a ton of different ways. Lastly, unlike our other options, this oil comes with an easy-to-dispense pipette for ultimate control.


  • Use these drops to personalize any unscented household or beauty products
  • The scent is potent, so you use less product for each application


  • There are no ingredients listed on the label

Buying Guide: Home Fragrance Oils

Do you know the first thing guests notice when they step into your home besides the obvious things they see? This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s the smell of your home. The smell that permeates the air of your home can either make your guests break out smiles or turn up their noses in distaste. Choosing the finest home fragrance oils in 2023 to make your home smell nicer may be a somewhat confusing task. We have collated this buying guide to help make your choice easier.

You're probably already used to the smell of your home (due to a concept called sensory adaptation), and you likely won't notice if the smell is weird or bad. However, one foolproof way of guaranteeing that your living space always exudes a pleasant smell is the use of fragrance oils.

What Should I Look Out for When Choosing Home Fragrance Oils?


This is the base substance that provides the smell of the fragrance oil. There are a number of fragrances choices you could go for when purchasing your fragrance oils. Some of these are:

Fruity: These extracts will have your house smelling clean, fresh, and light. There are a number of fragrance types you could go for under this brand, some of them are citrus, apricot, fig, tropical, etc.

Floral: Do you want your space smelling like a pleasant garden or like a particular flower? This is the one for you. From roses to jasmines to lavenders to lilies, you name it.

Spicy: Do you want a mysterious fragrance with depth? A smell that will solicit the attention of your guests and cause them to inhale deeply when they step in? Look no further than oils with spice extracts. They can be sweet-smelling, have herbal undertones, and can also be powerfully meditative.

Woody: If what you fancy is a heavier smell, you could opt for oils with wooden notes. Some of the common ones are patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, eaglewood, etc. If the clean smell of fruits is too light for you or the sweet smell of flowers is too cherry for you, wooden extracts are your best bet.

Furthermore, you do not have to settle for fragrance oils with a single base fragrance. If you want your house to be a mixture of smells, you could always buy fragrance oils that are mixtures of different types of extract.


Fragrance oils come in different containers and more often than not, the material used in making the container affects the price of the oils. To illustrate, a home fragrance oil in a fancy personalized pearly container will be significantly more expensive than fragrance oil in an ordinary plastic container.

The two most common materials for the containers are glass and plastic. Generally, the content of the container (the fragrance oil) matters more than the material the container is made of.

Nonetheless, it’s advisable to purchase plastic containers or containers made with thick glasses that will not break easily if it falls.

Some containers also come equipped with tubes that enable you to apply drops of the oil discreetly to your living space.

Why Should I Choose Home Fragrance Oils Over Fragrance Sprays?

Although these two substances basically aim to achieve the same effect-introduce fragrance to the air in your living space and make it smell pleasant, there are some differences.

So, you may be asking yourself why you should choose one over the other. Below are some reasons you should consider getting a fragrance oil instead of a fragrance spray:


Fragrance sprays are a concoction of alcohol, water, and fragrance extracts. So, the presence of alcohol and water in the mixture means the base smell of the fragrance extracts will not be very strong since it has been diluted with other liquids. To illustrate, if you buy a fragrance spray with rose extracts, you will probably not perceive the roses as much.

On the other hand, fragrance oils are highly concentrated fragrances that can be five times more effective than most fragrance sprays due to them being mainly composed of fragrance extracts and oil.

When applied, the absence of alcohol and water in the oil makes the base smell of the extracts stronger than a spayed fragrance. Basically, if you buy a flowery scented oil with rose extracts, be rest assured that you’ll be smelling roses.


Fragrance sprays may seem strong at first when it is first applied, however, the alcohol evaporates from the air quickly: so the fragrance dissipates quite rapidly, leading you to spray again and again till you are left holding an empty container and you have to run to the store for a refill.

Conversely, the base smell of the fragrance oils will be constant for an extended period of time. The absence of alcoholic dilution means all you have to do is apply a little bit of the oil and go about your day soaked in a pleasant fragrance around the clock.

Also, fragrance oils have a longer shelf life when compared to fragrance sprays. The alcohol in fragrance sprays evaporates over time, reducing its quantity.


Relatively, store-bought fragrance sprays are usually more expensive than fragrance oils. You can get a pack that contains 6 pieces of fragrance oils for as low as $15, while a container of fragrance spray can go for as high as $20.

Remember that fragrance oils have stronger smells and last longer when compared to sprays. So essentially, you are getting more quality for a lesser price if you purchase fragrance oil.

How Do I Apply Fragrance Oils at Home?

There are a number of ways you can apply your home fragrance oils. Some of these are:

  • Through your air filters.
  • You could apply some drops of your fragrance oils to a light bulb: the heat will evaporate it and disperse the scent through the room.
  • You can add fragrance oils to your curtain and carpet cleaners. The oil will stick to the materials and permeate the air.
  • You can put some drops of the oil on your furniture. It’s the easiest way to apply it.