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The Best Incense Holders for Your Home and Office

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Burning incense releases sweet-smelling fragrances that are soothing and refreshing into the air. A great way to unwind and relax after a long day of work is to burn some incense and let the soothing aromas transform your home into a tranquil environment. However, for incense to burn properly, you need to use a proper incense holder. Incense holders are the only truly safe way to burn incense in your home, so you must get one if you plan to enjoy this unique aromatherapy tool.

In today’s market, there are many different incense holders available, and it can be a bit difficult to find the best incense burner for your needs. We have saved you the hassle of looking for a quality product by creating this list of 2024’s leading incense holders.

The Best Incense Holder for Soothing Aromatherapy

SPACEKEEPER Incense Holder  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • This product has a back-flow design
  • It is designed like a waterfall and can serve as home decoration
  • Package includes: one incense holder, 120 upgraded incense cones, one pad, and 30 incense sticks
  • Contains 7 different, long-lasting fragrances
  • Handcrafted using durable ceramic

The SPACEKEEPER Waterfall Incense Burner comes with 120 incense cones and 30 incense sticks, as it features a design that can burn both cones and stick incense. This product is hand-crafted and made from ceramic, making it sturdy and insulated. The different incense cones it comes with have a nice fragrance and are long-lasting. It is very relaxing to watch the smoke flow down the waterfall of the burner, which creates a tranquil atmosphere in your home.


  • It has a conical-shaped aesthetic design to elevate your home
  • It can relieve anxiety and promote good sleep
  • This product can hold either cone or stick incense for versatility


  • While the fragrance lingers for a while, the cones themselves don’t have a long burn time

Folkulture Incense Holder  —  Most Stylish

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Key Features

  • It comes with two holes on each end, enabling you to light two incense sticks at the same time.
  • Available in a multitude of colors and patterns such as Christmas story, Sunshine, Blue Agate and Galaxy,
  • This is also suitable for gifting choice as housewarming gifts.  

If you like to partake in aromatherapy, this beautifully handcrafted incense holder by Folkultre is an exceptional option to incorporate into your home. With its 12-inch long and 4-inch wide incense tray, it is super convenient for storing ash without the need to constantly clean


  • Available in unique colors and designs
  • Can hold two incense sticks simultaneously
  • Keeps ash from spilling out


  • Plastic enamel instead of ceramic

TMINCK Incense Holder  —  Best Metal Holder

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Key Features

  • Has five holes that can hold a variety of incense at the same time
  • Has an exotic traditional design
  • This product is detachable; the stick holder and aroma stove can be separated
  • This burner is suitable for stick, coil, and cone incense
  • This copper incense holder is solid and durable

The TMINCK incense holder is shaped like a lotus flower and is made from high-quality alloy material. The center piece that holds incense sticks has a removable design that is convenient for removing ash and cleaning. This product has a traditional and spiritual construction that is aesthetically pleasing. It is rust-free, solid, and durable.


  • It is good for meditation and creates a relaxing atmosphere
  • It is small and attractive, and will not take up much counter/shelf space
  • It is easy to clean, thanks to the detachable holder


  • Incense must be purchased separately

Kaizen Casa Incense Holder  —  Best Wooden Holder

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Key Features

  • It is long and wide to catch all ashe that may fall
  • It is handcrafted
  • It is made from real wood, so it’s sturdy but not heavy

This Kaizen Casa incense holder is made from wood that is lightweight and durable. It has a simple yet classic design; two holes at each end make the mixing of different incense scents easy. This product is shaped like a boat and is long enough to catch ash, and sturdy enough to withstand heat.


  • It can hold incense sticks of all sizes for versatility
  • This product has a rustic design that is great for home decor
  • Has small felt pads on the bottom so it does not scratch your furniture


  • It may not be suitable for high heat incense

United Prime Incense Holder  —  Most Notable

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Key Features

  • The design is minimalistic and simple
  • This product is made from premium mango wood
  • It is traditionally handcrafted by Indian artisans
  • This burner is 11”, and it is long enough to catch ash
  • It is easy to clean
  • This product is an elegant, antique-inspired piece that would complement any home

The United Prime Incense holder is boat-shaped and has two holes at each end to hold one incense stick each. It is made from quality wood that is sturdy and will last for a long time. This product has a rustic design that would complement the decor of any home or office. With the two holes, you can burn two incense sticks at the same time and mix fragrances.


  • The design is solid and attractive
  • It is easy to clean
  • This incense holder is wide enough to catch ash so you don’t have to clean up any mess


  • The holes may be too shallow to securely hold the incense sticks

Solejazz Incense Holder  —  Also Consider

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Key Features

  • This blue cone-shaped burner is handcrafted and made from ceramic
  • It is easy to clean; simply rinse with hot water
  • The incense comes in 7 delightful fragrances
  • Each incense cone lasts for 15 minutes or more
  • This backflow burner can be used to burn all three incense forms at the same time
  • It purifies the air and aids relaxation

Burning incense is very relaxing, but burning it in an aesthetic holder is even more pleasing. The Solejazz incense holder is a backflow incense burner, designed like a waterfall fountain. This Aromatherapy ornament comes with 120 cones, 30 sticks, and 10 coils of incense; hence, you don’t need to worry about purchasing incense separately in order to use this product.


  • It has an attractive waterfall design to increase the aesthetic appeal of your space
  • The package includes 170 different incense cones, sticks, and coils combined so you don’t have to purchase them separately
  • It is made from 100% enamel material for guaranteed quality


  • Some customers reported that their burner arrived with small chips or cracks that occurred during shipping

Best Incense Holder Buying Guide

You may be wondering, “what is incense?” Incense is an aromatic material that is composed of essential oils and aromatic plants. Incense burning has been proven to be a great source of relaxation. This is because the aroma from the incense smoke helps to reduce anxiety, stimulate the brain, and promote an overall sense of tranquility. The practice of burning incense has been in existence for centuries, which goes to show how effective it is.

So, if you’re all about spreading positive energy and tranquility, you might want to consider using incense. Whether you have been using incense for a while, or you’re a newbie at it, you need an incense holder to properly and safely hold your incense. With tons of these products on the market, it can be difficult to select the right product. However, follow the tips in this guide and you are sure to purchase a high-quality incense burner.

What Factors Should I Keep in Mind When Purchasing an Incense Burner?


There are many incense burners with different types of designs. Each kind is unique, from its outer appearance and shape to the actual interior layout designed to hold different kinds of incense. The best burner for you depends on the type of incense you intend to use it for. We will go into more detail about each of the types of incense burners below:

Boat incense burner: This is also known as an ash catcher and it is the most common type of incense holder. It features a design that is flat in the middle and gently curved at both ends.

This burner has small holes drilled on each end to hold stick incense. The boat-shaped incense burner may be made from aluminum, glass, stone, or wood. The wooden type is the most common for holding stick incense.

Backflow incense burner: This type of incense holder is designed like a waterfall or fountain. It is aesthetically pleasing and would complement the decor of any home. This holder is made from ceramics and requires the use of special incense cones.

When these cones are lit, the smoke gently flows downwards through the backflow burner creating a picturesque illusion of a waterfall. This burner usually comes with a variety of incense cones and sticks.

Combination incense burner: This type of incense holder will not restrict you to a specific form of incense. You can burn different types of incense with it, such as cones, sticks, or coils. The combination incense holders come in different materials such as; ceramic, wood, aluminum, soapstone, etc. If you want to burn different incense at the same time for a combination fragrance, these burners can come in handy.

Stone/clay incense burner: These types of burners are made with clay or stone and they usually come in many attractive shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. These burners have two different-sized holes to accommodate different sizes of incense.

Cone incense burner: Cone incense is made to burn completely, hence it should never be burned on a flammable surface such as wood. However, some wooden holders have a metal insert that prevents the wood from burning.

The best incense burner for cone incense is one shaped like a bowl with a wide mouth. You want it wide enough to be able to light up a cone without the risk of burning your fingers. It should also be deep enough to contain an inch of sand or ash where the cone will sit.

Preferably, a cone incense burner will not have a lid. However, if you want one with a lid, you need to go for one that is properly ventilated and has multiple perforated holes. This will protect it from overheating and will allow your cone to burn freely. If you must use a lid, ensure that you clean it often to prevent oils and resins from building up. If you don't clean it, the build-up could taint the fragrance of your incense when lit.

Heat absorption

It is important to understand that incense burners are designed to absorb different levels of heat. You don't want to make the mistake of buying a low heat burner for high heat incense. If you use a simple stick incense, then a wooden option like boats and coffins will be the best option because they are wide enough to catch fallen ash that is not hot enough to burn through the material.

However, if the type of incense you have or are looking to get is charcoal or cone, then you should consider buying a ceramic option that can absorb heat. The materials of these incense burners are specially constructed to withstand the heat, unlike the standard wooden options.

Type of incense

The best incense holder for you depends on the type of incense. There are sticks, coils, and backflow cones. If you only plan on using the stick type of incense, then a simple stick holder would do.

However, if you intend to use a backflow cone, you would need a backflow burner. A stick holder cannot support backflow cone incense. Hence, the incense you intend to use will determine the burner design you get.

You can also decide to buy an incense holder that can support all kinds of incense, that way; you would not be restricted to a certain type of incense. If you're burning incense for religious purposes, then a metal incense burner would be the most ideal.


This feature should not be overlooked. Don't just shop for incense burners based on aesthetics alone, you also need to consider the safety options. Some burners can get hot from the ashes of the incense, and if they don't come with some type of insulation, it could lead to a fire. Therefore, you need to consider buying an incense burner that is insulated and will not get hot easily, or purchase a hot pad to place between the burner and your table or shelf.