Enjoy Your Cocktails Anywhere In The House With The Best Bar Carts

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Having a dedicated bar at your home for making cocktails and enjoying a few drinks is fantastic. But, what if you don't want to sit in the bar area? What if you want to feel the lovely breeze on the terrace or soak in the sun next to the pool while enjoying your custom cocktail? Then having one of the leading bar carts of 2022 is the perfect solution to this problem.

These trolly carts allow you to take the drinks with you, no matter where you are in the house. Sure, these carts cannot travel up/downstairs, but they are still fairly handy. 

The only issue with bar carts is the process of finding the best ones. Lucky for you, we took care of all of the hard work and research. After a thorough review process, these five bar carts left a mark on us and stood out as a cut above the rest.

The Top Bar Carts of 2022 Compared in Detail

FirsTime & Co. Bar Cart  —  Best Overall

Starting things off is a simple bar cart from FirsTime & Co. It is a 32. 5" high cart with a length and width of 30" and 12. 25" respectively. The main focus of this bar cart is on functionality. There are no unnecessary design details, glass, or curved surfaces. But, what this card does have is two wooden shelves, a dedicated bottle rack that holds up to five bottles, and glass holders with a total capacity of six glasses. The construction quality of this bar cart is second to none either. Mostly right angle construction allows this cart to be surprisingly rigid, and all of the weight is supported by high-quality casters. 

Though, just because this cart doesn't have any unnecessary details doesn't mean that it is ugly to look at. Its subtle golden color combined with the brown wood allows it to blend in a corner while also retaining a distinct identity. 


  • To-the-point design
  • Solid metal construction
  • Classy golden color


  • The handle is not very comfortable

Linon Bar Cart  —  Runner-Up

Next in line is the minimalistic yet still charming cart from Linon. This golden bar cart is made from metal pipes welded together in an asymmetric design. You can push this cart from any side, and it will look correct. This movement flexibility makes it perfect for homes with limited storage space when the cart is not in use. The metal frame is then completed by two sheets of mirrors. Yes, mirrors, not glass. This cart doesn't have any details or decoration elements so, the mirrors are critical in giving it a fuller feel. Even a single bottle and a few glasses make this cart look lively.

What this bar cart lacks in design, however, it makes up for in quality. All corner pieces are bent and welded to perfection with non-existent defects. The golden paint is also fairly between too much and too little. It looks vibrant without treading the gaudy territory. Lastly, the caster is also smooth with minimal vibrations no matter the amount of stuff on the cart.


  • Fully symmetric design
  • Easy to move casters
  • Mirrored glass shelving


  • Looks a bit too empty

VASAGLE Bar Cart  —  Honorable Mention

The next recommendation on our list is perhaps one of the most interesting-looking bar carts out there. The Vasagle bar cart is a fantastic example of an antique grunge-like aesthetic. You will be forgiven to think that this brand new cart looks to be one hundred years old. Everything from the paint on its metal skeleton to the rustic wood shelving looks the right kind of old. Even if you don't care about the aesthetics at all, this is still one of the most well-rounded bar carts you can buy today.

The overall metal and wood construction is solid and has zero give. Even the casters feel amazingly smooth. Lastly, the wooden shelving is most likely the strongest part of this whole cart. So, you can transport your drinks with zero fear. Then there are the practical elements of this cart's design which include a dedicated bottle rack for five bottles and three glass racks with a total capacity of nine. All in all, this is a solid choice that you will not regret buying.


  • Unique antique design
  • Solid and rigid construction
  • Plenty of storage for bottles and glasses


  • Does not fit in with modern urban homes

Silverwood Bar Cart  —  Contender

The next bar cart on our list is one of the most vogue and chic options out there. It does not have any crazy bejeweled sections or sparkling paint. But, its overall shape combined with the subtle gold color gives it a very wholesome aura. But, don't let its curvy design fool you into thinking that it is weak; quite the opposite, actually. There are a lot of joints in this bar cart's design, and Silverwood has used those joints to reinforce every single part of it. You can load it up with filled bottles and wheel it around without feeling worried.  

This special design comes at a cost, though, as there aren't any dedicated cracks for the glasses, and only three bottles can be secured in metallic rings. Despite these shortcomings, though, this is still a fantastic bar cart with tons of personality and positive vibes surrounding it.


  • Relaxing and wholesome design
  • Reinforced construction with zero play
  • Can be wheeled from two sides


  • No dedicated racks for glasses

Jubao Bar Cart  —  Also Consider

bar cart review

The last recommendation on our list is the ideal bar cart for any modern home. It is stylish and gorgeous but also subtle enough that it can pretend to be a table, and no one will bat a second eye. It is mainly made out of metal in a very minimalistic design and contemporary curves. The shelving is a real polished stone that gives it a very grounded and realistic feel. The stones combined with the black metal frame make it the least "artificial" bar cart on our list.

There is, however, one downside to this modern design, and that is its openness. It feels way too open, especially on the top shelf. A lot of people will be in constant fear of breaking an expensive wine bottle when wheeling this cart around. Thankfully the high-end casters absorb a lot of vibration and make the whole thing feel way smoother. All things considered, if you're looking for a modern bar cart to use within your home, this is as good as it gets in this price range.


  • Clean and modern design
  • Subtle black and gray color
  • Exceptionally high-end casters


  • No dedicated racks for glasses
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What To Look For in a Bar Cart: A Buyer’s Guide

A lot of people dismiss bar carts as unnecessary and a waste of money. But, they are quite the opposite. On one end of the spectrum, they allow folks living in large homes to have a portable minibar that they can take anywhere within the house. On the other hand, these carts give folks living in cramped homes and apartments a personal bar that they can take out, use, and then tuck back in somewhere. 

That being said, your experience with a bar cart will depend heavily on the quality of the specific cart you have. Luckily, finding the right cart is not that difficult. All you have to do is take things one step at a time and fully understand the cart you're planning to buy before you press the buy button. 

These are the factors and attributes you should look out for.

Build Material

The first factor you have to take into consideration is the main material of the bar cart skeleton. A large majority of bar carts are made with metal skeletons, while you can find a few with wooden ones. Unless you know the exact type of wood used in its construction and the reputability of the seller, it is a good idea to avoid them.

On the mental side of things, there are two main options, steel, and aluminum. Steel is much stronger than aluminum, but it is also significantly heavier. So, the choice you have to make is between strength and weight. Though, you can also find carts made up of some alloy that combines the strength of steel and the weight of aluminum to reach a balanced middle ground. 

Material of the Shelves

The material of the shelves is just as, if not more important, than the skeleton. There are four main options to choose from here.


Glass shovels, especially the mirrored ones, look amazing. They shine particularly bright when the cart is under strong lighting. Transparent glass shelves also allow you to peak at the bottom shelf without having to bend down. 


Wood shelves are the second most popular option in bar carts. Light-colored and white-looking wood is common on golden bar carts with a bright theme. On the other hand, dark and grungy wood is used for bar carts that try to emulate an antique aesthetic. 


Stone sleeves are not very common. They are mostly found in contemporary-style bar carts with a minimalistic design. These tend to weigh the cart down by a lot, so people tend to not like them as much.


Shelves made out of metal sheets are not uncommon, but they are mostly found on very cheap bar carts. They usually have a sheet of metal just welded to the frame willy-nilly. 

Color Scheme

The color scheme of the cart is what determines its overall vibes. A light gray and black bar cart will look modern and aesthetic, while a black and dark brown will look straight out of the 20th century. Similarly, golden and white are associated with a little bit of luxury. Interestingly, the shade of gold has a massive effect on the final look of a cart. Too faint, and the cart would look old, too sparkly, and you're getting close to the gaudy territory.

These are only a few examples from hundreds of different color options to choose from. Discussing them all is beyond the scope of this guide. But, we encourage you to broaden your horizons. You might end up finding a color combination that is not only a great fit for your home but is something that you never even expected.

Quality of the Casters

Casters are one of the most overlooked aspects of a bar cart when people go shopping, despite their importance. Quality carters can make a mid-tier bar cart feel premium, while terrible ones will ruin your experience with even the most premium luxury bar carts. 

The only practical way to find out the caster quality of a particular bar cart is to browse through customer reviews. Search for the "casters" keyword and look through both positive and negative reviews.


The last factor you have to take into consideration is your budget. Thankfully, bar carts are getting cheaper by the year, and you can get a very decent cart between $100 and $150. You can definitely go higher or lower than this, but this is the price sweet spot for decent quality bar carts. Also, avoid the very cheap carts at all costs. The last thing you want is the cart breaking during use, destroying both the drink bottles and your mood in the process.