The Best Sleep Mask Will Help You Get the Perfect Rest

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It’s important to make sure that you are getting enough sleep each night. A full eight hours of sleep can help to decrease your stress levels, increase your mental function, and give your body a chance to recover and rejuvenate itself. If you're someone that can't get good shut-eye because of the brightness in your room, then it's time to invest in a high-quality sleep mask. These types of masks can assist in blocking out all distractions and will create an absolute pitch black sleeping environment. There are hundreds of choices accessible on the market. So, in order to make your purchase decision easier, we've selected some of the greatest sleep masks that you can possibly find. In this article, you will also find a helpful buyer's guide, which is intended to help first-time shoppers understand the important factors to consider when buying a sleep mask.

Best Sleep Masks for a Good Night’s Rest

MZOO Sleep Mask  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • Has a 3D eye design to eliminate discomfort
  • Made with an ultrasonic sewing machine for durable stitching
  • The material is completely washable
  • It comes with ear plugs and a carrying case

Our first choice sleep mask is the MZOO Contoured Sleep Eye Mask. It is made with a low-rebound foam material, which is exceptionally soft and doesn't put any kind of pressure on your face. Plus, thanks to the 3D eye designs, you will be able to enjoy free eye movement and an overall more comfortable wearing experience. The whole sewing process is performed by an ultrasonic machine that is precise and doesn't leave any seams or marks.

Furthermore, the MZOO Contoured Sleep Eye Mask is washable, so you never have to put a dirty mask on your face. The manufacturer suggests that you hand wash it with a few drops of gentle detergent and warm water (below 100 °F.) On top of the sleep mask, you will also receive a couple of bonus gifts, including a pair of earplugs to further help you get a great night of sleep, and one travel pouch to carry both your eye mask and earplugs wherever you go. If for some reason you don’t like the sleep mask, you can receive a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

Tara Sartoria Sleep Mask  —  Most Comfortable

Sleep Mask reviews

Key Features

  • Ultra-soft feel
  • Easily washable
  • Has multiple layers to block out all of the lights

A good night's sleep can have a notable impact on your overall emotion and productivity. And the best method to achieve it is by using the Tara Sartoria Sleep Mask. It features a black silk lining and multiple layers of dark silk to block out all of the lights and provide you with the best sleeping experience. It is handmade by specialized technicians and tested for additional assurance. You will be able to wash it in the laundry machine or simply by hand. With this purchase, you're also donating 10% to their charity partner - PPMK Empowering Women to Fight Poverty.

CELESTIAL SILK Sleep Mask  —  Best Quality

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Key Features

  • Pure silk mask
  • High protection
  • Durable and adjustable

Sleep better with a CELESTIAL silk eye mask. In order to achieve the restful sleep your body craves, use a silk sleep mask, which shuts out light whether you're at home or on the road. It's ideal for a brief snooze on a lengthy journey, but it's also long-lasting enough to be used overnight. The silky sensation of the caressing silk relaxes and soothes you. As a bonus, the silk sleep masks are 100% pure mulberry silk thread. The silk-covered adjustable elastic strap allows for a wide range of adjustments in length and width. The silk sleep mask's elastic strap is adjustable so that you can get the perfect fit. The strap includes a silk covering that hides the adjustability for added comfort.

LKY Sleep Mask Set  —  Runner Up

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Key Features

  • One package includes three sleep masks
  • The sleep mask weighs only 0.88 pounds
  • Has an adjustable strap
  • Suitable for everyone that finds it hard to sleep in the light

Next, we have the LKY Digital Sleep Mask Set, which can effectively block out even the brightest light without any problem. Each sleep mask features a redesigned adjustable buckle strap that can fit a head circumference of 18.5 to 27.5 inches - making it perfectly suitable for both kids, women, and men. Plus, it weighs only 0.88 pounds, so you won't even feel that it's on your face.

The LKY Digital Sleep Mask Set is perfect for people who need to sleep during daylight hours, or for those who want to sleep on an airplane. Also, thanks to the revolutionary skin-friendly and breathable fabric, this sleep mask won't cause any kinds of allergic reactions. So, get yourself a set right now before they're all sold out.

Jersey Slumber Sleep Mask  —  Editor's Choice

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Key Features

  • Manufactured from 100% mulberry silk
  • Blocks 99% of the light
  • Fits perfectly on most heads
  • Has an elastic strap for a secure fit

Are you tired of spending countless hours rolling and twisting around before finally falling asleep? Well, don't worry, because we have the perfect solution to your problem. The Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask will be able to block out 99% of the light exposure and help you get a longer and better sleep every night. A slight modification in your sleeping habit can make a huge difference. Thanks to this eye mask, not only will you wake up feeling totally rested, but you will also gain more energy, greater cognitive function, and an enhanced mood to enjoy the entire day to its fullest.

The Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask is manufactured out of luxurious 100% mulberry silk - a remarkably soft and durable material. So, you can only expect first-class quality and long-term reliability. Unlike many other sleep masks that are available on the market, this specific one lies securely on your face without any chances of sliding or falling off your face. All you need to do is place it on your head, adjust the soft elastic strap, and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Mavogel Sleep Mask  —  Honorable Mention

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Key Features

  • Produced by one of the top-tier brands
  • Includes five different layers of materials
  • The patented bending cartilage is built from carbon steel
  • It can be used anywhere and anytime

Next, we have a sleep mask produced by one of the leading manufacturers in this area - Mavogel. Throughout the last couple of years, they managed to update every detail of this sleep mask and bring it to total perfection. With a remodeled design, thicker straps, and better material, the Mavogel Basic Cotton Sleep Mask will undoubtedly surpass your expectations.

Every casting and sewing of the Mavogel Basic Cotton Sleep Mask is performed by hand. It consists of 5 different layers of soft & breathable fabrics, including cotton, non-woven fabric, elastic sponge, pure cotton filler, and modaier. This sleep mask also features a new ergonomic design that perfectly covers your eyes and fits your face. Plus, the patented bending cartilage will completely block out any light coming from the nose gap, ensuring a perfect blackout experience. You can really use it anywhere - at home, while traveling, in your office, etc.

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask  —  Also Consider

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Key Features

  • Features remarkable craftsmanship for durability
  • This sleep mask is pretty versatile
  • Available in numerous sleek designs
  • It is naturally hypoallergenic

Last but positively not least, we have the mighty Alaska Bear Smooth Sleep Mask. It is perfectly fitted to your face and offers an outstanding sleeping experience. The outer layer of this mask is manufactured out of feather-light organic mulberry silk, while the inner layer is made with super-soft cotton. Both of the materials are really comfortable and offer a great soothing effect. Furthermore, this mask is available in all kinds of colors, designs, and patterns, including black stars, pink flamingos, cats, classy embroidery, sleeping beauty, basic white, lavender, and many more. Apart from being an amazing choice for your everyday rest, it also works wonders as a travel aid, yoga mask, or migraine relief aid. Get the Alaska Bear Smooth Sleep Mask right now and rest in peace without disturbance.

Best Sleep Masks Buying Guide

When it comes to sleep masks, there are many different models out there, but not all of them will work for each individual’s needs. In our buyer's guide, we will be looking at some of the most crucial factors you should consider, the typical price that you should be prepared to pay, and the key advantages of using sleep masks. After reading this guide, you will be prepared to find the ultimate sleep mask that will suit your every need!

What Are the Most Vital Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Sleep Mask?

Light blocking capability

The first, and certainly the most fundamental, factor that you should take into account when buying a sleep mask is the light-blocking capabilities. A mask that doesn't efficiently stop the light from getting into your eyes is like a swimming pool without any water. Useless!

Most manufacturers will have this information written down as a percentage. Generally, you should be on the hunt for a sleep mask that can block out at least 98% of the brightness, in order for the mask to be effective.


Apart from offering superior light blocking capabilities, the sleep mask needs to be comfortable to wear. Sleep masks can be made from all kinds of fabrics, but some of the most popular ones are silk, cotton, and memory foam.

Cotton sleep masks - Cotton is one of the most common materials used in sleep masks. They offer great breathability and decent comfort. However, this material isn't suggested for people that have sensitive skin - they can cause irritation and possible allergic reaction.

Silk sleep masks - This is definitely one of the softest and most luxurious materials yet. It is incredibly lightweight and offers outstanding breathability. Also, the overall durability of this product is magnificent - it can successfully withstand any tossing and turning. The main drawback of these kinds of sleep masks is the higher price.

Memory foam sleep masks - The memory foam sleep masks will offer you great comfort and decent durability. However, they have pretty low breathability.

Always be sure that you carefully review the care instructions provided by the manufacturer - usually found in the product description. If you don't prefer washing your mask by hand, then look for materials that are completely machine washable.

Adjustable strap

Another crucial thing you should do is ensure that the face mask is perfectly fitting for your head. Having a face mask that's too big and continually falls can disrupt your sleep, which is the opposite of what you want to happen. On the other hand, getting a mask that is too tight might give you a serious headache. So in order to prevent any of the problems mentioned above, look for a sleep mask that features adjustable straps. With the support of the straps, you will be able to completely adjust the sleep mask to ensure a comfortable and perfect fit.

How Much Do Sleep Masks Typically Cost?

Are you interested in purchasing a brand new sleep mask? If so, you should be prepared to spend anywhere from $8 all the way up to $30 for some of the most efficient ones. Typically, the price range of sleep masks will vary considerably depending on a large number of factors, including the light-blocking abilities, the manufacturing process, the overall quality of the fabrics, and the company that offers them.

How Did We Find The Best Sleep Masks?

We evaluated various sleep masks on the market and managed to find some of the best ones available. Here are 3 elements that we strongly considered throughout the research process:

  • Overall ratings of the customers
  • Quality of the sewing technology
  • Fabrics utilized in the fabrication
  • The brand of the mask

What Are the Most Conventional Benefits of Using Sleep Masks?

  • A sleep mask will help you fall asleep much easier and get a good night of sleep without any interruptions;
  • It is the perfect alternative to blackout curtains - easier to place and a lot more affordable;
  • Placing a sleep mask over the face is a lot safer than using any kinds of sleeping pills or self-medication;
  • A sleep mask can create a protective barricade over your eyes and protect them from drying out.