Enhance Your Yoga Practice With the Best Yoga Bolster

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With a focus on the restorative, slower, and more meditative practice, also known as, Yin yoga, a yoga bolster is a great companion to help increase circulation and provide optimal support. With the help of a yoga bolster during your routine, you can help alleviate pressure on joints, provide lumbar relief, deepen stretches and ultimately achieve total relaxation.

Below are some optimal yoga bolsters of 2022 that can work in tandem with many yoga practices and are also suitable for pilates, and massage therapy. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and firm and firmer options depending on your needs.

These bolsters are also all easy to clean with their removable outer covers and come in a variety of materials including suede, cotton, and vinyl. Finally, we have also included ecological and environmentally-friendly options with organic cotton and eco-suede materials, eco-friendly colors, and companies that promote fair working conditions.

The Quality Yoga Bolster Models of 2022 in Detail

Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow  —  Best Overall

Focus like never before with the support of this yoga bolster. The perfect companion to your yoga practice, this bolster provides the optimal support to help alleviate pressure on joints, provide lumbar relief, deepen stretches, and permit total relaxation. The bolster is made from mixed density layers of recycled foam with a concentrated core that provides long-lasting density and structure and its dual-layer technology ensures it won’t lose its shape or firmness with continued use.


  • Every purchase plants a tree and creates jobs for local villagers


  • Replacement covers are not available

ForPro Full Round Bolster  —  Best for Lower Back

If you prefer a traditional round shape, similar to ones used during massages, then this bolster is a great option. It is made from high-density foam and vinyl and its round shape is designed to relieve strain from the lower back during massage therapy and add comfort during yoga and stretching. This bolster will conform to the body’s natural curves, provide ample back support, and feature handles on both ends for easy commuting.


  • The easy-to-clean vinyl makes this oil and stain-resistant


  • If you prefer a firmer bolster, another option might be better

Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster  —  Best Removable Cover

If you are a practitioner of yin yoga, this bolster cushion is right up your alley as it provides the ideal support and stability for this restorative practice. In addition to using it as a yoga tool, this rectangular-shaped cushion supports exercises such as backward bends or can even be used as leg support to relieve back strain while lying down. Its cover is removable and made from organic cotton and the filling is plant-based wool that makes the bolster lightweight and adjustable.


  • With its flat surface, this cushion provides ideal stability during any yoga routine


  • There is only one size available

EARTHLITE Bolster Pillow  —  Jumbo Size

If large and in charge is more your style, then you will get great use out of this jumbo bolster pillow. Generously sized, this bolster pairs perfectly with all full-sized massage tables to aid in back support and will add comfort to your home or exercise class. This bolster can be placed under the knee during face-up massages, under the ankle when face down, and can also be used to support the neck while sleeping.


  • Four neutral color options are available


  • If you are more on the petite side, a smaller, half jumbo size bolster might be better

YogaAccessories Yoga Bolster  —  Most Versatile

A rectangular, oblong shape makes this yoga bolster the ideal size as it is large and supportive and great for restorative yoga poses, lounging around the house, and even works as a great sleep aid for spinal and leg support. Made from 100% cotton, this bolster is slightly different as it is filled with 100% cotton, not with foam, and can be easily customized to your desired firmness by adding or removing the internal cotton.


  • The case is removable, machine washable, and has handles on both ends


  • If you prefer a less firm bolster, another option might be better

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing an Optimum Yoga Bolster

Like people, yoga bolsters come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. They serve different purposes ranging from widening the chest for breathing exercises to floating in savasana; so, the ideal one depends on your use. Here’s how you can choose the right yoga bolster for a smooth yoga session:

Yoga Bolster Shape and Size

The age-old saying ‘size matters’ is true when it comes to yoga bolsters as well. You will come across thin, long, circular, and rectangular bolsters, all of which are meant to serve different purposes. Mainly, you’ll find four types of bolsters according to the shape and size:

Round bolsters

Shaped like a cylinder, these yoga bolsters are heavier and longer than standard ones and are generally used by yogis at an advanced level. The round shape of these bolsters provides comfort and support when placed under the knees. Similarly, when placed under the back, it raises the spin and allows the arms and shoulders to hang down at different positions. A lot of people use round bolsters when practicing seated poses. However, the round shape can make you feel unstable. Therefore, you should avoid experimenting with it unless you have a lot of experience.

Rectangular bolsters

These are one of the most versatile options available that are flat and wide, making them great for back support. You can place them flat on the ground or the edge, and they will provide support by raising your body off the ground. This shape is suitable for forwarding bends, seated yoga positions, and meditation positions.

Pranayama bolster

This style is identical to a rectangular bolster except that it is thinner and longer. It can elevate the chest, and offer additional cushioning and support for performing backbend and kneeling positions.

Meditation bolster

Also known as Zafus, these are round cushions used for sitting during meditation. They elevate your hips and keep your back straight. Even though meditation bolster pillows are generally available in round shapes, you will occasionally find a few in v or square shapes.

Yoga Bolster Materials

Most yoga bolster manufacturers offer a fusion of sustainability and practicality. The goal is to provide yoga accessories that are environmentally friendly, not too heavy, and easy to care for. It is to offer adequate stability and support.

The majority of the bolsters you will come across online or in the market will be made of durable natural materials, such as organic unbleached cotton, cotton, or hemp, including polyester, foam filling, or cotton. Even though foam and polyester aren’t natural fabrics, they help retain the shape of the bolster and do not weigh that much.

How you clean your bolster will also depend on its material. Therefore, check the ingredients before making the purchase. The ones with removable covers can be washed in the washing machine; whereas others would have to be dry or spot cleaned.

Yoga Bolster Firmness

The primary purpose of yoga bolsters is to provide support; therefore, when purchasing one, make sure that it is dense and firm enough to radiate a sense of stability. However, it should be soft enough to make you feel comfortable.

In short, it should feel like a stuffed pillow that retains its shape after you sit or lay down on it. To get an idea of its firmness, hold and squeeze the yoga bolster, and you’ll know if it’s the one.

Yoga Bolster Price

Price is always an important consideration whenever you purchase anything, whether it’s a yoga mat or a bolster. However, remember that some cheap options have low quality, and they might suffer from wear and tear after being used a few times.

So, if you go with the low-cost ones, make sure to go through the online reviews to find out if it has a good quality or not. If you have the option to choose between two bolsters, compare the cost with respect to the material and size. It will help you come to the right decision.