Increase Your Flexibility Using the Best Yoga Wheel

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If you have hit a plateau in your yoga practice, need help with your balance and flexibility, and/or have some back pain that needs to be resolved, a yoga wheel can be a great addition.

These circular-shaped exercise tools can help you move deeper into the postures such as backbends, bridge pose, and forearm balances and roll out your spine to help in stretching and stress relief. The wheel also targets areas such as your spine, shoulders, hips, abdomen, and chest all while cushioning your palms, feet, and back for a comfortable experience.

The yoga wheels we have featured below are all highly-rated for their durability, comfort, and ability to relieve back pain with regular, structured use. They feature padded exteriors and strong interiors that can hold a large amount of weight and their convenient and practical design allow you to master the most difficult of poses. Here are our picks of the leading yoga wheels of 2022!

Our Picks of the Hottest Yoga Wheels

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel  —  Best Overall

UpCircleSeven’s Yoga Wheel is a standard-size wheel that will help improve your yoga practice, open up your back, and safely perform a variety of stretches, opening you up to new sequences and forms. This wheel is one of the strongest on the market and can withstand up to 550 pounds, does not flex, and will help you perform the movement and poses with ease, safety, and support. In addition, this wheel comes with extra-thick padding to cushion your palms, feet, and back and will not retain unsightly odors.


  • A bonus PDF e-guide with 18 poses to get you started is included with each purchase.


  • This may take some time to get used to

Florensi Yoga Wheel  —  Best Mobility

With the assistance of the all-new and redesigned version of the Florensi Yoga Wheel, you will be able to stretch different body parts and get easy pain relief in seconds. The entire collection features three sizes that offer varying degrees of pressure to satisfy your individual training needs. All of the yoga wheels are carefully crafted out of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). They are skin-friendly, sweat-resistant, and non-slip, providing maximum user satisfaction. In general, each yoga wheel can handle up to 500 pounds of pressure without a problem. You can use them inside or outside — they are pretty lightweight and easy to transport.


  • Offers improved flexibility
  • Complete back pain relief
  • Thick and sturdy material


  • There aren't any certain instructions included in the packaging

REEHUT Yoga Wheel  —  Runner Up

In addition to enhancing your stretches, yoga wheels are amazing for back pain. Reehut’s Yoga Wheel is specially made to target the spine, shoulders, hips, abdomen, and chest to build core and back strength for noticeably less back pain and improved balance and flexibility. This wheel is made from a type of foam that cushions your palms, feet, and back while in motion, providing an extremely comfortable experience and is impact resistant to withstand up to 330 pounds.


  • Choose from three appealing color options


  • There are no printed instructions included

pete's choice Yoga Wheel  —  Honorable Mention

Pete’s Choice Dharma Yoga Wheel is a durable, safe, and ergonomic way to help improve balance, posture, and precision. This yoga accessory is made to keep you safe and uses 100% superior-quality materials that are skin-safe, hypoallergenic, and impact-resistant. In addition, the yoga wheel is made from temperature-resistant polycarbonate which allows it to endure most abuses without falling apart. Whether you are a serious yoga enthusiast or just need some help relieving back pain, this yoga wheel is the optimal instrument and will allow you to stretch your back and avoid further pain and discomfort.


  • In addition to the yoga wheel, an informational e-Book and free yoga strap are also included in a complete yoga kit


  • If you are under 5’2, some exercises may be more difficult to perform

Gonex Yoga Wheel  —  Contender

The Yoga Wheel by Gonex is more comfort-focused with an extra thick external pad that has high resiliency, helping you perform all movements and poses with ease and comfort. The inner layer of the wheel is made from a high-quality, durable material that can hold up to 330 pounds and has high resilience, allowing for incredible stretching of the body. Ideal for both beginners and advanced yogis, this wheel will cushion your muscle, feet, and back to improve flexibility and balance while helping with spinal stiffness.


  • A professional workout guide/user manual is included with 34 sets of effective movements


  • If you prefer less thick padding, another option might be better

Gaiam Yoga Wheel  —  Great for Multi-Use

Gaiam’s Yoga Wheel is a unique option as you have the option of a few different cushioning materials including sustainable cork, PVC, or textured rubber. The cork surface is made with a closed-cell design to seal out germs, odor, and bacteria and the cork cushioning provides extra control in your poses and stretches. This wheel is also designed to assist and enhance while performing core poses such as backbends and other challenging balance poses.


  • The cushion is made with a non-slip grip and will be gentle on your joints


  • There are no paper instructions

Buyer’s Guide: Finding Great Yoga Wheels

Are you a yoga enthusiast who wants to perfect your poses, achieve flexibility, or get into your desired shape? No matter what your aim is, you can make your yoga session pretty smoother and less painful using a yoga wheel. It not only allows you to progress faster but also keeps backache and muscle stiffness at bay. However, you have to grab the right equipment to make the most out of it. That’s why we have created a detailed buying guide containing all the information that can help you get your hands on the right yoga wheel. Let’s dive in!

What Are the Pros of Having a Yoga Wheel?

Before knowing how to find a perfect yoga wheel, you need to understand how this tool can benefit you. Below are some of the advantages of this yoga equipment that can amaze you.

  • Since yoga wheels are lightweight and easily portable, you can take them to yoga studios, beaches, terraces, or anywhere you want and store them after use.
  • They are built to promote blood circulation in your body, leading to a good mood the whole day.
  • Yoga wheels provide balance and stability to beginners. Therefore, they help simplify the process and motivate the next session.
  • Some tools have ridges or grooves that go up and down and massage muscles. Consequently, it alleviates fatigued muscles and reduces pain.
  • It helps put pressure on your spine, correcting your posture and aligning the spine. This helps in reducing all spine-related issues. Your muscles get toned as you can perform different yoga poses regularly and efficiently using a yoga wheel.
  • Some people spend most of their time sitting at work or studying, leading to muscle stiffness and loss of flexibility. After coming back from work, using a yoga wheel helps them relieve stiff muscles and get rid of tiredness.
  • Yoga wheels increase the amount of oxygen in the body, which helps in quick relief from injuries.

How Do You Find the Right Yoga Wheel?

These factors guide you to figure out the top yoga wheel:


An ideal wheel should not be too large or small because it won’t work on targeted muscles. So make sure to go for a product with a 12-inch diameter as it works great with different body shapes.


The thicker the padding of the wheel, the more comfort it provides as it absorbs the vibration which could otherwise cause you long-life pain. We recommend investing in a wheel embedded with 10mm thick padding.


When it comes to padding, make sure it is made of EVA or hybrid TPE foam that provides extra cushioning under pressure. The inner frame should be manufactured using high-quality material like ABS or PP plastic which is safe and strong enough to take on loads of weight without falling apart.


Checking this factor is most important because overloading the wheel will damage it. Opt for exercise wheels that are capable of bearing at least 330 lbs. Getting a more capable item with 550lbs weight-bearing capacity will do just fine if you are on the heavier side.


Imagine you are busy performing deep yoga poses using a wheel, and you suddenly fall to the ground. The reason may not always be your poor balance, but your yoga wheel might also have some faults. Ensure that it is textured and has an anti-skid property so you can have better control of your poses. The outer texture should also have a closed-cell design or leaf-vein pattern to keep dirt and microbes away.

How Can You Use a Yoga Wheel?

The following tips give you an idea of using a yoga wheel:

  • In order to get a back massage, you need to sit down on the floor in a cross-legged position. Subsequently, lie back on the wheel in such a way that it contours your spine. Now slowly roll your back up and down to massage your back, increasing your mobility.
  • You can try low lunges to make your thighs strong using the same wheel.
  • You can also use it in a reclining butterfly position which is easy to start with. You need to have a seated position and recline back on your yoga wheel.
  • Yoga wheels are beneficial for improving balance and stability, which can be achieved by performing Malasana and Toe-stand.

How Much Do You Pay For a Yoga Wheel?

A yoga wheel can cost you equivalent to or less than you get other exercise equipment, but the best part about this tool is that it is long-lasting. It indicates you don’t have to worry about replacement for the next 2-3 years if you have invested in the right product. The price of a yoga wheel depends on its sturdy construction and size, and it can range between $29 to $40. You should know that buying them online will cost you a few bucks less, and there might be some shipping costs depending on the area to be delivered.