Practice Yoga With Ease Wearing the Best Yoga Underwear

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You may have different underwear types – your workout-specific underwear, your everyday wear, and your special occasion panty. Or you may choose to wear the same type(s) of underwear across the board for simplicity and ease.

Whichever your preference, below we are focusing on some great yoga underwear of 2024 or athletic-friendly undergarments that can essentially be worn anyway and anywhere you choose. These options include hipster panties, low-mid rise thongs, and longer boyshorts that are all great for working out in their own individual way.

These undergarments are all mostly seamless, making them virtually disappear underneath even the tightest of leggings, and are made from soft, lightweight materials for smooth, comfortable all-day wear. Lastly, these options contain moisture-wicking fabrics that are breathable and their stretchy material keeps them contoured to your body so you never have to worry about bunching or chafing.

Comparing the Top Yoga Underwear of 2024

Sexy Basics Yoga Slip-Short  —  Best Overall

These undershorts have the perfect form-fitting, stay-in-place fit you require for your favorite yoga, spin, or even just for daily wear. Made from a superfine combed cotton and spandex blend, these slip or undershorts are made to stay in one place and their soft covered leg bands provide a long lasting comfort fit by reducing any shifting and binding. These shorts also have reinforced stitching for durability and come in a generous 12-pack of assorted, solid colors.


  • These are tag-free for comfort and clean lines


  • These are thin and might show some sweat stains

Reebok Panties  —  Runner Up

These performance hipster underwear are a great option to wear during any of your favorite activities as they are comprised of lightweight, performance fabric for comfort and fit. Perfect for your dance, spin, or yoga classes, this underwear has a specialty breathable fabric that is moisture-wicking to keep you dry and delivers an invisible, seam-free look that is perfect for under all your fitted workout clothes.


  • These panties have stay-in-place legs that cover the hips and thighs to reduce ride-up, bunching, or pinching


  • There is no cotton lining on the bottom of the underwear

Under Armour Thong  —  Honorable Mention

If a basic black thong is all you need, check out this multi-pack option. Made from super-soft, stretch fabric for all-day comfort, this thong also has unique laser-cut edges for a hem-free construction that gives you a smoother, more flattering silhouette. It also has tagless, 4-way stretch construction for comfort, allowing it to move with you in all directions and the exposed back ensures a seamless look, even under your most fitted exercise wear.


  • This thong includes anti-odor technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes


  • These do not have any cotton lining

ALTHEANRAY Underwear  —  Contender

Another all-around great pair of seamless underwear for everyday wear are these bikini-cut ones. These feature the all-important cotton gusset lining and a soft stretch waistband for comfort and to help them stay put. Wear these under your workout pants, shorts, or everyday outfits and a full coverage bum area will keep you comfortable without the fear of riding up.


  • These are hand or machine washable


  • If washing in a machine, use a lingerie bag to prolong their life

Wealurre Panties  —  Ultra Comfort

For the ultimate comfortable thong experience, check out these invisible thong panties. Made from a stretchy nylon and spandex fiber blend, these are your basic thong underwear that is lightweight, smooth, and literally melts into your skin. These are also invisible under your tightest fitting leggings, dresses, and workout gear, and its low waist design stays put.


  • These have an amazing color selection so you can wear a new pair every day of the week


  • If you prefer underwear that goes over the belly button another option might be better

Kalon Thong Underwear  —  Great for Variety

Another great and highly-rated underwear option is these nylon-spandex thongs. These sport a low-to-mid rise cut that allows them to be worn and not seen with most of your favorite garments and they also have a ribbed elastic waistband to ensure staying power. Available in a generous size range, these thongs come in a six-pack with a ton of color options that will easily mix and match all your sports gear.


  • These have no side seams for added panty line reduction


  • The fabric content may be slightly different for the heathers and tri-blend color options

Amazon Essentials Thong Panty  —  Various Color

These classic thong panties come in a pack of four with a wide range of color options including basic black, white, nudes, pastels, and bold. These are a nylon blend with a hint of stretch for a secure fit and a cotton gusset keeps them breathable. In addition, these thongs have a mid-rise, making them comfortable for working out in and their thicker but not too thick sides will not bunch or roll.


  • Consistent sizing makes this underwear easy to buy again and again


  • These are not tagless

Finding Your Next Yoga Underwear: A Buyer’s Guide

With so many different options for yoga underwear, choosing the right one is cumbersome and quite daunting. There are high chances of making mistakes that will pour your money down the drain and put you in an embarrassing spot. So, to help you out of this dire situation, we have crafted a guide explaining key factors having the potential to impact your choice. Thus, you will be able to make the best out of your investment and get started with practicing yoga conveniently.

How Is Yoga Underwear Different From Regular Underwear?

  1. Yoga underwear sits against your mid-torso like a second skin, while regular underwear serves as a simple covering.
  2. Most yoga undergarments become invisible once you wear the leggings and are hard to point out, which isn't possible with regular underwear.
  3. Yoga underwear may or may not have seams, but regular undergarments are reinforced with proper seams at the waistline and hemline.
  4. Yoga undergarments are quite stretchable, unlike regular panties or shorts.

What Are the Different Types of Yoga Underwear Available?

There are three different types of yoga underwear you can find in the market, including:

  1. Hipster panties sit slightly lower than the waistline and hug your buttocks and the lower torso like a second skin.
  2. Low-mid rise thongs have higher sides and lower midsections. This unique design helps the underwear stay put without sliding down or bunching up.
  3. Boyshorts are similar to boxers as they cover your navel region and have a length that reaches slightly below your buttocks.

What Key Factors Should You Consider to Choose the Best Set of Yoga Underwear?

Number of units

Yoga underwear usually comes in sets, but the number of units per pack varies from one pack to another. If you want to wear the undergarment for other occasions, apart from yoga classes, it's best to go for a pack with 12 pieces. It will allow you to wear different underwear daily and maintain hygiene and sanitation with ease. Besides, there won’t be the need to buy another pack shortly. However, if you want to use a pack only for yoga, you can choose a product with three to six undergarments.


While choosing yoga underwear, make sure it is perfect according to your waist and hip size. Wearing a shorter undergarment will cause compression marks on your skin and may tear up while stretching. Similarly, if the size is larger than what you need, the garment may slide down your waist or cause discomfort after wearing tighter yoga leggings and pants. So, be very sure about the size and choose one that allows you to move around quickly in any direction or perform a wide range of yoga exercises.


Most yoga underwear pieces have seamless construction so that the edges won't be visible over the leggings or pants. Moreover, the absence of seams won't hinder your movements or cause marks on your skin. You can also find a few products having seams, but they are so thin that they almost seem to be invisible. Thus, they can help you achieve a discrete look, regardless of how tight your yoga pants and leggings are.


You may sweat a lot while performing yoga due to which wet spots can be seen over your leggings, so make sure to choose a product with high breathability. Breathable underwear will also keep your skin safe because it won't cause rashes or allergies, which is a prime concern while choosing an undergarment.


Besides breathability, you also need to consider the skin-friendliness of the material with which the garment is made. It should have a soft and smooth texture so that your skin doesn't suffer from abrasions or scratches. If there are seams in the product, check whether the stitches are soft or not. Rough and rugged seams may cause marks or scratches on your skin.

Fabric thickness

Most yoga undergarments are made from thin fabric so that they become invisible after you wear leggings or any other tight-fitted pants. If you choose yoga underwear with thick fabric, it will be visible over your yoga outfit which is quite embarrassing. So, make sure the product you choose offers you a seam-free, invisible look after you wear it.

Tagless construction

Most yoga underwear pieces have tagless construction to offer maximum comfort and make sure your skin doesn't suffer from abrasions. You won't find any tag along the waistline or the hemline. Therefore, nothing will cause friction against your skin as you move, thereby keeping your skin safe and offering the maximum level of comfort.

Waist design

When choosing yoga underwear, it is crucial to check its waist design. Most products have a low waist profile that sits against your hips perfectly without sliding down or bunching up from the sides. You can also find some pieces reinforced with thin elastic waistbands. If you don't want to take risks with the underwear, choose a product featuring the waistband since it will help the garment stay in place, whether you are practicing simple yoga poses or tough stretches.


If you want underwear to cover your buttocks completely without rolling or bunching up, go for a closed construction product at the back. Hipster panties and boyshorts are best because they are designed in such a way that the fabric can cover the hips without causing any discomfort. On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable with the underwear covering the buttocks, you can go for thongs or low mid-rise products.

What Are the Different Materials With Which Yoga Undergarments Are Made?

Yoga underwear is made from different materials like:

  • Superfine combed cotton is known for its extra softness and breathability.
  • Cotton that is highly breathable, light, and skin-friendly.
  • Elastane and spandex are considered the best for stretchability.
  • Nylon has the potential to withstand wear and tear and last for a longer time.