Update Your Underwear Collection With These Comfortable & Stylish Options

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If you haven’t checked in on your underwear situation in a while, this is a great reminder to do so. Often overlooked, regularly worn and laundered underwear does have a shelf life and should be replaced on a regular basis.

Below we have picked a few different styles of women’s underwear. We have included both practical and comfortably stylish options for everyday wear that come in a ton of color options including solid and stylish prints.

Other styles worthy of inclusion are the always flattering hipster, classic bikini cut, and some high-waisted briefs that will keep you feeling secure. In addition to the cut, the material is just as important and we have included some 100% cotton options, cotton blends with modal and spandex for comfort, and some ultrathin microfiber ones that feel smooth and sleek against the skin.

Our Favorite Women’s Underwear of 2024

Livona Women's Underwear  —  Best Overall

Revamp your underwear collection with Livona Women's Underwear—a multipack value offering six pairs of Stretch Seamless Bikini Panties at an unbeatable price. The multiple colors make these invisible undergarments easy to match with Livona bras, creating a seamless and stylish ensemble. The low-rise, no-show design perfectly showcases your charming side.

Indulge in the luxurious feel of super-soft microfiber underwear. These high-quality, breathable hipster panties stretch and move with you, providing unparalleled comfort. The moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and sweat-free, with a wide breathable double-layer crotch for added protection and health.


  • Great for low-rise jeans
  • Fun stylish colors
  • Comfortable design


  • Not cotton material

Fruit of the Loom Panties  —  Runner Up

Designed with only comfort in mind, these underwear are made from a smooth and sleek microfiber fabric that feels soft against the skin and fits seamlessly under clothing. Perfect for everyday wear, these undies also have a plush elastic waistband for comfort and will remain intact even after multiple washes. These are also tag-free for comfort and are available in a bikini, hi-cut, and brief-style options.


  • These underwear are available in a generous size range including regular and plus sizes


  • These underwear are on the thinner side

Hanes Sporty Hipsters  —  Great for Low-Rise Pants

This pack of six cotton and cotton blend underwear provides comfort with their sweat and moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you cool all day. This is a hipster style that sits right at the hip and is ideal with low-rise pants, shorts, and skirts. This underwear set also comes in assorted fun prints and solid color options.


  • The waistband is soft and won’t pinch or bind


  • Fabrication may be different on certain color options

POKARLA Briefs  —  Honorable Mention

This 5-pack of super cute hipster, brief-style panties are made from a cotton and spandex blend for the ultimate in comfort. These underwear provide full back coverage with a wide gusset area and stretchy fabric that provides a snug fit without cutting in or digging at the waist area. They also come in multipacks including all black or multicolored options with stylish black piping.


  • These undies are available in a generous size range


  • It is important to read the size chart prior to ordering to ensure the correct size

Calvin Klein Modern Bikini  —  Best Bikini Style

For the Calvin Klein lover, these modern bikini-cut panties are a super cute option. Made with their classic signature repeating logo waistband for which they are known, these underwear are also made from a super soft cotton blend with stretch, provide rear coverage, and have a full cotton gusset for an all-over comfortable fit.


  • There are 20+ color and print options available


  • These underwear do not come in multi-packs

Jockey Elance Bikini  —  Cutest Prints

If you prefer a bikini-style fit, these 100% cotton underwear are another great, go-to option. This 3-pack provides full coverage in the back and front and has a soft, covered waistband and leg area that won’t dig in for lasting comfort.


  • These come in 24+ solid colors and pattern options


  • These are not tagless

Emprella Hipster Panties  —  Best Value for Money

These hipster-style panties are made to fit lower on the hips and their breathable fabric offers a soft and smooth feel against the skin. These panties come in a generous pack of 10, are seamless, and feature stay-in-place legs with a comfortable and flirty lace waistband that won’t dig into your sides. They are also available in four different color batches with an assortment of solid colors and patterns included.


  • These underwear are tagless


  • You cannot pick the included colors

Wirarpa Underwear  —  Also Consider

This multipack contains four high-waisted and comfortable underwear in assorted colors. These are slightly unique as they have a covered wide waistband that is soft and stretchy with double-layered fabric to ensure no rolling or bunching. They also have a snug fit that provides moderate tummy support for a comfortable, secure fit that works great with all of the on-trend, high-waisted pants.


  • These panties are also great for postpartum or abdominal surgery recovery


  • These are not high compression underwear

Buying Guide: Women’s Underwear

What to Look for When Shopping for Women's Underwear

If you are looking for underwear, consider these factors to make a successful purchase.


You must measure your waist and hip section before buying underwear. The underwear you choose must stick to the body rather than flowing around. However, something too tight can cause discomfort while reducing breathability. It can also cause rashes and blocks blood flow.


The style of your underwear depends on where you plan to wear it. There are different styles like briefs, thongs, compressors, and many others. The one you pick must match the event and allow you to remain comfortable. For instance, most women prefer wearing simple cotton briefs regularly because of their breathability. However, if you want to go a bit fancier, thongs or G-strings are a perfect option.


The material determines the overall comfort level when it comes to wearing underwear. If you are looking for everyday comfort, cotton or mulmul is best. On the other hand, if you want to wear underwear for aesthetics and fashion, lace and silk have some intriguing designs.


Do you plan to buy a specific pair of undies for a particular dress, or are you okay with the bulk in random colors? Either way, silk underwear has a fancier and more attractive color variety compared to other materials like cotton or jersey.

What Are the Types of Women’s Underwear?

Here is a list of different underwear types that you may want to keep in your wardrobe at all times.

Boy shorts

A feminine version of boxers comes in a rectangular shape and covers the entire area. Just like a regular panty, they go below the hips and cover parts of your thighs as well. Boy shorts are an everyday essential that can be worn with skirts, trousers, jeans, etc. They can be used as pajamas as well.


A more modern but popular type of women's underwear, thongs come with a waistband like regular panties. They have a narrow string that does not cover the entire hip section. You can wear thongs under jeans and leggings.


They are pretty fancy thongs but do not come with a waistband. G-string undies have fragile strings with limited coverage providing an elegant finish. You can wear a g-string with high-cut or tight dresses.


Seamless panties don't have a thick border or complete coverage. Still, they are made from high-quality soft fabric for maximum comfort. These panties are perfect for use during your period and can be worn with all kinds of outfits. A seamless panty is ideal for people who do not like wearing thongs.


Available in both standard and high-waisted versions, this style of underwear is preferred by women who do not like to show their abdominals. Briefs are suitable for women who want to shape their bodies while getting good coverage.


Another pre-designed shapewear, compressors are designed to make our life easy. They provide complete coverage in the hip section while giving you a well-deserving tummy tuck. Suitable with all clothing options, they have a thick waistband as well.

What Fabric is Women’s Underwear Made From?

Women's underwear is made from different materials for you to choose from.


One of the most breathable and standard fabrics, cotton is perfect for everyday use. Whether you need a set during your period or to go out in, they are perfect for your skin. Cotton underwear is ideal during summers as it absorbs moisture and does not cause rashes.

Silk and lace

Silk is used to make fancy lingerie. They are lightweight and seamless, giving you the confidence to look a certain way. Silk underwear should not be worn every day as it is not as breathable and can cause rashes. Lace is also like silk and can cause irritation and rashes. This underwear should be bought to your exact size. Silk and lace panties also do not provide you with much coverage.


A luxury option for loungewear, satin is comfortable and smooth. If you want to pamper yourself, satin underwear is a perfect option. Sometimes, these underwears come in a complete set so you can create a look.

Mul mul

A cotton blend, mulmul is exceptionally light and does not react on the skin. However, you should not wear them regularly as they are not as breathable. Mul mul underwears can cause discomfort, especially if you are sweating.


Jersey is a blend of synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon. They are waterproof and a perfect choice for swim and beachwear.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Women’s Underwear?

Four mums having a pair of underwear in the bag was an everyday essential. They were not wrong because underwear provides specific health benefits in the longer run. First and foremost, they act as a barrier to prevent yeast infections. Most underwear can absorb excess moisture, which helps you keep that area dry and comfy when working out.

Whether you have bladder inconsistencies or menstruation, underwear acts as a barrier against this flow. Additionally, they protect you from under-leg acne and zipper accidents.


Underwear is an everyday essential for most women. It is made from different materials and comes in several different designs. They protect your genital region from infections and acne while helping you stay dry and comfortable. We have reviewed the top women’s underwear in 2022 that can instantly improve your lifestyle. Make sure to consider factors like material, size, and shape before buying.