Kevin Hunter: 5 Things About Wendy Williams Ex-Husband Who She Accuses Of Cheating In Her New TV Doc

Fans may recall when Wendy Williams divorced Kevin Hunter in 2019, after he allegedly fathered a child with another woman. Now, the split is the subject of her new documentary. Learn more!

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Kevin Hunter Sr.
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The day has finally arrived. Beginning at 8 pm ET on January 30, Lifetime and  Wendy Williams will air her side of the story in her explosive divorce with Kevin Hunter. Wendy Williams: The Movie will air before the talk show host’s tell-all documentary What A Mess! — a real-life look back at the couple’s messy split. Wendy filed for divorce in April of 2019, and their divorce was finalized by January of 2020 — but, there was a plethora of drama in-between.

Wendy, who lives in her very own “bachelorette pad” in New York City, has teased that the documentary will explore Kevin’s alleged infidelities and his alleged relationship and love child with his longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson. Before Wendy’s big Lifetime premiere night, learn more about her ex-husband with these five facts: 

1. Who is Kevin Hunter? 

Kevin (née Kelvin) is a television producer. He served as an executive producer on The Wendy Williams Show from 2011-2016, according to his profile on IMDb. In 2016, he received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Talk Show, along with his then-wife and her Wendy Show production team. According to IMDb, Kevin’s only television credits include The Wendy Show and another project involving his ex-wife, as well as an EP credit on Queen of Media, a 2011 biography. Additionally, Kevin worked as Wendy’s manager for years.

Kevin Hunter & Wendy Williams
Kevin Hunter & Wendy Williams hold hands while out and about in New York City. (Photo credit: SplashNews)

2. Kevin was not involved in Wendy’s movie or documentary, according to the host. 

Wendy revealed that Kevin had “no input” in her telling her side of the story while on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on January 28. “I don’t care what he thinks about it. No, he had no input on it because it’s my life and my truth,” she said, admitting, “I did invite him to participate in the [documentary that will follow the movie], where he could’ve said whatever he wanted to say … [but] he elected not to return Lifetime’s calls.”

3. Kevin and Wendy have one child together.

In 2000, Wendy gave birth to the couple’s first and only child, Kevin Hunter Jr. The 20-year-old currently resides in Miami, Florida most of the year, where he attends college. Wendy often speaks about her close relationship with the couple’s son on her talk show.

While promoting her Lifetime premiere weekend, Wendy slammed her ex as a “serial cheat” while on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show and claimed, “The first time I found out [he was cheating] was while I was pregnant with our son on bedrest.” — She noted that fans will see the latter play out in her new Lifetime movie.

During the same interview, Wendy went on to admit that she “plotted to divorce Kevin,” explaining, “I sacrificed a lot of myself to come out successful on the other side. And it all worked. And when I say I sacrifice of myself, Kevin’s an only child,” she revealed, hinting that she sacrificed having more children because of her then-husband’s infidelity. “You know, oftentimes when children have other children, siblings in the household, they can be their own click while mom and dad are fighting, or at least they have each other through a divorce process,” she said, adding, “Our son has nobody, to add to that, we were suburban people living in Livingston, New Jersey.” The Hunter family previously lived in New Jersey before Wendy filed for divorce.

The Hunter Family
(L-R) Kevin Hunter Jr., Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter Sr. (Photo credit: SplashNews)

4. Who is Kevin Hunter’s alleged mistress?

According to Wendy herself, Kevin’s alleged mistress is Sharina Hudson. On her January 27 talk show, Wendy opened the show by saying, “Welcome to Hot Topics, Sharina Hudson!” — A random moment that marked the first time the host has named her ex-husband’s alleged mistress out loud. Granted, it was just days before her Lifetime premiere weekend, so Wendy was extra chatty at the time. Hence, her next statement: “Good morning, Journey,” she said with a smile, naming Kevin and Sharina’s alleged daughter. Despite Wendy’s admission, the press had already suspected (some outlets even naming) Kevin’s mistress throughout 2020. Not much is known about Sharina, other than she’s not a celebrity or in the business/spotlight.