Blake Griffin, Ashton Kutcher, & More Stars Slam All Lives Matter Comments On Instagram

Black Lives Matter, and that's that. Blake Griffin, Ashton Kutcher and celebrities are educating their Instagram followers about why they support the movement, and why they shouldn't say All Lives Matter.

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When you support All Lives Matter, you’re denying the Black Lives Matter movement. That’s what celebrities like Blake Griffin, Ashton Kutcher and Kate Beckinsale, are trying to get through to fans who can’t understand why the phrase is offensive. It boils down to a misunderstanding: when someone says “black lives matter,” they in no way are saying that “black lives matter more than any other lives.” The phrase is just pointing out that in the United States, the lives of black people are severely undervalued, especially when it comes to interactions with the police.

So, it’s quite clear that anyone still saying “all lives matter” isn’t getting the picture — or just don’t want to. Here’s how these celebrity activists are using Instagram to educate their fans about why they need to stop saying, and supporting the phrase. Take a look:

Blake Griffin

Popular NBA star Blake, 31, didn’t have to say much in order to effectively shut down a troll on his most recent Instagram snap posted on Friday, June 5. He posted a photo of the Black Lives Matter street signs that went up in Washington D.C. earlier this week with the caption, “need this framed x 1000.” Someone made the comment “All Lives Matter” to which he corrected them by saying, “you misspelled ‘black'”. Fans applauded him for his clap back with one writing, “Thank you. Blake tell them.”

Blake Griffin
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Ashton Kutcher

Ashton, 42, posted a heartfelt message to Instagram on June 2, explaining to his fans why saying All Lives Matter is “missing the point.” He explained that he was aiming to educate people, rather than “cancel” them for using the term. “When it comes to Black Lives Matter, I think what folks that are writing ‘All Lives Matter’ need to understand is that for some people black lives don’t matter at all.

So for us, black lives matter. So, while you may have the best intentions in saying, ‘All Lives Matter,’ remember: For some people, black lives don’t matter at all,” he said, holding back tears.The Ranch actor said that he and wife Mila Kunis, 36, also taught their children Wyatt Kutcher, 5, and Dimitri Kutcher, 3, about the importance of supporting Black Lives matter while reading bedtime stories.

Kate Beckinsale & Gloria Steinem

After an Instagram user previously criticized her for supporting Black Lives Matter, Kate, 46, responded by reposting a message from iconic feminist leader Gloria Steinem. The legendary activist wrote a message directly to Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, calling for justice after the death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor. “As you know, Breonna Taylor was an award-winning emergency medical technician and first responder in Louisville, who loved helping her patients and her community, and who made other people’s lives better,” Kate (and Gloria) wrote.

“She protected you and your city. Now it’s your responsibility to show her the same respect. With hope, Kate Beckinsale,” she ended the post. Breonna was shot eight times in her bed by the Louisville police, who entered her apartment in plainclothes with a no-knock warrant. They claimed they were looking for a drug trafficker who was already in custody. Kate included a link in her bio to a #JusticeForBre petition. 

Seth Rogen

Seth, 38, was taking no guff from followers who tried to give him hell for continuously posting about Black Lives Matter. “If this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me,” he posted on June 1. One fan commented, “#alllivesmatter People making this only about blacks. When its about all races of color. Why do all these brutality videos only show the end? They don’t show wtf these people where doing to get in trouble in the first place.”

Seth’s glorious, expletive-ridden response? “F**k off. You don’t deserve my movies anymore. Stop watching my s**t.” He responded to many more #alllivesmatter comments in a similar manner.

Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, 56, shared an Instagram post of him responding to an irate customer on Saturday, June 6. The customer in question was mad that his company was promoting Black Lives Matter on their website. “I have to disagree with you,” he replied. “‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter. Black lives matter speaks to racism and the disproportionate risk that Black people face in our law enforcement and justice system.” He also added that he’ll never have to worry that his son “might be choked to death while being detained one day” unlike black parents.

Tyler Cameron

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This is my brother @mattjames919 and I will always stand with you. I never will know what you go through on a day to day basis. You have a way of carrying a smile and a contagious laugh that always makes it seem like everything is all good. I've seen something different these last couple of weeks. I've seen a more serious you. I've seen conviction in your eyes to make change and I of course will always stand with you. I will stand with all of my brothers and sisters because this is not a country that is safe nor fair for all people. Black lives matter more than anything right now. At the protest yesterday, I saw so much pain in these mother's eyes who have lost their children to police brutality. At @abcfoodtours we work with the minority. Those kids have my heart and I'll be damned to see one of them lose their lives to a corrupt system. We need to educate, grow, continue to educate, and keep growing. This can not just be a moment in time. This has to be a movement that last forever. I have much to learn and clearly, the people in my DM's have much to learn. I've added 9 movies to this post that I will be watching and I challenge others to watch. You can give Outter Banks and Ozark a break and watch these films. I also am calling on all my friends of color to use my platform so you can use your voice to educate. Please reach out to me and make your voice heard on my page. My followers need you and I need you. The floor is yours.

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The Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron, 27, shared a photo of himself protesting with his best friend, Matt James to Instagram on June 8. He included a lengthy caption about the importance of the protest, and why he supports Black Lives Matter. Of course, someone had to chime in with “all lives matter” in the comments. Tyler wasn’t having it.  “No s**t Joanne but black lives matter the most right now because they are the ones whose live are the most at risk,” Tyler replied.

“Here’s an example… I know you have no problem going for a walk in your neighborhood and have no worries at all. That simple freedom isn’t the same for a person of color,” he continued. “Here’s another example that might work for you…when people are killing elephants and they become an endangered species, people will say elephant lives matter. It doesn’t mean we don’t give a damn about all of the other animals. The ones endangered need our help the most right now.”