Marie Osmond’s Children: Meet Her 8 Kids From Oldest To Youngest

Marie Osmond is a proud mother of eight children in total, with three that are her own and five adopted. Find out more about them here!

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  • Marie Osmond is an actress and singer most known for her show business family The Osmonds.
  • She has a total of eight kids.
  • Marie re-married her first husband, Steve Craig, in 2011.
  • The star is currently doing a 2022 Christmas Tour across the United States.

Marie Osmond, 63, younger sister of music icon Donny Osmond, 65, and part of the show business family The Osmonds, came from a big family, so it’s no surprise she carried that sentiment over to her own brood. The actress, who wasn’t part of her family’s singing group, but nevertheless rose to her own country music stardom in the ’70s and ’80s has eight children in total: StephenJessicaRachelMichael, BrandonBriannaMatthew, and Abigail. She is married to Steve Craig, who she was previously married to from 1982 to 1985. And later, in 2011, the two re-married. Find out more about the singer’s kids here, three of whom are her biological children and five who are adopted.

marie kids
Marie Osmond & some of her children in their younger years. (Peter Brooker/Shutterstock)

Stephen Blosil

Stephen is Marie’s eldest son, born April 20, 1983 as Stephen James Craig. Marie welcomed Stephen with her first husband, Steve, a Brigham Young University basketball player, after the two were wed in 1982. The two ultimately divorced in 1985, and Marie married music producer Brian Blosil shortly after. Brian ended up officially adopting Stephen.

Stephen shares three kids of his own with wife Claire, the likes of whom grandmother Marie loves to post to her social media! Stephen briefly followed in his mother’s show business footsteps when he appeared in the 1989 flick It Nearly Wasn’t Christmas alongside his uncle, Wayne Osmond. The 39-year-old also released an album in 2003, entitled That’s What You Get.

Jessica Marie Blosil

Jessica is the first child Marie and now ex-husband, Brian, adopted nearly two years after she was born (December 17, 1987). Unlike her mother, Jessica has preferred to stay out of the spotlight, working as a police officer and counselor in Provo, Utah.

In 2009, Jessica came out as bisexual, and married her longtime girlfriend, Sara, ten years later. Marie has long been supportive of her daughter, celebrating their union on July 7, 2019 with a sweet photo on Instagram. “Congratulations to my darling daughter Jessica and her new wife Sara!” she exclaimed. “I’m so glad I got to fly in for the day to be apart of such a happy occasion! I could not love the two of you more! Welcome to our family!”

Rachel Lauren Blosil

Rachel Krueger, Marie Osmond, and Brianna Blosil
Rachel Krueger, Marie Osmond, and Brianna Blosil attend the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy awards, 2018.

Rachel was Marie and Brian’s first biological child, born August 19, 1989. Although Marie revealed that she and Rachel are “very similar in a lot of ways,” per Closer Weekly, Rachel ultimately didn’t follow in her mother’s songstress footsteps, instead opting to be a costume designer and hair stylist. Rachel married her husband, Gabriel Krueger, in a small Park City, Utah ceremony in 2013, and they share two children together, Rocket Jade and Wolf.

Michael Blosil

Michael was Marie and Brian’s next adopted child, born May 4, 1991. Sadly, he died from suicide in 2010, as Marie revealed her son had been bullied a great extent due to his sobriety. The grief-stricken mother posted a sweet tribute to her late son on his birthday in 2017, sharing that he was born on his grandmother’s birthday. “I love you my angel!” she captioned the bittersweet post.

Brandon Warren Blosil

Marie and Brian adopted Brian when he was a baby, and his birthday is revealed to be in November 1996. Although Brandon followed in his mother’s footsteps somewhat by going into the music business, his band, Navarre, is not exactly Osmond Family-style. The group, which is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, describes themselves as “metalcore” and have and edgier rock sound.

Brianna Patricia Blosil

Brianna, another adopted child, was born November 19, 1997 and currently works as a makeup artist. Brianna is married to David Schwep and the couple share two children together, Maude Bailey-Moon Schwep and Mabel Amarantha-Rayne Schwep. Brianna faced some challenges with Maude, her first, who was placed in the children’s ICU upon her birth in 2019, per PEOPLE. Luckily, the newborn pulled through and Brianna went on to give birth to Mabel on August 9, 2020. Grandmother Marie shared a touching Instagram post upon her arrival, noting that the newborn was a “reminder” that life was about having joy.

Matthew Richard Blosil

Matthew is Marie’s second biological child with Brian, and was born July 6, 1999. Matthew happens to be very musical like his mom, having previously travelled across country as a saxophonist in his high school band, performing at Carnegie Hall and at the Macy’s Day Parade. Matthew is the youngest son to the “Meet Me in Montana” singer, having celebrated his 22nd birthday in 2021. “Happy Birthday to you!!! You’re 22! I love you so much!!!!”, Marie gushed in an Instagram post.

Abigail Olive May Blosil

The youngest of Marie’s crew is Abigail, who was born September 5, 2002. Unlike her older siblings, Abigail is still enjoying her younger years, recently completing her senior year of high school in 2021. Although she may not have as many responsibilities as her brothers and sisters just yet, Abigail did face some tensions within the family around 2007, when Marie and Brian decided to go their separate ways.

As previously mentioned, Marie ended up re-marrying her first husband, Steve, who fills the role as stepfather pretty well, according to the “Paper Roses” singer. “I know I’ll never find anyone I love or respect more than Steve. I am so happy and look forward to sharing my life with Stephen, who is an amazing man as well as a great father to my children,” she previously told Closer Weekly.

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