Christian Bale, Jennifer Garner, & More Bond With Their Kids While Body-Boarding At The Beach — Pics

These celebrities are finding creative ways to soak up the sun this summer! Check out these images of Christian Bale, Jennifer Garner, and more celeb parents body-boarding with their kids!

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Summer is in full swing, which means that parents across the nation are preparing to head out into the beautiful outdoors with their families for some much needed fun in the sun. Having already spent so much time with their kids indoors, these celebs are finally taking some time to get outside and get in the water to enjoy a bit of surf and swim in the middle of summer. A slew of celebs have already flocked to open waters around the world with their kiddos, and we’re taking a look at their adventures in body-boarding.

Think of body-boarding as a bit like surfing — only, there’s no need to try and stand on the to simply end up falling over. But these stars have the art of body-boarding down, thanks in large part to their kids! Take a look at stars like Jennifer GarnerShakiraChristian Bale and more beating the summer heat by body-boarding with their kiddos!

Christian Bale

christian bale
Christian Bale watches on proudly as his son body-boards in the water on Monday, July 20, in Malibu [BACKGRID].
There are bound to be perks when it comes to having Batman as your dad. And one of them has to be knowing that someone is always watching over you! While his five-year-old son, Joseph, got in some body-boarding action, Christian Bale, 46, watched on proudly as his youngster caught some waves while the family was in Malibu on July 20. Christian, wearing a sweatshirt and shorts, waded himself knee deep into the ocean blue as his son wore a wetsuit and rode some of the shallow waves! What a sweet moment between father and son!


Shakira body-boarding with her two children, Milan and Sasha, in Barcelona on June 23 [Backgrid].
Shakira had a grand time with her sons, Milan, 7, and Sasha, 5, while body-boarding in Barcelona! The 43-year-old “She Wolf” hitmaker couldn’t help but giggle with her boys as they waded through the crystal clear water. Donning wetsuits for the outing on June 23, the trio were the picture of pure happiness and joy on their family outing!

Jennifer Garner

jennifer garner
Jennifer Garner body boarding with her son, Samuel, in Malibu on July 13 [Backgrid].
Jennifer Garner also got in on the action when she was seen body-boarding with her son, Samuel, 8, in Malibu! The 48-year-old Alias alum was in tiptop shape on the water and looked like a total pro on her board as Samuel came near to offer some support and have a go on the board, as well! Jen absolutely beamed while wearing her wetsuit and goggles during her July 13 excursion with her kiddos.

Rob Lowe

rob lowe
Rob Lowe out on the Santa Barbara beach with his son, Matthew, on June 13 [Mega].
Now, we all know that you can’t just get into the water without discussing some safety measures, and it appears that’s just what Rob Lowe and his handsome 27-year-old son, Matthew, did before rushing the waves. The Parks and Rec alum looked like he was in the absolute prime of his life at 56, showing off her strong chest and built arms in Santa Barbara on June 13. Matthew was basically the spitting image of his dad, as the two chatted before hitting the water together!

Kate Hudson

kate hudson
Kate Hudson with her sons, Ryder and Bingham, on the Malibu beach on July 2 [Mega].
Finally, Kate Hudson, 41, proved that she’d conquered the waves by carrying her pink surfboard back to shore with her sons Ryder, 16, and Bingham, 8, by her side. The trio appeared to have a great time soaking up the sun and catching some waves on their surfboard and boogie board. It must have been such a thrilling, fun day for the mother-of-three to share with her two boys!

These famous parents couldn’t have looked happier spending time with their kiddos at the beach. While our dedicated readers take the time to plan their next family excursion, check out the gallery above and see more pics of Jennifer and her kids having fun in the sun!

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