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‘Teen Mom’ Star Maci Bookout’s Ex Ryan Edwards Proposes On Twitter

Former flame rekindled? Ryan confessed his love for his baby mama during a flirty Twitter exchange on Dec. 20! Do YOU think the ‘Teen Mom’ stars will get back together?

Even though Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards split during the first season of Teen Mom, fans have always speculated if the high school sweethearts, who are parents to son Bentley, 4, would ever get back together. Now that they are both single, they definitely stirred up the drama over Twitter!

December 21, 2012
Ryan Edwards Split Dalis Connell

‘Teen Mom’ Stars Ryan Edwards & Girlfriend Dalis Connell Split

The ‘Teen Mom’ baby daddy and ex-boyfriend of Maci Bookout split with his girlfriend of two years Dalis, shortly after her mom passed away. But then Dalis and Maci’s ex Kyle King were spotted out together! Do YOU think they’re trying to make Maci and Ryan jealous?

After Teen Mom couple Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout broke up during season 1, it didn’t take long for Ryan to find a near clone to Maci in Dalis Connell, 20 — she’s sweet, smart, beautiful and seemed like a good mother figure to his son Bentley, 4. But after nearly two years together, the couple decided to call it quits –just days after her mom tragically died.

December 17, 2012
Teen Mom reunion Maci Bookout

‘Teen Mom’ Love Triangle: Dalis Accuses Maci Of Flirting With Ryan

On the ‘Teen Mom’ reunion, Maci admitted that she turned to Ryan for comfort after her breakup with Kyle, and Dalis is NOT happy with their flirty text exchanges. Read on to find out what happened.

When Maci Bookout told Dr. Drew Pinksy during the finale reunion special of Teen Mom that not only were she and Kyle King broken up, but that her ex Ryan Edwards helped her get through it, the audience was stunned — and Ryan’s girlfriend Dalis Connell was fuming.

September 12, 2012
Maci Bookout Boyfriend

'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Wants Her Ex Ryan Edwards Back

The teen mom is single again, and she’s ready to reunite with her baby daddy!

After being dumped by Kyle King, her boyfriend of nearly two years, newly single Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is hoping to try again with her ex Ryan Edwards. “He’s always been the one,” an insider tells Reality Weekly magazine. “She’s still in love with Ryan. A part of it is definitely the chemistry — she thinks he’s really hot.”

February 22, 2012
Maci Bookout Custody

Maci Bookout's Ex Ryan Edwards Now Wants Full Custody Of Their Son

A bitter custody battle between Maci and Ryan is about to begin! She’s already lost her boyfriend — Will she lose her son, too?

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout and her boyfriend of two years, Kyle King, just broke up, but now she’s facing an even bigger issue — her ex and baby daddy Ryan Edwards wants full custody of their 3-year-old Bentley! “Ryan initially wanted join custody,” a source tells Star. “But after her incident in Anaheim when she got kicked out of the hotel, he’s trying to get full custody. Full is what he really wants.”

February 15, 2012

'Teen Mom' Finale Preview: Ryan Flips Out When Maci Tells Him She Doesn't Want To See Him Again!

Ryan blames Kyle for Maci’s change of heart and calls him a f***ing punk a** after freaking out in front of his friends!

Judging by the preview, tonight’s (Sept. 20) finale of Teen Mom is going to be CRAZY! Maci Bookout is so sick of fighting with her baby daddy Ryan Edwards in front of Bentley, she tells him she no longer wants to see him during pick-up or drop-off times. And Ryan goes BERSERK! Watch the preview!

September 20, 2011

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