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‘Teen Beach 2’: Ross Lynch’s Best Friend Cast In Sequel

All of your favorite stars are returning for ‘Teen Beach 2’, and fresh, new faces are joining along, too! can EXCLUSIVELY confirm that Disney has cast Ross Lynch’s BFF in the sequel — newcomer Raymond Cham, Jr. is joining the TV film!

Are you ready to kick on your board shorts and head down to the beach? Raymond Cham, Jr. sure is! The dancer and actor has been cast in Teen Beach 2, as Devon, Brady’s (Ross Lynch) best friend. Read on for more casting news on your fave summer hit!

July 17, 2014
Teen Beach Movie 2 Cast

‘Teen Beach Movie 2’ — The Official Cast Revealed

It’s official! The hit Disney Channel flick ‘Teen Beach Movie’ is back for a sequel, and ALL of your favorite surfers and bikers will be returning for more fun in the sun!

Surf’s up! Teen Beach Movie 2 is officially in the works, with all of our favorite stars set to return, including Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and Garrett Clayton. We could not be more excited to grab our boards and head back to the beach!

July 15, 2014
Teen Beach Movie Sequel Confirmed

‘Teen Beach Movie 2’: Sequel Officially Happening — Stars Will Return

It’s official! Disney has confirmed that ‘Teen Beach Movie 2’ has received the green light and will be hitting the small screen in 2015. What makes this even better? Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, and the rest of the cast WILL return to reprise their roles!

A sequel to Teen Beach Movie is officially in the works. Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell will be back as the surfer teens will be back on the beach as Brady and Mack in 2015!

April 27, 2014
Teen Beach Movie Sequel

‘Teen Beach Movie’ Director Talks Possible Sequel To Disney Channel Hit

Plus, Ross Lynch chimes in: Would he hop back onto Brady’s surfboard for round two?

With hot ratings (8.4 million tuned in for the premiere) and an even hotter cast (ladies love Ross Lynch), Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie is destined to spawn a sequel — if not a full-fledged High School Musical-style franchise. Though the network has not made any formal announcement about pursuing a follow-up movie, spoke with director Jeffrey Hornaday for his thoughts on what Teen Beach Movie 2 could look like, including who could be the next big star!

July 29, 2013
Teen Beach Movie Reviews

‘Teen Beach Movie’: Reviews Of Disney Channel’s Musical Hit

Ross Lynch and company took to the ocean on July 19 for ‘Teen Beach Movie,’ our new summer obsession full of stars, songs, and sand. Ross and the rest of the cast got us hook, line, and sinker when they came in for an EXCLUSIVE interview (which you can watch below), now see if everyone else is on the bandwagon too!

Have you ever thought to yourself how much High School Musical would be if it took place on a beach? Well thank goodness the Disney Channel did, because their latest summer flick, Teen Beach Movie, which premiered on July 19, is a dream come true. Stars of the flick Ross LynchMaia MitchellGarrett Clayton, and Grace Phipps stopped by before the premiere and got us on board, but is the rest of the nation following along?

July 20, 2013

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