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R5 All Night Music Video

R5’s New ‘All Night’ Music Video Will Make You Want To Dance – Watch

Um, definite summer jam alert. R5 has just released a brand new video for their hit song ‘All Night’– and it is gonna send you through the roof!

For their hot new single, “All Night,” R5 released an equally heart pounding music video, featuring the fab five, well, up all night. The song, which was released on June 2, is the third to drop off their upcoming album, Sometime Last Night. The second studio album from the pop quintet is set to debut on July 10, and this video is just getting us more pumped!

July 8, 2015
teen beach 2 brady mckenzie kiss

‘Teen Beach 2’: Ross Lynch & Maia Mitchell Reveal Unscripted Kiss — Watch

Say what? When ‘Teen Beach 2’ premieres, we might just see Brady and McKenzie share a smooch onscreen– and it wasn’t even in the script! We got the EXCLUSIVE scoop from both the actors!

Finally, Teen Beach 2 will premiere on Disney Channel on June 26, and we could not be more excited. The followup to the massive 2013 Teen Beach Movie, the sequel will see Brady (Ross Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) continue their relationship, and we chatted with the film’s stars EXCLUSIVELY about what we can expect. Specifically, the kiss between them that almost didn’t happen! Check out what both actors had to say!

June 25, 2015
Teen Beach 2 Interviews

'Teen Beach Movie 2' (Courtesy of Disney Channel)

Secrets With ‘Teen Beach 2’ Cast Ross Lynch & Maia Mitchell

It’s almost time for ‘Teen Beach 2,’ and you better be excited. Both Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell chatted with exclusively about how much fun they had making the sequel — and basically, we’re convinced!

With Teen Beach 2 taking over Disney Channel in just one day, we had to you give you some inside information, right? Well was on set last summer with the cast, and let’s just say — they really worked hard to get this to be perfect (and it totally is). So we can tell you what Ross Lynch does in between takes, and what Maia Mitchell was snacking on. Plus, find out what they told us was “really special” about the entire thing.

June 18, 2015
Teen Beach Movie 2 DWTS Performance

‘Teen Beach 2’: Ross Lynch & Cast Perform ‘Gotta Be Me’ On ‘DWTS’

Heck. Yes. On the elimination episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ viewers were treated to an extra special treat: A performance by the cast of ‘Teen Beach 2!’

On the May 12 episode of Dancing with the Stars, sadly, another couple was eliminated, bringing the total remaining dancing duos to just three. However, something made the pain of saying goodbye to another pair of contestants much easier: a performance by the cast of Teen Beach 2! Yup, Ross Lynch, Mollee Gray and, basically, the entire cast got together to totally shake it out. The movie doesn’t hit theaters until June 26, but this amazing performance is definitely helping to make the time go by!

May 12, 2015
Austin And Ally Ending

‘Austin & Ally’ Cast Reveal What They Want From Set After Show Ends

While fans of ‘Austin & Ally’ are heartbroken that the show’s about to come to an end, we were all dying to know what Laura, Ross, Calum and Raini planned on taking from the amazing set when season four wrapped — and got the answers, and pics from set!

Can I take Ross Lynch from the Austin & Ally set at the end? Yes that was an actual question Calum Worthy asked us when we wanted him to pick a prop to take from the Los Angeles set when the show wrapped! Unfortunately Calum, you cannot, but there are many things you can. So, what did the cast want? Well, got the scoop and got exclusive pics.

March 26, 2015
Teen Beach 2 Movie Trailer

'Teen Beach Movie 2' (Courtesy of Disney Channel)

‘Teen Beach 2’ Trailer: The Gang Reunites For Dancing & Fun – Watch

Everyone, it’s time to get your jam on! A new ‘Teen Beach 2’ trailer has just been released, and we’re already on our feet and dancing to the beat! Click to WATCH!

It’s back to the beach, Teen Beach Movie lovers! The new trailer for Teen Beach 2 has hit the internet, and we haven’t been this excited since the first movie came out! Brady (Ross Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) are reunited with Tanner (Garrett Clayton) and Lela (Grace Phipps), but there’s a huge twist! There’s singing and dancing galore — it’s going be so fabulous!

February 13, 2015
Ross Lynch Laura Marano Interview

Laura Marano Reveals Why She’s Not Dating Ross Lynch — Listen

For ‘Austin & Ally’ fans, one question always remains — will Austin and Ally ever be together in real life? Of course, they’re talking about Ross Lynch and Laura Marano. Luckily, she stopped into to our HollywoodLife studio to reveal why that’s not happening (right now).

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano have been close friends for years. She even admitted to us that she loves that her fans want them to be together in real life — so why aren’t they dating? Well, it’s an agreement, she told us during a segment for our HollywoodLife podcast. Listen here!

February 13, 2015

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