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Phaedra Parks: Heartbreaking Photos Apollo Nida & Sons Will Take Pre-Jail

Phaedra is trying to make the most of Apollo’s final moments of freedom after he was sentenced to eight years in prison for bank fraud and identity theft on July 8. The ‘RHOA’ star wants her husband to spend as much quality time as possible with his sons before he heads to prison, and she’s even arranged for them to take some family portraits together, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

So sad! Phaedra Parks wants her two young sons, Ayden and Dylan, to have something to remember their dad, Apollo Nida, by, so she’s decided to capture their sweet father-son relationship on camera before Apollo begins his eight-year prison sentence. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on their heartbreaking family photo shoot.

July 9, 2014
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Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks (Getty)

Phaedra Parks: You Shouldn’t Wait For Apollo Nida While He’s In Prison

Phaedra Parks, your family has just been dealt a crushing blow. Your husband, Apollo Nida, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for identity theft and bank fraud, and you should NOT wait out his sentence — you need to live your own life and think about your two young children!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks suffered the unimaginable this week — her husband, Apollo Nida, was sentenced to eight years in prison following a conviction for identity theft and bank fraud. Furthermore, her two young children will be growing up without a father! That’s so sad, and Phaedra, you should not put your life on hold while Apollo is in prison!

July 9, 2014
Apollo Nida Prison Kenya Moore Reacts

Kenya Moore’s Shocking Response To Apollo Nida’s 8-Year Prison Sentence

This was not the reaction that we were expecting — at all! After hearing that fellow ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida is facing 8 years behind bars, Kenya Moore expressed her condolences to the devastated family.

Kenya Moore, 43, took the high road after hearing about fellow RHOA star, Phaedra Parks, 40, husband Apollo Nida‘s 8-year prison sentence for laundering $2.3 million. The gorgeous former Miss USA took to her Twitter and sent out a supportive message to express her sympathies to the entire family — see the tweet here.

July 9, 2014
Phaedra Parks Kenya Moore Feud

Phaedra Parks: Kenya Moore To Kick Her Down After Apollo’s Jail Sentence

‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ star Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida, has just been sentenced to 8 years in prison for bank fraud and identity theft. Now, Phaedra is worried that some of the other housewives, like Kenya Moore, will use the opportunity to kick her down, a source has revealed to EXCLUSIVELY.

Phaedra Parks‘ life became overwhelmingly difficult on July 8 following the conviction of her husband, Apollo Nida, who was sentenced to eight years in prison for bank fraud and identity theft. Not only must she now care for her two children, Ayden and Dylan, alone, but she is also worried that her Real Housewives Of Atlanta co-stars will use her misfortune against her, and to kick her down for it. A source revealed the details EXCLUSIVELY to — read on!

July 9, 2014
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Phaedra Parks Worried Sons Will Grow Up Without Jailed Dad Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida, husband to ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Star Phaedra Parks, was sentenced to 8 years in prison on July 8 following for a $2.3 million money laundering scheme. Meanwhile, a source has revealed to EXCLUSIVELY that Phaedra is devastated that their two sons, Ayden and Dylan, will grow up without a father.

While Apollo Nida, 35, certainly deserved to be punished for the $2.3 million money laundering scheme which landed him an eight-year prison sentence on July 8, we can’t help but feel sorry for his wife, Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, 40, whose two sons now have to grow up without a father. A source has revealed Phaedra’s heartbreak and worry over this sad situation EXCLUSIVELY to

July 8, 2014
Phaedra Parks Apollo Nida Legal Troubles

Phaedra Parks Is ‘Doing Great’ In Midst Of Apollo Nida Legal Troubles

Phaedra isn’t letting Apollo’s legal drama get her down! The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star is going through a tough time after her husband was sentenced to eight years in federal prison for a $2.3 million-money laundering scheme, but Kandi Burruss tells EXCLUSIVELY that her BFF is staying strong and putting on a brave face!

Phaedra Parks is nothing if not a positive, powerful woman, and despite the fact that her husband, Apollo Nida, will be going away for a long time, Kandi Burruss assures us that her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star is going to be just fine. “Phaedra’s doing great,” Kandi tells EXCLUSIVELY.

July 8, 2014
Real Housewives of Atlanta Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks (Courtesy of Bravo)

‘RHOA’ Husband Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud & Identity Theft

The ‘RHOA’ cast is really no stranger to drama. Just days after the insane reunion specials wrapped, Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida, plead guilty to bank fraud, laundering money and identity theft.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is about to get even juicier — that is, if Apollo Nida doesn’t head to jail. Phaedra Parks‘ husband dodged questions of his trial on the Sunday, May 4 reunion special, but on Tuesday, May 6, he plead guilty to a major scheme of money fraud and identity theft. Keep reading for the details on Apollo’s guilty case!

May 6, 2014

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