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Martin Shrkeli Kanye West Album Offer

Kanye West Album Delayed After Martin Shkreli Offers $10 Million For Exclusive Rights

Ugh, not this guy again! Evil businessman Martin Shrkeli is trying to buy up the rights to Kanye West’s new album ‘The Life Of Pablo’ for $10 Million, and now his offer is actually delaying the music’s release! This is insane!

OUTRAGEOUS! Disgraced pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli, 32, is looking to purchase the full and exclusive rights to Kanye West‘s  T.L.O.P. for a cool $10 million, and this is so messed up. It’s actually causing Yeezy’s album to be delayed for several days as a result, since Martin claims that legally Kanye and his label are required to take his offer letter to their board of directors and has actually bragged that his open offer will keep fans from accessing it. Read on for more about this awful situation.

February 11, 2016
Who Is Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli: 5 Things To Know About Disgraced CEO Feuding With Ghostface Killah

Martin Shkreli is making headlines again, only this time is has nothing to do with his shady pharmaceuticals business. The disgraced CEO recently started an all-out war with rapper Ghostface Killah and now, things are getting ugly! So who is this man who dares to take on the Wu-Tang legend?  See below for 5 must-know facts!

If you thought Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa‘s Twitter feud was intense, just wait until you see what’s going on between Martin Shkreli, 32, and Ghostface Killah, 45! The two became embroiled in a nasty feud after the Wu-Tang rapper mocked the pharmaceutical executive and called him out for price-gouging and being an overall “s-t head” in a recent string of interviews. Martin has since responded with a series of aggressive (read: hilarious/embarrassing) videos in which he’s actually threatened to “punish” and “erase” Ghost from “the record books of rap.” But just who exactly is this overly confident exec? Read on to find out five must-know facts!

January 29, 2016
Martin Shkreli Arrested

Martin Shkreli, AIDS-Pill Price Gouging CEO, Arrested On Fraud Charges: World Cheers

Martin Shkreli, the detested CEO of Turning Pharma, is getting what many think he deserves after jacking up the price of a life-saving AIDS medication. The FBI arrested Martin on Dec. 17, charging the young millionaire with multiple counts of securities fraud!

An early Christmas present arrived to all those who hate Martin Shkreli. Karma might have caught up with 32-year-old CEO, known for skyrocketing the price of an essential drug for AIDS patients, hoarding a rare Wu Tang Clan album and for inviting Taylor Swift, 26, to “s*ck his d*ck.” Martin was busted for — surprise, surprise — lies over his corporate greed!

December 17, 2015

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