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EXCLUSIVE! Charles Barkley Says Tiger Should Stop Apologizing & Tell People To ‘Kiss His Ass!’

The former basketball champ and close friend of Tiger Woods opens up on his friend’s divorce and alleged affairs at the opening of the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia!

Tiger Woods may be doing everything he can to remain silent and under the radar since news of his multiple affairs came to light, but his good friend Charles Barkley is certainly not holding his tongue! The basketball great told EXCLUSIVELY at the opening of the Casino Club at Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, “Tiger has got to stand up to these people and quit apologizing. He made mistakes, he owed his wife an apology, and he should tell the rest of these people to kiss his ass. He is a great friend of mine, he is my friend no matter what. I don’t judge my friends, only God can judge other people.”

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July 3, 2010

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