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'Gossip Girl' Recap: Blair Tells Prince Louis She Needs Space, Plus 4 More 'OMG' Moments

Charlie is almost exposed, Gossip Girl’s sources are leaked, Dan is still in love with Blair and a much needed Chair moment all round out the Nov. 21 episode of ‘Gossip Girl’

We are nearing the much-anticipated Blair and Prince Louis’ wedding scene, where I’m hoping (just as much as the next girl) she leaves the alter and runs into the arms of Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). And after tonight’s episode, I’m liking how Blair’s fairytale is unraveling into an inescapable Chairytale.

November 21, 2011
gossip girl wedding dress

'Gossip Girl' Wedding Details: Will Chuck & Blair's Chemistry Stop The Wedding?

Kelly Rutherford reveals new info regarding the highly anticipated wedding — and the love triangle between Blair, Louis, and Chuck!

After pictures of Blair as a runaway bride surfaced, everyone was dying to know what will happen at the wedding on Gossip Girl! Kelly Rutherford attended the launch the Y&J Multiplicity by Robert Verdi jewelry collection on Nov. 17, and sat down exclusively with where she shared new details regarding Blair’s Royal Wedding.

November 21, 2011

Blair Waldorf Better Be Running To Chuck Bass — Here's Why

This just in Chair fans — Blair Waldorf is a runaway bride, and I couldn’t be happier. But where is she going? Perhaps to Hotel Empire?

Enough is enough, Gossip Girl writers! You have dragged on Blair and Prince Louis’ engagement for far too long. The final Chair reunion better be the best one EVER. And I’d say (as cliche as it may be) Blair running out of her royal wedding into Chuck’s arms will be the best ending to her fairytale. Don’t you agree?

November 15, 2011
Kelly Rutherford Gossip Girl Couple

Which 'Gossip Girl' Couple Does Kelly Rutherford Want Back Together? caught up with Kelly to discuss which couple she thinks should get back together!

Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford attended FURLA’s Exclusive Handbag Collection for Saks Fifth Avenue on Oct. 26 and sat down exclusively with to discuss the latest season, the potential end of the series, and which couple she wishes would reunite.

October 28, 2011

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