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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Leah & Jeremy Make Their Relationship Official

On tonight’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Leah and Jeremy make their relationship official, and Jenelle gets close with a guy named Josh. Meanwhile, Chelsea sees a much-needed therapist, and Kailyn decides to cut ties with Jordan — for good.

The moms on Teen Mom 2 sure have one roller coaster of a love life! In this season alone, we’ve seen a marriage dissolve, a promise ring given and taken way, and a baby daddy hooking up with his baby mama, then calling it official with another girl days later — and it’s only the sixth episode! Tonight, we met Jenelle Evans new man Josh, and he seems like the break she needs from all the Kieffer and probation drama that’s been plaguing her.

December 18, 2012
Jeremy Calvert Leah Messer Dating

‘Teen Mom 2’ Preview: Leah Tells Ex-Husband Corey She’s Dating Jeremy

That didn’t take long! In tonight’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Leah and Jeremy make their relationship official, and Leah has to tell Corey about her new boyfriend — who has already met twins Ali and Aleeah!

In the beginning of Teen Mom 2 season three, Leah Messer was crying and depressed over her failed marriage to baby daddy Corey Simms. But just a few episodes later, she’s not only already dating someone else — they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend!

December 17, 2012
Leah Messer Pregnant Corey Simms

Corey Simms Reacts To His Ex-Wife Leah Calvert’s Pregnancy

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert is expecting her third child with second husband Jeremy Calvert, and first husband Corey Simms finally revealed how he feels about his ex’s new family.

We saw the heart-breaking dissolution of Leah Calvert (Messer) and Corey Simms‘ marriage on season 2 of Teen Mom 2, and cried along with Corey as his daughters Ali and Aleeah drove away for good. But in the year-and-a-half since, Leah has married  Jeremy Calvert — and is now pregnant again with her third child.

November 7, 2012
Leah Messer Pregnant

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer: I’m So Excited To Have Another Baby

After suffering a tragic miscarriage in January, Leah and her husband Jeremy can’t wait to welcome their first baby together — and Ali and Aleeah are excited to be big sisters!

Leah Messer is the proud mom to twin daughters Ali and Aleeah Simms, 2, whom she welcomed with her first husband Corey Simms, but the Teen Mom 2 star is so excited to add another baby into the mix with her new husband Jeremy Calvert.

November 1, 2012
Leah Messer Baby

Leah Messer — Is The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Too Young For Another Baby?

Leah announced that she is pregnant with her third child on Oct. 23. At 20-years-old, Leah is in her second marriage, raising twins and expecting a third baby in the winter. Is she too young for this much responsibility?

Leah Calvert  (maiden name Messer) and husband Jeremy Calvert will soon be welcoming a bouncing bundle of joy into their lives, and while a new baby is always an exciting and joyous occasion, the Teen Mom 2 star has already got a lot on her plate for someone so young. Will Leah be able to cope with this much responsibility?

October 25, 2012
Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer

'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Is Trying To Get Pregnant Again

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert just got married and are already planning for a third baby! What’s the rush, Leah!?

Fans watched Leah Messer struggle financially, emotionally, and romantically, during the last season of Teen Mom 2. Despite her ups and downs, the 19-year-old reality starlet never gave up on her dream of happily ever ever. And now she’s hoping to enhance it with another child!

April 18, 2012

Did 'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Rush Into Her Second Marriage?

It was only a month ago Leah revealed she still had feelings for her ex-husband and the father of her twins! Will her new marriage last?

Leah Messer, 19, and Jeremy Calvert, 23, quietly wed April 4 in Catlettsburg, Kentucky, after only eight months of dating. The ceremony was small, but luckily for us, the MTV cameras were rolling to catch every intimate moment! “Everybody was happy and joyful and took a ton of pictures,” Reverend Marty Gute, who officiated the ceremony, tells HollywoodLife exclusively

April 11, 2012

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