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Justin Bieber’s Mom Wants An Intervention & Is ‘Livid’ About Arrest

Justin Bieber was arrested for drag racing, resisting arrest without violence, DUI, and driving on an expired license on Jan. 23, and has learned EXCLUSIVELY that his mother Pattie Mallette wants an intervention — and she’s blaming Justin’s father for his bad behavior!

Justin Bieber has certainly had a wild month, so it’s easy to understand why his mother Pattie Mallette would call for an intervention for her troubled son. A source close to Pattie told EXCLUSIVELY that she’s been putting a plan in motion, but it won’t necessarily be easy — mostly because she’s “livid” at Justin’s father Jeremy Bieber about his bad influence!

January 24, 2014
Justin Bieber Partying

Justin Bieber Parties With Dad Hours After Being Released From Jail — Pic

It looks like Justin Bieber still hasn’t hit rock bottom after his shocking Jan. 23 DUI arrest. The Biebs was spotted out partying with his father, Jeremy Bieber, in Miami, mere hours after being released from jail on $2,500 bond.

Justin Bieber‘s dad, Jeremy Bieber, is definitely not going to win any father of the year awards. Not only was Jeremy on the scene of his son’s DUI drag racing arrest on Jan. 23, he was also reportedly “popping bottles” with Justin in South Beach after the singer was released from Miami’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. We can’t Beliebe our eyes!

January 24, 2014
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Justin Bieber’s Dad Enabling Wild Behavior — Expert Says

Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy, was not a positive role model for him when he was near the scene of his DUI drag racing arrest, encouraging and ‘enabling’ his son’s wild behavior rather than stopping it. spoke to a professional psychologist to understand why Jeremy ‘befriending’ Justin hurts parenting efforts.

Justin Bieber‘s dad, Jeremy Bieber, was at the scene of his Jan. 23 DUI arrest, since Jeremy seems to think Justin’s bad boy behavior is cool, this arrest could be just the beginning of Justin spiraling out of control. spoke to psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman EXCLUSIVELY about why the parent would be going along with his teenage son’s bad behavior rather than stepping in to prevent it.

January 23, 2014
Justin Bieber Dad Jeremy Bieber

Justin Bieber’s Dad At Scene Of DUI Drag Racing Arrest

Justin Bieber’s own father, Jeremy Bieber, was not only on the scene of his son’s arrest on Jan. 23, he reportedly had been hanging out with Justin and his friends all day and had even helped the guys block off the residential Miami street so they could race.

Justin Bieber‘s dad, Jeremy Bieber, was at the scene of Justin’s DUI drag racing arrest on Jan. 23, a source close to Justin confirmed to He also reportedly helped his son block off the street so that he and his friend, rapper Khalil, could race their Lamborghinis on the residential street, reported TMZ.

January 23, 2014

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Justin Bieber Took A Family Vacation To Whitefish, Montana This Week And We Have All Of The Details!

Justin Bieber checked into the Grouse Mountain Lodge, where the nicest suite is $279 a night, on July 5-7 with six other people and went fishing! Montana must be the ‘middle of nowhere’ place he was tweeting about.

Justin Bieber teased us earlier this week with multiple photos of himself camping at a beautiful location. He said “Come find me” and so we did! We spoke to three different sources who confirmed Justin was in Whitefish, Montana this week with his family! “He checked into the Grouse Mountain Lodge on July 5 and checked out on July 7,” a source tells us. “He was having a family reunion.”

July 8, 2011

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