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Crazy Internet Rumor: Could Ashton Kutcher Be January Jones' Baby Daddy?


Internet websites and message boards are blowing up with wild speculation that Ashton got an ex-girlfriend who’s now a TV superstar PREGNANT and THAT’s what’s really  breaking up his marriage to Demi Moore! Do you believe it?

Ashton Kutcher‘s marriage to Demi Moore is reportedly under major stress after 21 year-old blonde Sara Leal has claimed that she spent a steamy night  in bed with the Two and a Half Men star. But now we are reading and hearing widespread whispers and allegations that are linking him to a FAR more shocking affair!

October 18, 2011

January Jones' Onscreen Son Jared Gilmore Is NOT A Fan Of Hers: She's Unapproachable & Mean!

Jared, 11, who plays January’s son Bobby on ‘Mad Men,’ admits she’s not as ‘nice’ as his other co-stars. He agrees with Zach Galifianakas!

We didn’t know mom-to-be January Jones to be so mean, but apparently, she is! Jared Gilmore, 11, who is leaving Mad Men after playing January’s character, Betty Francis’ son Bobby for the past few years, says his onscreen mom is ‘unapproachable.’ Do you believe him?

August 23, 2011

'Mad Men' To Begin Shooting Next Week — Will Betty Draper Be Pregnant?

Mad Men will at long last begin filming season 5 next week it has just been announced, meaning January Jones will need to hide her pregnancy  — or Betty will be with baby!

Mad Men fans can finally breathe a long and heavy sigh of relief as, after much delay, it has been announced production on the fifth season of the critically adored show will begin next week — but what is to become of the character played by pregnant star January Jones?

July 28, 2011

Hot New Pregnancy Trend: Prenatal Yoga! January Jones & More Are Doing It!

FamePictures.comWe’ve seen more and more celebrities trying to stay active during their pregnancies and nothing seems to do the trick like prenatal yoga. But, what’s it all about?

From January Jones to Pink and Bethenny Frankel to Selma Blair, all the A-list moms and mommies-to-be in Hollywood agree: prenatal yoga is the hot new pregnancy trend! We decided to talk to an expert to see exactly what this new workout craze is all about! 

July 3, 2011

Eva Mendes & Jason Sudeikis Spotted Making Out — Are They A New Couple?

An eyewitness saw Eva Mendes and pal Jason Sudeikis kissing in a car last week. Are things over between the actress and her longtime boyfriend, George Augusto?

Eva Mendes may have broken it off with her boyfriend of 10 years, filmmaker George Augusto. Less than a week after telling the UK Mirror marriage “is very old-fashioned. Old-fashioned bad,” the 37-year-old actress was spotted getting VERY cozy with her pal, Jason Sudeikis — and has the exclusive report.

June 24, 2011

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