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Insider: Oscar Afterparties' Security Is So Tight Even Joel McHale Had Trouble Getting In! Exclusive

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If you wanted to see firsthand Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing after the Oscars, it might have been tougher than you think.

A seasoned party crasher who actually got beyond the velvet ropes at Elton John‘s bash without an invitation tells us about how difficult it was and the intense security measures that surround the Oscar afterparties. As some of the hottest tickets in town, security at both the Elton John and Vanity Fair parties was extremely tight and some celebrities had trouble getting in.

February 28, 2011

Post Split Dianna Agron And Lea Michele Have ANOTHER Night Out! Exclusive Details!

Not only did Lea Michele cook for her Glee costar Dianna Agron yesterday, earlier this week the duo had a girls night out with a friend!

Lea Michele continues to be a strong support system for Glee costar and close friend Dianna Agron who just recently split from ex Alex Pettyfer. Just last night Lea cooked for Dianna alongside Harry Shum Jr. and Naya Rivera. But this wasn’t the first time Lea kept her friend distracted from her terrible breakup! has exclusive details on Lea and Dianna’s ladies night.

February 24, 2011
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Terrified Dianna Agron Goes Into Hiding After Ex Alex Pettyfer Threatens Her Says New Report!

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After a public meltdown in which Alex confronted actor Sebastian Stan, the beautiful blonde is living in a hotel, frightened of what he’ll do next!

Poor Dianna Agron! The Glee star is said to be scared to death of her ex, I Am Number Four co-star, Alex Pettyfer. “Dianna is terrified of [Alex],” a friend tells Us magazine. Alex “absolutely lost it” and threatened her over the phone!

February 23, 2011

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Dianna Agron's Rocker-Chic Grammy Look! Find Out How To Get It and VOTE!

Dianna Agron ditched her cheerleader Glee look for an old-school rock style. Want to try this look for yourself? Read on for secrets from her stylist!

Didn’t Dianna Agron look AMAZING at the 53rd Annual Grammmy Awards? Those Glee ladies really brought it! Dianna’s hair was a total show-stopper, and was unlike anything we’ve seen her sporting before.  We loved her Grammy look so much that we asked her stylist how YOU can get the look.  Read on!

February 15, 2011

'Glee' Recap — The Big Super Bowl Episode Is Less Than Thrilling As Sue Sylvester Becomes Murderous!

We are all about suspension of disbelief but for what will no doubt be their biggest episode, ‘Glee’ dropped the ball and gave us one of the most ridiculous hours of television ever!

Where, oh where, to begin with the sometimes good but mostly horrible Glee post-Super Bowl episode? In the sake of leading off positively, the duet of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” by Rachel (Lea Michele) and Puck (Mark Salling) was one of the show’s best musical numbers. Ever. As for a critique, having a teacher finding humor in knowingly killing a student is the worst idea ever — especially for a musical comedy.

February 7, 2011

LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: How Young Is TOO Young To Tie The Knot? Dianna Agron & Her 20-Year-Old BF Alex Pettyfer Are Reportedly Engaged!

Can Dianna’s forthcoming marriage last when her fiance is so young that he can’t even legally drink or rent a car?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Quinn in baby in a baby carriage! This is reportedly the road that Glee starlet Dianna Agron, 24, and her 20-year-old boyfriend Alex Pettyfer are headed down…but how can the couple even begin to think about marriage when he’s practically still a baby himself?

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February 4, 2011
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Glee-cap: Carol Burnett Shines While Marriages & Other Drama Ensues!

The November 23 episode of ‘Glee’ pulled out all the stops — Nazi-hunting Carol Burnett, singing, dancing & two marriages and let us not forget the drama of Kurt leaving McKinley High!

Tonight’s episode of Glee, “Furt,” was all about change — the things that we are often most scared of were addressed with bullying, family issues and marriage. Of course, this was also the episode featuring the iconic Carol Burnett, which granted the average Glee watcher has no clue of her legend, but thankfully she proved she’ll make a new legend as Sue Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) no nonsense mother Doris Sylvester. But that’s not even the half of it.
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November 24, 2010

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