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‘Teen Wolf’ Season Finale Recap: Jackson Becomes A Werewolf

Stop reading if you haven’t watched the ‘Teen Wolf’ season finale. It’s spoiler time!

The saga of the Kanima finally came to an end on the Aug. 13 season finale of Teen Wolf, but not quite how anyone predicted. By the time the dust settled, a villain’s twisted plan was revealed, a blue-eyed werewolf was born, and a fan-favorite couple called it quits. Wolves these days… so dramatic.

August 14, 2012

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Peter Reveals The Secret To Saving Jackson

Plus, several major characters are now chilling on death’s door! Who will survive next week’s season finale?

Here’s a brain scratcher for you: Could Peter (Ian Bohen), who we’ve all believed to be as bad as they come, actually be one of the good guys? Just when the Kanima situation looked its bleakest on the Aug. 6 episode of Teen Wolf — I mean, Grandpappy Argent was literally sending Scott (Tyler Posey) telepathic death threats from the sidelines of a lacrosse game — Peter revealed the key to saving Jackson (Colton Haynes) from his lizard-y curse! And surprise, surprise: that key is Lydia (Holland Roden).

August 7, 2012
Teen Wolf Recap

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Allison Seeks Revenge & [Spoiler] Dies

Plus, the Kanima gets a new (scarier) master in what I officially dub the best episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ yet!

With only a few episodes left until Teen Wolf‘s second season finale, I figured we were in store for a few twists this week — but nothing could have prepared me for the sexy pretzel that was the July 30 episode, “Fury.” By the end of the mind-blowing hour, Scott’s (Tyler Posey) secret was exposed, a fan-favorite character was dead, and the Kanima found itself a new master. (Yeah, it was that intense.)

July 31, 2012

'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Kanima Speaks & [Spoiler] Gets Bitten

Was this episode supposed to be scary or sexy? Because it was definitely both. Nicely done, ‘Teen Wolf.’

There was once a time I thought I knew what was happening on Teen Wolf — but that was before I watched the July 16 episode, in which everything changed. Ghosts were mentioned, innocent peeps were killed, and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) shed some big ol’ tears. Yup, it was one of those nights.

July 17, 2012

'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Kanima Strikes Again — Can Jackson Be Saved?

Plus, Allison uncovers a major twist that could lead to the end of the Kanima — and Jackson!

The July 2 episode of Teen Wolf picked up right where last week’s game-changer left off, with a pissed-off Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) chasing after Jackson (Colton Haynes) in all his Kanima glory. And, naturally, their game of cat-and-mouse ended at the one place you’d expect a shape-shifting reptile to hide from his hairy pursuers: A gay club!

July 2, 2012
Teen Wolf Kanima

'Teen Wolf' Mystery: Is Lydia Really The Evil Kanima?

Who do YOU think the Kanima really is? Read my theories and share your own!

Last week, we learned the name of the lizard creature that’s been terrorizing Beacon Hills — Kanima! Spooky! — and on the June 25 episode of Teen Wolf, the baddie’s true identity will finally be revealed! According to MTV, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) is “convinced” it’s Lydia (Holland Roden), but as always, I’ve got my own theories to share.

June 22, 2012

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