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Jurassic World Red Carpet

‘Jurassic World’ Premiere Live Stream: Chris Pratt & More Stars Arrive — Watch

Are you ready for ‘Jurassic World’? Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and more stars from the highly-anticipated sequel will be arriving at The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles for the big premiere on June 9! Watch a live stream video here at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Just three days before the June 12 release date of Jurassic World, the Los Angeles red carpet premiere will bring all of the film’s big stars out to play. Thankfully, there won’t be any Indominus Rex running around, wreaking havoc, or eating people. Watch a video here!

June 9, 2015
Jurassic World New Trailer Chris Pratt

‘Jurassic World’: Chris Pratt Saves The World From A Super Dinosaur — Watch

Holy. Dinosaurs. In the brand new trailer for ‘Jurassic World,’ a deadly dino forces Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard to fight for their lives — and the rest of the world as they know it. Click inside to WATCH!

The dinosaurs are back, and they are bigger than ever before. In this brand new Jurassic World trailer, Chris Pratt, 35, comes face-to-face with the Indominus Rex who was created to attract more visitors to the park. Unfortunately, that dinosaur is into killing for sport — whether it be a human target or another dinosaur.

April 20, 2015
Jurassic World Sneak Peek

‘Jurassic World’ Sneak Peek: Chris Pratt Flirts With Bryce Dallas Howard — Watch

Dinosaurs, Chris Pratt, and people getting eaten alive — what more could you ask for in a movie? Well, the brand new ‘Jurassic World’ trailer, released on April 8, actually shows a different side of the film — one in which Chris gets his flirt on. Watch it here!

It didn’t take much to convince us that Jurassic World will be a great movie: take Chris Pratt, 35, add dinosaurs, and boom! We’re in. Every single trailer and teaser that has been released thus far, just made us want to see the movie that much more. And the latest sneak peek, released by MTV on April 8, is no different!

April 8, 2015
jurassic world teaser

‘Jurassic World’: Even Chris Pratt Is Scared In Terrifying New Trailer — Watch

It’s finally here! We have now got another look at the highly anticipated ‘Jurassic World’ and, obviously, it is super terrifying!

Hide your kids, hide your wives, Jurassic World is coming. During the Mar. 29 episode of The Walking Dead, Universal pictures was so kind as to release another teaser for the upcoming film, due out June 12. In the sequel to Jurassic Park, Chris Pratt will find himself under imminent threat from an artificial dinosaur life force and, yes, it is as horrifying as it sounds. Watch the clip now!

March 30, 2015
Jurassic World Trailer Super Bowl

‘Jurassic World’: Chris Pratt Runs For His Life In New Super Bowl Trailer

Are you ready to visit ‘Jurassic World’? In the Super Bowl spot for the new film, Chris Pratt’s life — as well as everyone else’s — life is in grave danger. Click inside to WATCH!

Chris Pratt, 35, is definitely taking on the role of a lifetime in the upcoming third Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World. In this brand-new trailer which premiered during the 2015 Super Bowl, Chris comes face-to-face with a terrifying new dinosaur who threatens mankind as we know it.

February 1, 2015
Jurassi World Trailer

‘Jurassic World’: Official Trailer — Watch Chris Pratt Battle A Super Dino

Welcome to ‘Jurassic World’! In the first official trailer for the highly anticipated film, Chris Pratt takes on a brand-new hybrid dinosaur that terrorizes park goers. Click inside to WATCH!

In summer 2015, herds of Steven Spielberg fans will be going to the theater in droves to catch Jurassic World, the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series that will finally see the park open and operational. From the looks of the first official trailer, it’s just as terrifying as they could ever have dreamed it to be. Oh, and did we mention hunky Chris Pratt, 35, is our hero this time around?

November 25, 2014
Bryce Dallas Howard Red Lips

Bryce Dallas Howard’s Sexy Cat Eye & Bright Lipstick — Perfect For Fall

Looking for a stunning beauty look perfect for fall? Bryce Dallas Howard gave us major inspiration at Canon’s Project Imaginat10n Film Festival in New York City on Oct. 24. Get her exact look from her makeup artist below!

Bryce Dallas Howard, 32, looked amazing at Alice Tully Hall at the film festival wearing a long black gown, which let her makeup look do the talking. Celebrity Makeup Artist Gita Bass created the look and is spilling the exact step-by-step process!

November 1, 2013

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