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Bonnie Says: I've Fled To Italy! Take Advantage Of The Low Euro Like Me & Take A Vacation

I admit it — I’ve escaped for 10 days to Italy and I highly recommend it. Here’s why!

There’s maybe one bonus to the still-slow world economy: The high priced Euro — which made it impossible for all but the richest among us (and Lindsay Lohan) to visit France, Spain, Italy, etc. for years — has finally dropped into an affordable range. Hotels, restaurants and shopping are all reasonable! Read more

August 11, 2010

HOW YOU DOIN? Watch Bonnie Fuller Dish On 'The Wendy Williams Show!'

BFFs, you HAVE to see Bonnie make her big debut on The Wendy Williams Show!

We’re so excited! President and Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller went on The Wendy Williams Show on Aug. 5 to chat with Wendy Williams herself! They discussed all the latest hot topics, from Serena Williams‘ new man Gregory Michael to bad boy baby daddy Levi Johnston‘s new reality show! But don’t worry if you missed it — we have the clip for you right here!

Click here to watch!

August 6, 2010

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