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'Jersey Shore's' Ronnie Magro Tweets the 'N Word' — Kick Him Off the Show!

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Someone needs to tell Ronnie that using the ‘N’ word ISN’T COOL!

Ronnie Magro, 23, star of MTV’s hit Jersey Shore thought it would be totally appropriate to use an incredibly offensive racial slur while tweeting at his fellow cast mate Vinny Guadagnino on Feb 4. “That’s what’s up my dude … miss you my n*gga,” he tweeted. “LA isn’t the same without you.”

Now that Ronnie is a public figure he needs to realize that he is also a role model. Even though he might have meant it in jest the issue is that the word itself has a deeper meaning for a lot of people. Several public figures have been admonished and humiliated for using racists remarks. For instance, Don Imus made his infamous remarks on his national radio show Imus in the Morning on Apr. 4 2007 when he called the Rutgers women’s basketball team, “nappy headed hoes.” His comments later lead to CBS’s canceling his morning show.

Rapper Eminem won’t even use the ‘n’ word in his music. “It’s just a word I don’t feel comfortable with,” he has said. “If a white kid came up to me and said it, I probably would look at him funny.” Eminem did use the word in tapes that he recorded as a teenager but he has apologized repeatedly for using it.

Who could forget actor Mel Gibson‘s anti-semtic comments that he made to a police officer when he was pulled over for a DUI in 2006 — his comments have haunted him since that incident. Michael Richards, (aka Kramer from Seinfeld) went on a racist tirade at the Laugh Factory in LA that same year, leading to nationwide outrage.

Ronnie did apologize later by tweeting, “I apologize … don’t get offended … was talking to my boy Vinny … settle down … I love you all.”

But that’s just not a good enough apology and it’s NEVER okay to ever use racist slurs.

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