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Jesse James’ ‘Nightline’ Interview Only Hurt Him — Most Experts Agree!

Do YOU think Jesse’s apology and confession last night made him look better or worse?

During Jesse JamesNightline interview May 25, the self-proclaimed ‘most hated man in America’ tried to dig himself out of the mess he’s created — but did it work? Three experts who advised the 41-year-old before his interview, weighed in on his performance…and most of them agree: Jesse’s confession only made him look even more scummy!
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May 26, 2010

Lindsay, If You Ever Want To Act Again, You Have To Follow These Three Steps! Hollywood Insiders Weigh In! consulted with a director, writer, casting director, and producers to develop a three-step program that will make Lindsay Lohan an A-list star once again!

Lindsay, you’ve been spiraling out of control and we’re scared that short of winding up in jail (or worse, dead) — you’re not going to pull yourself together. Remember when you were at the top of your game? Six years ago you were FABULOUS in Mean Girls and now look at you — you reportedly can’t even get insured for B-list films! wants to help you out so we consulted with some of the top entertainment industry professionals in Hollywood and they ALL agree — you have the ‘it’ factor. Now all you have to do is follow these three crucial steps to make yourself a star once again.
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May 25, 2010

Was Going On ‘Nightline’ A Brilliant Or Bozo Decision For Jesse James? Our Image Experts Weigh In! grilled seven image experts on what it will take for America’s most hated man to get back into our good graces!

Jesse James is in deep grease. Not only did he cheat on America’s Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, with multiple mistresses, but he posed for photos in a Nazi uniform. Now the 41-year-old West Coast Choppers owner is trying to redeem himself by appearing on ABC’s Nightline May 25 — and seven image experts debate whether or not this risky publicity stunt will work.
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May 24, 2010

Get Your Act Together, Lindsay Lohan. You’re A Hot Mess & You’re Only Hurting Yourself!

Seriously, Linz, you need to clean yourself up. You can be a great actress again — just stay the hell away from LA nightclubs!

Just a guess here, but I’m thinking Lindsay Lohan would be much more content wearing diamonds, pearls or even cubic zirconia in place of her latest fashion accessory — a SCRAM bracelet.

After missing her May 20 court date to party like a rockstar in Cannes, I’d say the 23-year-old starlet deserves absolutely everything that’s coming her way.
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May 24, 2010

Jon Gosselin — Our Experts Say 'You're Pathetic AND Ruining Your Kids Lives' By Letting Your New GF Hang All Over Them!

Jon, you need a WAKE UP CALL! We are so worried about your eight little Gosselins that we spoke with top child and family psychologists who tell us your behavior is causing serious DAMAGE to your children!

Jon Gosselin, we need you to listen very closely! We’ve been watching you hop from one young girlfriend to another over the past year, which in itself is a major problem BUT we never really cared until it started to affect your kids. You totally crossed the line last week by bringing you new girlfriend Ellen Ross around your eight children. What are you thinking?! She was hugging and kissing all over them! We spoke with two experts who tell us this is way too soon and dangerous for your children’s emotional health.Click to read what our experts say!

May 24, 2010

You’re One Lucky Lady, Lindsay — Lawyers Say You’ll Walk Away From Breaking The Law With A Slap On The Wrist!

FOUR lawyers tell that although Lindsay very nearly went to jail for failing to show at a mandatory court appointment, her actions won’t have any consequences — and that’s BS!

Ah, the power of celebrity! Lindsay Lohan was very nearly arrested and extradited from France after missing her mandatory court appointment in LA May 20, but lawyers tell us that nothing will happen to her now that she’s posted bail! Totally unfair, and totally ridiculous.

“When she returns [to the USA], since she has already posted bail, nothing will happen to her. She will report to court on Monday [May 24], where the judge will most likely order her to wear a SCRAM bracelet and have a weekly urine analysis test to look for drugs and/or alcohol,” Los Angeles-based lawyer Robert Bernstein tells exclusively.
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May 21, 2010

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