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Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson And Lindzi Cox

'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Admits: 'I Chose The Wrong Woman'

Ben ‘feels like a fool for not seeing Courtney’s motives when they were so clear to everyone else,’ a source reveals.

Ben Flajnik reportedly got engaged to Courtney Robertson while filming the season finale of The Bachelor on Nov. 16 leaving fan favorite Lindzi Cox with a broken heart. But now, sources say that Ben is totally regretting his decision and that he feels like he should have picked another woman in the end.

March 7, 2012
Courtney Robertson Ben Flajnik

Why Ben Flajnik Is Under Courtney Robertson's Spell, Experts Weigh In

Courtney is SO mean to the other girls on ‘The Bachelor’ that many people are surprised that Ben has kept her around. But relationship experts tell they aren’t too shocked about their coupledom since ‘every guy likes a challenge’ — do you agree?

Courtney Robertson, 28, has put a spell on Ben Flajnik and has the full scoop. Multiple experts tell us that Courtney’s unapologetically aggressive behavior on the reality show was actually a turn on to Ben, and that’s why he’s keeping her around!

March 6, 2012

'The Bachelor' Drama: Courtney Robertson No Longer Loves Ben Flajnik — Here's Proof

An insider tells why it’s obvious after last night’s ‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’ special that Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik have broken off their relationship!

Although we don’t know 100%, it’s been widely reported Courtney Robertson “wins” a proposal from Ben Flajnik on the season finale of The Bachelor. However, an expert tells how the 28-year-old model revealed she’s actually single on the “Women Tell All Special” March 5, meaning her relationship with Ben didn’t last long. 

March 6, 2012

Courtney Robertson's Apology At The 'WTA' Special Was All An Act

Courtney can’t be trusted. Every word out of her mouth is a lie — and her apology at ‘The Bachelor: The Women Tell All’ was no different.

There is a reason that Courtney Robertson is a model. She sucks at acting. Courtney went on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All and apologized to all of the women for the ugly way she behaved on the show. While Ben Flajnik and host Chris Harrison both bought Courtney’s act, I’m confident that this was just another one of her stunts. Nothing that she said came from her heart.

March 6, 2012
Courtney Robertson

Chris Harrison: Is He Prepping Us For A Shocking Engagement With Courtney Robertson & Ben Flajnik?

‘Bachelor’ host Chris fell for Courtney’s act. He believes that she was ‘speaking from the heart’ when she apologized to the women and Ben on the ‘Women Tell All’ special. Could his empathy be a sign that she receives Ben’s final rose?

Bachelor Ben Flajnik isn’t the only one who fell for Courtney Robertson‘s apologies on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special March 5. Host Chris Harrison is just as gullible. Chris thinks that Courtney’s apology showed that she felt truly sorry for the way she behaved on the show, but we wonder if there’s more to his sympathetic words…

March 6, 2012
Courtney Robertson And Ben Flajnik

'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik: Courtney Robertson Has Apologized Enough

The women might not have accepted Courtney’s apology during ‘The Women Tell All’ — but Ben defends his rumored fiancée. He thinks that Courtney’s plea was ‘genuine.’ Do you agree?

Courtney Robertson broke down in tears on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special that aired on March 5 when all of the eliminated women attacked her, calling her a stripper and a liar. Courtney claimed to be sorry for wronging them while on the show, but the women didn’t believe her. Well, Ben Flajnik again bought Courtney’s act. He thinks that her apology was truly and dearly sincere — and that it showed a side of her that no one else has gotten to see besides him.

March 6, 2012
Courtney Robertson Crying

'The Bachelor: Women Tell All:' Courtney Robertson Called A 'Black Widow' & 'Liar' By Other Contestants

Courtney tried to apologize to all the women she hurt on ‘The Bachelor.’ But, the women refused to accept her apology and called Courtney out for being a ‘stripper’ and heartless.

The Bachelor‘s “Women Tell All” special was so chalk full of entertaining, dramatic and outlandish events, it would be impossible for me to pick one and run with it. That said, here is my stream of consciousness as I watched the epic two hour event…

March 6, 2012

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