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Amanda Bynes: Is She Really Engaged? ‘Fiance’ Reveals All

Amanda shocked her fans when she announced her alleged engagement on Oct. 6. But no one was more surprised than Caleb Pusey, the 19-year-old whom the actress claims proposed to her. According to a new report, Caleb has no plans of marrying Amanda!

Amanda Bynes, 28, may be prepping for a wedding, but there probably won’t be a groom waiting for her at the altar, according to her alleged fiance, Caleb Pusey. The 19-year-old who met the actress in rehab, says he hasn’t spoken to Amanda in months.

October 11, 2014
Amanda Bynes Hospitalized

Amanda Bynes Hospitalized On Psychiatric Hold

Poor Amanda Bynes. After fleeing New York City for Los Angeles on Oct. 10, her parents placed her under a 5150 psychiatric hold. A source reveals to EXCLUSIVELY that Amanda’s parents are ‘worried sick’ over her behavior.

Amanda Bynes, 28, may finally be getting the help she needs after weeks of increasingly bizarre behavior — the actress has been placed under involuntary psychiatric hold, reports TMZ. On Oct. 10, Amanda fled NYC for LA, where she was met with a car service arranged by her parents which took her directly to a Pasadena hospital.

October 10, 2014

Amanda Bynes Alleges Her Father Sexually Abused Her As A Child

Amanda is back on Twitter and she’s not only telling the world that she’s not crazy but that her father would allegedly ask her to have sex with him when she was a little girl.

Amanda Bynes, 28, has just dropped a major bombshell. The actress took to Twitter, Oct. 10, to tell her millions of fans that all of her emotional distress in her life is a direct result of her father sexually abusing her as a child. She tweeted nonstop for a series of several minutes, and this comes after she reportedly tried to shoplift a hat from NYC’s high-end department store, Barneys.

October 10, 2014
Amanda Bynes Getting Married

Amanda Bynes Engaged: ‘I Want To Be Married’ & ‘Away From People’

Amanda Bynes turned heads when she sported a diamond engagement ring on Oct. 3, and now the actress has confirmed that she is engaged to a man who is nine years younger than her.

Just one week after Amanda Bynes, 28, was arrested for driving under the influence in Van Nuys, Calif., the actress confessed in a new interview that she’s preparing to tie the knot! “I want to be married and I want to be away from people,” Amanda said. Read on for all the details about her new love.

October 6, 2014
Amanda Bynes Engaged

Amanda Bynes Engaged? Check Out Her Diamond Ring — Pic

Are we seeing what we think we’re seeing? The former Nickelodeon star put a big diamond ring on display as she puffed on a cigarette on the streets of New York City Friday, Oct. 3. See the photo!

Good news! Amanda Bynes, 28, has been found. After her parents claimed they didn’t know where she was, following her DUI arrest on Sept. 28, the former Nickelodeon star popped up in New York City with a bandage on her face and a diamond ring on her left ring finger! Is she engaged?

October 4, 2014
Amanda Bynes DUI

Amanda Bynes Missing After DUI: Parents ‘Don’t Know’ Where She Is

More bad news for the parents of Amanda Bynes — they reportedly ‘don’t know’ where their daughter is following her arrest on Sept. 28. And, they don’t even know who posted her $15,000 bail!

Amanda Bynes has hit another rough patch. The 28-year-old actress turned fashion student was arrested for driving under the influence in Van Nuys, California and now her parents, Rick Bynes and Lynn Organ are not only in denial of their daughter’s issues, but also reportedly have not spoken to her — and have no clue where she is.

September 30, 2014
Amanda Bynes Mental Illness

Amanda Bynes’ Family In Denial Over Actress’ Ongoing Problems — So Sad

Amanda Bynes seemed to be back on a healthy path until she was arrested for a DUI on Sept. 28. Was the incident a cry for help from her family?

Amanda Bynes, 28, was arrested at 4:10 a.m. on Sept. 28 after the California Highway Patrol allegedly determined she was driving under the influence of a controlled substance. Now, an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY that Amanda and her family are “in denial over the severity of her ongoing problems.”

September 30, 2014

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