Kylie Jenner Admits She and Jordyn Woods ‘Always Stayed in Touch’ After Tristan Thompson Scandal

The Kylie Cosmetics founder opened up to Jennifer Lawrence about her friendship fallout with the model during a November 27 interview.

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Kylie Jenner Talks Jordyn Woods Friendship Status in New Interview
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Jennifer Lawrence, 33, interviewed Kylie Jenner, 26, for the latest cover story for Interview Magazine on November 27. During the candid conversation, the Hunger Games star asked The Kardashiansicon about her falling out with Jordyn Woods, 26, following the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. “Jordyn and I, we always stayed in touch throughout the years and we would meet up at my house and catch up and just talk through everything,” the 26-year-old said.

Kylie explained that she and Jordyn remained in each other’s lives despite the scandal. “We never fully cut each other off, and one day, naturally, we were like, we want to get sushi and we don’t want to hide anymore,” she added. “There’s a learning lesson in everything, and I think that in a weird way, everything happens how it’s supposed to happen.” The two were spotted out to dinner in Los Angeles on July 15, four years after their fallout, sending fans into a frenzy.

However, the mother-of-two told Jennifer that she needed “independence” from Jordyn following the Tristan drama. “We were so attached at the hip that we needed space to grow into the people that we were supposed to be,” Kylie said. “I needed that independence and that confidence because she was like my security blanket for so long.”

The Oscar winner was pleased to hear that the two besties have continued to have a close bond. “I get that and I’m happy that you still have that in a healthier way,” Jennifer said. “She was so young and she made a mistake, but those lifetime friends are very important.”

Jordyn made headlines in 2019 after she had an affair with Tristan while he was in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian. Following the hookup, Kylie and Jordyn’s friendship was strained for several years, and the two were no longer spotted out together. Recently, Kylie opened up about the fallout on the current season of The Kardashians on Hulu. She sat down with Tristan and expressed how she felt about the situation four years on.

“It really bothers me because like we’ve always had such a dope relationship, and I feel like everyone got affected differently, but I think you were affected the most by a situation with losing a sister basically,” he said during a recent episode. “You lost Jordyn, who was a big part of your life.”

The brunette beauty reassured Tristan that she and her pal are now on good terms. “I think I was so co-dependent with Jordyn that I could have never imagined my life without her,” Kylie said. “We would have probably still been like living together, and I think she needed to grow without me. I needed to grow without her, but you know, Jordyn and I are cool. We still talk and catch up. We’re good.”

The season finale of the Hulu reality series is set for November 30.