Kylie Jenner Finally Makes Jordyn Woods Remove Her Belongings From Her House – Report

Kylie Jenner made the end of an era official by having Jordyn Woods pick up the last of her belongings from Kylie's home.

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Things will never be the same for former best friends Kylie Jenner, 21, and Jordyn Woods, also 21. The friendship between the two has deteriorated since Jordyn’s scandal with Tristan Thompson, 28. But now it’s official – Jordyn moved out the rest of her belongings from Kylie’s home around a week and a half ago, according to a report in TMZWhile it may seem like this should’ve been done months ago, Kylie reportedly didn’t really mind Jordyn’s stuff remaining in her home.

The catalyst for the move out was “someone in [Kylie’s] family” reportedly being bothered by seeing Jordyn’s belongings still in Kylie’s house. The family member thought it was “ridiculous” and “disrespectful” for Jordyn to keep items in Kylie’s home months after she moved out. It was “like she was using Kylie’s pad for storage,” the site reported. Kylie then had Jordyn move out the rest of her stuff to keep her family member satisfied – even though Kylie wasn’t too bothered to have it at her place. Even though Kylie and Jordyn aren’t the best friends they used to be, they’re still not on the greatest terms – Kylie reportedly wasn’t home when Jordyn came to pick up the rest of her belongings.

A source close to Jordyn had previously EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife that Jordyn wants to mend her friendship with Kylie after Tristan kissed her at his house party in mid-February. “Jordyn really believes she will be friends with Kylie and the Kardashians again,” the source said. “She would want nothing more than to be Kylie‘s friend again. They are basically sisters and losing the friendship forever would be like a death in the family for JordynShe needs to figure out how to get back with everyone. She feels if she isn’t friends with the family again then Tristan ends up winning.”

Only time will tell if Jordyn and Kylie become close again. But for now, we’re glad that Jordyn got a fresh start and left Kylie’s house for good, and that Kylie could stick with her family during the difficult time.