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Tristan Thompson Majorly Regrets Kissing Jordyn Woods & Already Misses Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson made the biggest mistakes of his life by fooling around with Kar-Jenner family friend Jordyn Woods. We've got details on how he didn't realize the ripple effect of pain it would cause Khloe and her sisters.

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Things were already rocky between Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian, but he ended up causing so much more pain to her entire family by making out with Jordyn Woods at a Feb. 17 house party. She was Kylie Jenner‘s longtime BFF and it came as such a betrayal to the entire Kar-Jenner clan. “Tristan majorly regrets his time with Jordyn. He loved being a small family with Khloe, already misses her and is realizing how being with Jordyn did serious damage. He is upset things were not going well between him and Khloe and realizes now, getting with Jordyn was not a healthy way to deal with his issues. He feels horrible that he was the cause of so much pain and hurt in the family he loves,” a source close to Tristan tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Tristan did not realize that becoming close to Jordyn would have such devastating effects to Kylie too, creating such heartache. He feels bad that he didn’t stop to think about Kylie or Khloe and what how his actions would tear apart the family and end friendships. He feels bad about everything, has no idea how he can ever apologize or make things right with the family and wishes he could go back to do things differently,” our insider adds.
Even though Khloe shared a pic of a heart-shaped bouquet of pink and red roses from “Daddy and baby True” to her Instagram stories on Feb. 14, the couple didn’t spend Valentine’s Day together even though Tristan was in LA. He reportedly attended a “single’s party” at Jordan Clarkson’s house instead, where an anonymous attendee claimed he was “flirting and exchanging numbers with girls who came up to him,” according to DailyMailTV.
However, it was his choice of who he decided to fool around with that has him in such hot water with the Kar-Jenners. Jordyn totally broke the girl code by getting with the father of Khloe’s 10-month-old baby daughter True Thompson. Kylie and Jordyn had been besties since high school at she even lived in the guest house on the cosmetics mogul’s Hidden Hills estate. While Tristan headed back to Cleveland to continue playing NBA hoops for the Cavaliers, Jordyn is in LA with the wrath of the Kardashians coming down on her. She’s since moved out of Kylie’s place, and has been relentlessly trolled by Kim Kardashian, 38, and Khloe’s bestie Malika Haqq, 35, on social media for fooling around with Khloe’s baby daddy. Both Tristan and Jordyn have also been unfollowed on social media by most of the KJ family in a show of united disgust towards the two.