Erika Jayne Slams Jon Hamm for Making Comments About Her $750K Earrings 1 Year Later: Watch

Over one year after the 'Mad Men' alum weighed in on the 'RHOBH' star's famous earrings debacle of Season 12, the singer clapped back in a new statement.

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Erika Jayne Reacts to Jon Hamm’s Comments About Her Diamond Earrings
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During Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last year, actor Jon Hamm, 52, expressed his opinion on the earrings drama involving series star Erika Jayne, 52. The Mad Men alum famously urged the songstress to give the $750K diamond earrings “back” and now, Erika clapped back at him during the October 30 No Filter with Zack Peter podcast. “I have my appeal. And that’s, you know — like, Jon Hamm, you know. ‘They never were yours.’ F*** you,” she quipped.

Erika went on to express that winning the appeal was more valuable to her than the earrings. “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she continued. “You know, ‘Those were never yours.’ Really? Appellate judge said they were. Or at least said you can’t prove that they weren’t. So that made me happy.” Despite the legal win, the “Pretty Mess” hitmaker revealed that she didn’t get to keep the earrings after all.

“No I won’t get the earrings back they’ve been sold off,” she said. “And that’s fine too. The value of, or whatever, remains to be seen. The judge has to make his decision on that.” As previously mentioned, Jon weighed in on the matter during a September 2022 episode of The Howard Stern Show. When the radio host asked The Morning Show star whether or not he believed if Erika should return the jewelry, Jon was quick to react. “Yes! She should! It’s … the circular argument that ‘it’s not responsible…’ — you just want to shake her and go, ‘Honey, they were never yours! Give them back!’” he quipped.

Soon after Erika’s recent clapback landed on social media, many RHOBH fans took to the comments to react. “She still doesn’t get it,” one show admirer tweeted, while another added, “She’s still so angry. That f*** you was like from the gut.” In a separate post, one fan left a seemingly sarcastic remark about Erika’s reaction. “I bet he’s devastated by this news,” they penned, regarding Jon’s possible reaction to her comment.

Aside from the earrings drama, Erika recently opened up about her ex-husband, Tom Girardi, 84, during an October 25 interview with US Weekly. The 84-year-old is notably the man who gifted the Bravo personality the lavish diamonds. “I’ve moved past the last three years, but I don’t know if others will let me move past,” she said of her divorce from the former attorney. “I still have legal things that are tying up, and they will take time because that’s the legal process. But I want to move on. … Every time someone asks me about Tom Girardi or something like this, you realize you’re cutting open a healing wound and you’re stabbing around in it, and that hurts.”

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