Coco Austin Slammed For Kissing Daughter Chanel, 7, On The Lips During Pool Day: It’s ‘Weird’

Coco Austin was called 'weird' and 'creepy' by some of her fans who watched the video of Coco being overtly affectionate with her daughter in the pool.

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Coco Austin
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Coco Austin, 44, is being criticized for kissing her 7-year-old daughter Chanel on the lips in a new Instagram video. The footage that Coco shared on Aug. 17 shows the mother-daughter duo swimming to the bottom of the pool, and then embracing and kissing on the lips. “Having fun with my Samsung phone, it actually takes great video underwater,” the blonde bombshell wrote in her caption. “Chanel just loves kissing her mama doesn’t she? She is adorable ..She is my obsession #motherdaughterlove #mermaids,” Coco added.

Many of Coco’s fans did not approve of the blatant PDA between the mom and her daughter. “The kissing thing is a bit weird though,” one follower wrote in the comments section of Coco’s video. Another fan said, “I know the kissing and the way she is on top of her is extremely weird.” Coco was called “creepy” by a different person who watched the video and shared their reaction. “Um no,” another comment simply read.

However, other fans defended Coco and embraced her mouth-to-mouth interaction with her daughter. “Showing love and affection with your children is so important for their mental health!!” a fan said, adding, “Wish there wasn’t such a stigma about showing affection in past generations! Love this!” Overall, the reaction to Coco’s video was pretty split between her followers.

Coco Austin
Coco Austin and her daughter Chanel (Photo: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Shutterstock)

Coco is famous for her controversial parenting of her only child who she shares with her husband Ice-T. The model spoke out in September of 2022 about her “unconventional” tactics. “Wow just Wow! Here we go again!” she wrote via Twitter after hate erupted over a video of her bathing Chanel, six at the time, in the sink. “Giving my lil girl a bath in the sink went Viral? SMH! People, you gotta know by now that I’m an unconventional mother. I do what works and is easier on me. Some may want to take some pointers rather than rag on me.”

Coco also took heat for her parenting decisions in May, when Ice-T revealed their daughter still sleeps in the bed with them. The year prior, Coco and Ice-T were shamed by online trolls after they shared an image of then 6-year-old Chanel in a stroller while they were on vacation in The Bahamas. The doting parents clapped back at the “ridiculous” criticism and defended how they choose to raise their daughter. And in 2021, Coco made headlines for revealing she still breastfeeds Chanel, who was 5 years old at that time.

Despite the controversy around Coco as a mom, she’s always showed how much she adores her baby girl. In a 6th birthday tribute in 2021, Coco took to Instagram to gush about her sweet mini-me daughter. “I’m so proud of how sweet, loving and kind girl she’s become,” Coco wrote in the post. “I couldn’t ask for a better daughter. My bestie forever!”