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‘RHOA’s Marlo Hampton Reveals The ‘Trigger’ That Sparks Upcoming Fight With Drew Sidora (Exclusive)

Marlo Hampton reveals what causes her big fight with Drew Sidora that goes down on the next episode of 'RHOA'.

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A big fight between Marlo Hampton and Drew Sidora is coming this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In the preview for Episode 3, which airs May 21, Marlo screams in Drew’s face about her late nephew Quentin, who was fatally shot in 2020. In another preview clip, Marlo gets upset that Kandi Burruss won’t address the non-fatal shooting that happened at her restaurant Blaze. Appearing on the latest episode of HollywoodLife‘s Pay Attention, Puh-Lease! podcast, Marlo gave some EXCLUSIVE insight into how the incident at Kandi’s restaurant sparks her altercation with Drew.

“Kandi had a shooting at one of her restaurants, Blaze. Kandi did not want to acknowledge that, and that bothered me, because her nephew was shot,” Marlo told us. “And my nephew that you’ve never met, Quinton, was shot. So I’m just gonna give you that. I want you to watch and see how it plays out. It’ll be interesting to see whose side [the fans] take in that.”

Marlo continued, “So just to let you know, her [Kandi’s] nephew was shot at Blaze. My nephew was shot that used to work at Old Lady Gang. So it was just a trigger for me. It was a trigger. I can’t wait for you to see how that plays out.” Marlo told us that Kandi’s nephew was shot, but Kandi said on the show it was actually her cousin, Melvin Jones.

Drew Sidora
Marlo Hampton; Drew Sidora (Photo: AB+DM/Bravo)

In Episode 2, Kandi filmed a scene with her cousin and her husband Todd, and one of the producers broke the fourth wall and asked them why they weren’t talking about the shooting on-camera. Marlo, who infamously feuded with Kandi last season, said on the podcast that she was “excited” by that moment between Kandi and the producer.

“Most producers would not step in when it’s Kandi Burruss, because she has 11 million followers, because they’re afraid of her followers,” Marlo explained. “And I love that he’s passionate about his job, and he came in and said, ‘Hey,  you’re gonna take accountability. You’re gonna tell what happens in your real life’. Because you have no issue in stepping up, saying, ‘Hey, I got this, and I got nominated for this, and my daughter got this, and my son got this.’ Tell us about what’s on the news. You had a shooting at one of your restaurants. Share that with us. Be relatable.”

Marlo didn’t divulge more about her fight with Drew, but she did reveal where her and Kandi stand after they “were at odds” so much on season 14. “Where we’re at this season is I’m meeting her where she is. I’ve realized Kandi can only give what she can give. And I’m realizing to just accept that. That’s where we’re at,” Marlo said. “I’m accepting what Kandi can give. What she’s capable of giving. It’s not an Emmy or a Grammy to me, but I’m accepting what she can give me.”

Marlo’s full interview on the Pay Attention Puh-lease! podcast is available now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  Marlo gives her opinion on Sheree Whitfield‘s new relationship, Kim Zolciak‘s divorce, and much more!