‘RHOA’ Recap: Sheree Whitfield Cries Over Her Breakup With Tyrone – ‘I Feel So Stupid’

Sheree Whitfield found out her fallout with Tyrone was in the press during the July 10 episode of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Bravo

Sheree Whitfield‘s feelings caught up with her during the July 10 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, when she learned that her fallout with Tyrone was in the press. Apparently, the press had caught wind of the fact that she and Tyrone were no longer speaking — she blocked him — so now she was being forced to deal with her emotions.

It was actually during an appearance on her daughter’s podcast that she learned about the news, but she didn’t truly react to it until she invited her friend, Fatum, over to her house a few days later. There, they sipped on some champagne and Sheree began sobbing. “I feel so f***ing stupid,” she told her friend about wasting years of her life on a relationship with Tyrone.

Then, after she got a good cry out, she told Fatum that she wanted to throw a lavish slumber party to cheer herself up. So that’s exactly what she did. She invited all the girls, including OG cast member Lisa Wu, and everyone had a good time. Kenya Moore may have had a bit too much fun, though — she drank quite a bit — and it led to some heated moments with Marlo Hampton.

Marlo had just kicked her nephews out of her house, so she was in a pretty emotional space when she arrived at Sheree’s. She told the ladies that her nephews weren’t listening to her and were destroying her house, so she sent them to live with her younger sister for a while. Kandi couldn’t believe that Marlo would do such a thing, but Marlo said she needed to do it for her own mental health.

Kenya actually didn’t know about Marlo’s situation, but they still had some unresolved tension stemming from their fight at Drew Sidora‘s workout class, so no matter what was going on, another fight was bound to happen. And like we said, it did. Kenya kept calling herself “the moment”, and Marlo nearly poured her glass of champagne on Kenya’s head.

Meanwhile, Drew got into her own argument with Fatum because Fatum revealed that she had someone do a background check on Drew and her husband, Ralph Pittman. Fatum said her friend discovered that Drew and Ralph had dozens of aliases, and while some of the ladies thought the claim was funny, Drew did not. She basically told Fatum to stop talking and mind her own business.

At one point, Lisa also yelled at Sanya Richards-Ross because Sanya tried interrupting her when she was talking to the group, so a lot of people were arguing throughout the night. But that’s exactly what we hope for when the ladies get together. Especially when alcohol is involved.

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