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Peter Madrigal Says Raquel Leviss ‘Used’ Him To Hide Her & Tom Sandoval’s ‘Illicit Affair’ (Exclusive)

'Vanderpump Rules' star Peter Madrigal calls Raquel Leviss a 'manipulative person' as he reacts to the 'Scandoval' in this EXCLUSIVE interview.

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Vanderpump Rules star and SUR manager Peter Madrigal feels “used” by Raquel Leviss in the wake of her and Tom Sandoval‘s affair. During an upcoming episode of HollywoodLife‘s Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast, Peter accused Raquel, 28, of using him as a “pawn” and claimed that she only briefly dated him at the beginning of Season 10 to cover up her secret relationship with Tom, 39. Peter told us that he thinks Raquel and Tom were hooking up even before cameras started rolling on the current season.

“They dragged me into the whole thing. I was used as a scapegoat,” Peter EXCLUSIVELY said on the podcast. “I was used to cover up this illicit affair.”

Peter Madrigal
Peter Madrigal; Raquel Leviss (Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

Peter said he believes Raquel’s “starter pony” insult actually came from Tom. He explained that Tom was upset with him because he was “making out with Raquel while they were hooking up.” Now that the scandal’s been exposed, Peter has no qualms with calling out Raquel and Tom for what they did behind his back.

“When you do that, then a different animal comes out. People think, ‘Oh Peter’s a nice guy, he’s not gonna do anything.’ That is wrong. That is bold faced wrong,” Peter said. “You insult me, I’m coming at you. Just because I’m nice and want to keep the peace doesn’t mean you can insult me to my face and behind my back on national TV. I unfollowed Tom, I unfollowed Raquel. I cut people off.”

Peter had more choice words for Raquel, who was sleeping with Tom for months amidst Tom’s 9-year relationship with Ariana Madix, one of her closest friends. “I don’t know what kind of person would do something like this,” Peter said about Raquel. “She’s a very manipulative person who kept everything very secret. That’s not someone I want to be associated with.”

Tom Sandoval
Tom Sandoval; Raquel Ariana Madix; Raquel Leviss (Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Peter continued, “It’s kind of terrifying, actually. To think that someone like this, you think she’s a nice person, and all of a sudden she turns out to be something completely different.” Peter wasn’t at the reunion that filmed March 23, but he thinks he “should’ve been,” since he feels so strongly about what Raquel did.

Peter also told us what he’d say to Raquel if he had the chance. “I would ask her, ‘So, you were hooking up with Sandoval this entire time? And I was used as a scapegoat. Why would you do something like that to another person? Why would you sit around at your apartment chilling with Ariana, who is your friend, and be banging her man behind her back? What kind of person does something like that?’ That’s what I would say.”

Peter’s full interview on the the Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast drops on Apple Podcasts and Spotify this Friday, March 31. He talks about who he heard was involved in the alleged brawl at the reunion, whether or not he thinks Tom Schwartz knew about the affair, and much more.